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  1. Maybe a idea to start from start? Diving in right at Garrosh may not be the best start, we have all been off for a couple of weeks I think it would be nice to blast through some stuff get a few upgrade for people and then start on the big man. Im all for Garrosh but i'm just thinking maybe better to do some other stuff before going at him.
  2. Tonights not going ahead I dont think Many are watching Sherlock Thursday is the first proper run of the year
  3. But back in vanilla you did spend ages LFM in Iron Forge or somewhere else, doing UBRS or Scholo you did not only get people you knew to party with you, you got anyone who wanted to come with you (maybe at the start it would be 5-6 people who knew each other after that it was all random people). So was that a community? it was just random people, I remember none of them. I had no DPS meters or healing meters so I dont know who was good and who was bad The only people I remember are 1: the main leaders of the guild at the time and I dont even remember most of them, the guild was too big to remember them all (40 man guild was massive) 2: The mages of our guild, as I was a mage we had a seperate channel for mages to talk tactics so I knew them but I didn't know any of the druids or hunters of our guild they just made up numbers 3: The peope I did PVP with or who also did PVP (Pi and Menerke are perfect examples, but even these people I knew from joining a queue standing outside Ashenvale not because we had a sense of community) So i'm failing to see this community you speak so highly of I agree I knew more people on our server by character name before, but knowing someones name and knowing them are two different things I agree the LF tools can make the game a little less interactive, people join get xp and leave before it was a little more difficult dungeons were harder but and this is a big but.... before guides were limited, gear was a mess stat wise (Priests getting attack power on inner Fire) everything was new and different Now get a quest the game tells you where to go, gears stats are way better and Mr Robot will tell you the optimal stats anyway, dungeons, mobs and everything is old now so of course the game is easier, epics dont mean anything anymore its a colour on some gear thats it. Maybe the game is not what it once was, but if it was it would have died long ago it needed to evolve it has, if you dont like it any more thats a shame but these things happen. No one likes a wall of text so i'll stop here
  4. Its not deef! but the mirror in my room is not as good for picture taking! And not too much sood! maybe......
  5. You will probobaly already know but i'm super hyped by it so its here
  6. Merry Christmas all! hope you all have a wonderful day
  7. Have a fantastic holiday Heather and have a merry christmas and new year, cya when you get back
  8. Offering your services as a sub par priest hehe Thanks for the offer, if we all try to get on for 8.30 we can see whats best for us all. I know heather and James like dps so thats not too much of a issue
  9. Need one more for tomorrow Got 3 healers 2 tanks signed so its just dps or a hybrid! gogo!
  10. I popped a raid up for Thursday and Sunday See what the numbers are like and if we can extend the lock out to see which is best to run? They are up so it makes it easier to see what we can and cannot do anyway!
  11. Brother In Law's birthday so out for a meal tonight, so sadly no hippy tree leading think Jera is working too so us pair are out. So cannot help sorry folks!
  12. Think were raiding still, hopefully same group as Thursday Just be online for 8.30 and we can see from there if we can, be nice even if we only kill a couple of bosses Doubt it will be a 11.30 raid unless were super close to kill garrosh, think a few of us who met didn't get that much sleep last night so a little earlier would be nice. Will see
  13. All in all a grand ol evening! My personal highlight was the hotel.... as it was just so close to town it was MUCH better than traveling in a taxi home .... Narr was awesome had a really fun day cheers!
  14. Still meeting at 1 or want me in brum before? takes me 45 mins to get there! may just get the half past bus and be in town for 12.30
  15. Yeah I will be getting to Brum just before 1 hopefully, so text me if your there and i'll come meet you, we have a meeting point and a time so I guess most of us will be there around then? We all have someones number and Birmingham is mighty small and not busy whatsoever* so be easy! * total lies
  16. hehe thatsa fairly nice video deef
  17. Done draft Deefs in for minimum of first 4 bosses (although think Ty wanted in for 2nd boss for boots?) Anyway after that we shall see whats happening, be nice to get deef some gear to catch up Healers we are taking 3, but usually only need 2 for most bosses will just role swap as after each boss. I can always drop out to get another dps in if we need more dps But we have a lot of range this week so hopefully get far but its going to be nice and relaxed! cya tomorrow!
  18. The usuall meeting place is the bull outside the bullring, its a giant statue one cannot miss! Depending on the time and such, there are a few local places we could go to start the day off. Its going to be busy as the Christmas market is on but that just means we can all drink muled cider in the streets! Once we have a few of us we can go to a pub, then i'll run around town to grab the stragglers if needed then from there we shall venture out into the wilds!
  19. Id say Jen Matt Me Mark Ben Others Pete Gats Sav Nathan Heather Cleavesy ? I think maybe?
  20. I popped up a raid so we can see what the numbers are like for tomorrow
  21. I see how deep our friendship is now! Worse than deef this!
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