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  1. So moo is around for Sunday?! Bah if only we would have known could have saved some of the heroic stuff Anything else we can try on heroic of the later bosses? Gala dragon lady thing? or just blast through and get a garrosh kill*? *terms and conditions apply
  2. hmmmmmm it seems you have a valid point I shall just continue
  3. which was 13 meg takes about 4 seconds to download! gee you slowpokes! i'll just sit here for 20 mins twidling my thumbs dont mind me
  4. She killed heroic deathwing! after that was too easy for her so she quit wow. You would love her
  5. Was a perfect weekend! so nice to catch up and see this special day Just after the ceremony The first dance
  6. Im home but not feeling 100% and very tired, will pop on but doubt i'll be up for a 11.30 finish will see!
  7. Super close to killing that boss last night! the progress through the night was great, especially considering the raid seemed to be half dead Still awesome work all And nice to get the other few bosses dead and see the healing trinket! Seen it twice, only on rolls and once it was on flex so yay!
  8. I tried just and got straight on 320 in queue
  9. Yeah I can still come now I got my router back up and running if you need me
  10. awesome work all congrats! Still no router for me yet >.< hopefully tonight or Saturday! still nice work all
  11. My router died last night, high pitched annoying sound and no internet, phoned Sky and they are sending a replacement. It 'should' be here on Thursday but I cannot say for certain I'll let you know on Thursday, if it is I shall be about but probably best put me on standby until then Sorry!
  12. me and Jera are both at 80, got some gear but need to get a bit more really. Mainly 25 man Naxx stuff for us
  13. HAHA AWESOME JOB ALL! So, so many attempts feels nice to finally kill him. Good to see Pete in on our first kill too! rare occasion that Still awesome work everyone had to put 100% effort in id say and wont be a easy repeat but at least we can start on some heroics and never be forced to do the first 4 bosses on normal ever again! we have OPTIONS! w00p
  14. I got online fine Tried to get Jera on and kept sticking to 'connecting' screen and other screens, had to log out completly then log back in
  15. We popping along to do flex tonight then? could go from end to start to get the most upgrades? Or we planning on doing a fresh run with someone staying out to keep the lock out going? We have the numbers to try a garrosh normal kill but its going to be sketchy id say
  16. I need rings (1 timeless other 530) and I have 2x tier pieces in Flexi so normals would be better, and my neck is warforged but with hit , and my one trinket is a little old 530 but need sha for that. BUT its all good We looking at a flexi for Sunday? seems to be the best bet, could get most of it done easily and do the later bosses for the majority of upgrades Think were right there, on the edge a little more gear may just push us over the finish line
  17. Sav At times there is a giant metal ball that rolls accross the room, it hurts dont stand in it hehe I jest I jest.... a little Anyway! its a intense fight for us all, I think you were just caught out in a few things but sadly they instant kill I honestly cant say much more, I was not watching any one person there was too much going on. When things explode use anti magic shell and make sure you with the ranged, give tank time to grab adds before killing them the usual stuff in general the fight is fun but its nothing particulary 'new' its just avoid stuff and interupt and communicate. Stresful it maybe but its nothing new so nothing to learn as such just play and be good, dont stress and if you do stress dont stress in chat as it makes others stress! Simples!
  18. Happy birthday scoots! have a great day MJ
  19. Was nice to get him so low, defiantly need to get better at communicating and disrupting especially in the last phase but I think thats the last obstacle of the fight for us and its done. A few silly mistakes made throughout the night (healers standing in front of some sort of cleave?) and a few delays which couldn't be helped so didn't have as much time as we would have liked on the boss but still, a pull or more and we would have killed him id say. So any delays we can avoid during raid times and getting to raids and starting on time would be most helpful! Still good work all! thanks so much Karde for stepping in was a huge help got to see later phases etc hopefully shows everyone that we can do it just need to up our game slightly
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