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  1. omgz! this is a outrage! I shall be taking this up with the guild manager! ........
  2. I dont see the problem, I spent time doing the quests and raids and I enjoyed doing them I dont care for alts at the moment and only play to raid really, so having hundreds of people in the cloak wont change anything for me, but in general EVERYONE already has one anyway... Is that a bad thing? well More people do lfr and lower tier raids to get the dropps now - more active lower tier stuff = good for all Gives alts something to do = good for the alters Giving people the cloak helps gear people up to fill the void of player shortage that many guilds would be going through this late into the expansion, so more high tier raiders = more high end raids What we lose Some people feel they are not as special anymore as they are not the only ones with the cloaks (But then again many people had them anyway, is it a legendary if 10/10 or 25/25 in your raid group had them? or is it just a better epic?) The downside I have to this legendary cloak, and meta gem and weapon gem was it sort of forced you to pick it. There is no cloak I can possibly get that even comes close to this one, no meta gem is really worth it, and at the time no weapon had gems so it was amazing (Alas even though I played ALL the time I never did get a weapon until the final week, oh well!) I cant transmog my cloak, so its always red which is a little annoying now and when a cloak drops we all laugh thats not fun, its nice to have a legendary but meh, Iid rather have a super fun/difficult class quest which changes something (like warlocks, fire to green) to me thats more fun. Changes nothing dps/hps/survivability wise but it changes your look in a simple way. So no need to complete it, but its there for something to do, something to aim for as a character But then maybe thats going against the whole mmo part... who knows!
  3. Ignore Sav, Libitina sucks Ask someone on the offical forum, and do the opposite of whatever they say
  4. me and jera have decided to not go tonight, as he finishes at 8pm wanted to have a game or two of league as haven't all week sorry folks!
  5. my most looked forward to album this year! better be good, high hopes
  6. TOGETHER YOU SHALL FALL TUPPER!!!!! Watch your back :ph34r:
  7. Yeah huge effort in by all yesterday was a fun raid realy did well! Next few weeks even without getting upgrades from drops we will all go up in iLevel so progress shall come easier! awesome stuff all
  8. Awesome news moo!! big congratulations \o/ How about a name like everyoneinmuksuckstheyareallrubbishexceptchaunteaheisgreat? or Bev? You dont see many Bev's around
  9. Would be fairly bad if they did change the current tier, would sort of ruin raiding for us and guilds in the same situation. Have to wait and see I guess
  10. I agree to a extend It would be great if you could do long, difficult quest chains based to get loot, to do things like proving grounds to get loot etc thats as good or below raiding gear If people moan why raid, well if gear is all they are after then maybe raiding isn't for them (gear is nice dont get me wrong but if thats the main reason to raid your daft) Think the issue arrises mainly for world first guilds, and some hardcore guilds... it gives 'too' much too do, they have to do it to stay competative and so rush it Its not fun and forces people to do things they dont want too... Raids however... oh wait So yeah maybe its a no win for them? or maybe they need to put more thought into it
  11. Jera's working until 11pm all week so he's a no go afaik
  12. Boooo Hope its all ok in the end John Ok draft for tomorrow Healers: Chauntea Bullet Libitina Tanks Moo Varrsity DPS Finbarr Tynon Gatsby Natdan Cleaveys Ok so I wanted as much ranged DPS as we can, as im stuck with only 2 its difficult but hey they get to go Gatsby goes because he steals Moo's loot and this makes him a fine choice Natdan's turn to go as he's been off a while Cleavesy knows how to turret the first boss and has been doing it most of our attempts recently, as the first boss can take some time id rather go with what we know than getting people to relearn aspects... Sav's on standby if thats ok? Want as much time as we can on council as we can, but still want to kill Norushen Having a break from Sha for now, I think council are a easier bet for us to slay EDIT: Also due to Sha, healers can you all sort a DPS spec out and gear for it we only get to take 2 healers so one will have to go DPS, not expecting DPS of a full time DPS but our dps does need to be as high as we can make it Same goes for tanks, 3 tanks if we ever take all 3 one will need to dps not fair making Moo dps all the time so please can you all get a dps spec and gear sorted
  13. I forgot to sign and cant sign at moment Jera is working until 9pm so doubt he would be on until at least 9.30-9.45
  14. Like you Jordan I dislike heartstone Too steap a learning curve to be fun, once the tutorial is over with you play people who seem to have legendaries and decks that flow so nicely. But getting new cards without paying takes forever, as you need to actually win its a interesting game, and be amazing for those who want to put time and effort in but not for me, dont find it fun, building a deck is a minefield unless you know what your doing and so I just lose interest
  15. same what happened to mine, I had a lot of green on my screen New Graphcs card sorted me out
  16. ........... you bring shame to Morrissy and the Smiths Gats John, no words can describe my anger no words at all
  17. Jera is working. Unusual for fin not to sign if he can make it Hof sounds ok Im sure we could do something
  18. bah here I am standing around Dalaran for no reason at all! off to play league!
  19. Yeah really nice fun night just what doc ordered!
  20. Grats Still giving me a little trouble but my dps gear was never the best when I did it before. May have to give him another go
  21. Im gonna go for a snooze now then get up a little later for dinners and raidz Fed up of being in bed 14 hours a day
  22. I'm a little ill, chest infection it seems! so I may or may not be around for tomorrows raid, i have been going to bed early past few nights if i'm well enough i'll be about. Either way i'll let you know tomorrow how im feeling
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