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  1. Hey folks only just got on the road from Newcastle. Won't be on in time for raids sorry folks! Hey folks only just got on the road from Newcastle. Won't be on in time for raids sorry folks!
  2. Jera is working until 11pm so wont be about for it I will be about
  3. haha good look Jimbob! As Ben said, raid Monday night anyway as were all busy tonight
  4. Alas due to friendship and stuff I won't be around tonight for raids! sorry!
  5. I'll be on time and not drunk I'm not the free spirit Moo and to a lesser extent Mot is
  6. i'm having connection issues at the moment, hopefully be sorted for raid but who knows...... ¬¬
  7. I wont as I cancelled my sub a few times for months at a time so doubt id make it!
  8. haha glad you had fun! was a good night, last boss is still a bit of a pain but other than that we did really well! I currently enjoy how moonkins final talent really changes how you play, certain bosses different ones seem to work better. The problem i have, they are SO different that its hard to remember the timings (one you cast faster but eclipse lasts 50% less, the other you have a new dot to cast when you are at 0 eclipse and the 3rd (I prefer) slower cast times but longer eclipses with more dot damage. None are very bursty, at least not until you get going which suchs for levelling and questing but good for long boss fights I do understand where sood is comming from though with the whole reward effort thing. Moonkins have a mechanic where if you dont press a button within a second or two your dps will be lower for the next 30 seconds until you get chance to press that button again. They are not hard but not easy either, easy to mess up (especially with movement fights, eclipse at a time when your running off and BAM your dps will plummet - Kargath (you stand still) 28k dps = top dps Butcher (Slight movement every now and again) 20k dps = 6th dps Where as fin was at 23k in both fights, and he did more moving than I would have done... I know they can cast and move but yeah! Healing > DPS anyway
  9. hahhaha Best run of Grimrail I have had in well ever! haha starfall is so much more fun when you know the people in the party, I did it with a pug before, they were not as impressed
  10. Easily be able to come raid with us aye! Tomorrows Sunday raid is hard modes so not sure how fun they will be to start with, id reccomend comming along next Thursday which is a fresh run, get to see all the fights as they actually are and see how terrible amazing we all are! Grab some new gear, have some banter, kill some bosses it promises to be a fun night!
  11. Heyyyy! I'm the good guy! be nice to me! my feelings get hurt easily!
  12. hehe Merry Christmas all!! hope you all have wonderful days!!!
  13. im looking forward to it, my friend Jaycen can come too! as its all flexi However I'm having a slight issue, I cannot load into the game? 0.o edit: its ok now!
  14. log in servers sort of dead, may get in but may take a while i'll keep trying for now edit: i'm in
  15. aye cheers Ben for sorting all this so well!! Been awesome <3
  16. I'm still jet lagged and trying to get to bed around 10pm, and sister is visiting tomorrow so will pass this Thursday but should be back up and running by Sunday!
  17. I'm undecided on raiding tomorrow if i'm about at 8.30 and you need people i'll help out! if not then well I wont!
  18. Think we are raiding tonight so a fair few of us will be online, /who muk and you shall see! most of us can invite and if not will pass it along to someone who can
  19. Smaller servers benefit as the AH is dead for those so it will just help it be useful again For me, I just buy the cheapest item and dont ever look who is selling it. So it wont effect me? maybe some people will be effected by this but I cant see how?
  20. Yo If we are doing nazgrim tonight, I can always drop out if (as we only need two healers) so we could take another ranged DPS rather than having healers go dps as this not not optimal and its a big dps race. We have a lot of sign ups and be nice to see him dead thats all, I can play LoL and stuff with jera then but I'm more than happy to come along otherwise
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