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  1. You cant be the shaman healer from our guild, I mean all he does is try to kill me, fakes disconnects when he is low mana or is asked to heal a tank, and contributes nothing and takes advantage of us all by loot whoring and none stop moaning at how underpowered his class is!! The cheek of some people! Agree with Shark and U2 though, why play if all you do is afk now? I go in to LFR from time to time, last time I went I was doing well healing away on empress, long drawn out fight which we wiped on... Disappointed I saw i was MILES ahead of the next healers. res up and fight and this time like you I did a bit of tabbing out and some afkness... we killed the boss, but I realised I was not having fun in LFR and tabbing out just put more pressure on other healers... so I stopped going not fun for me = why would i waste my time doing it then? not fair on others, having to carry me = no fun for the other people wasting peoples time and taking up a slot which some other healer could take and use so just stop doing lfr... simples!
  2. I agree the cross realm dungeons seem to have taken something away from the game, the community seems to not be as close these days.. I dont know who is good and who is a bad player, you get so many people afk through most the dungeon knowing they cannot be kicked for another 5 mins, and that is really annoying. But as Dr Shark says it was boring just waiting around for groups, spamming LFM constantly and tbh while you could kick bad players easier there was no guarantee you would find a player to replace them with Either way people would be unhappy, I think LFR serves a need... I go from time to time on a alt, its alright but its not really designed for players such as myself who have a raiding guild who raid every week but it can still be fun.
  3. so raid tonight or not? Maybe a tad late not been long back from Sunderland still sorting all my stuff out I'm totally knackered though (So little sleep!!) so wouldn't want it to be a late one if we did go!
  4. haha Happy Birthday Jen! hope you have a fun time away!!!! After Ash tried to kill me the other night in raids I dont know if poor tree could survive both Tregays about! still do come back soon! have a wonderful day!
  5. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That leaves me with just Gatsby as my fellow druid!!! and you have seen him, I think he try's to compete with ty's Priest with looking the worst Will miss you nuggles!
  6. \o/ Still does not solve the underlying fault of resto druids and shaman but still every little helps!
  7. awesome and you have actually gone for a nice looking set too!! 2013 could be a good year for druids after all
  8. Merry New year all!! Its been a odd year for Muk id say fun but certainly different! Still you have all been really fun!!! your all a good bunch of people! A special shout out to my healing possy John, Jen and Ash! superb bunch who are all amazing people and great healers! A super special shout out to the lot I met earlier the in the year, Matt, Ben, Pete, John, Ash, Jen, Mark, was really fun meeting up we should all do it again!!! And a big shout out to Mark S, as he has been awesome the past year helping me through everything I have had to go through this year! There are so many of us I cant write about you all sorry!!! your all great though Thanks to you all! Happy New year!!!
  9. Merry Christmas all!! Hope you all have a wonderful time!!!! \o/
  10. I certainly wont be in that set! A haunted tree? really? its more like a warlock set Although I do love it... not taken on the helm but the whole set looks really nice, different a darker druid look its good Maybe i'll go for it, gatsby you wont wear it... too mainstream for you, you will find something more hideous to wear im sure
  11. Not harassing just mentioning!!! Not my fault, our working leaving for christmas do is the day before we actually break up!!! madness!
  12. alas work bring work, i'm out on the work do on Thursday, so most likely no raids for me Sorry folks! around rest of the week though if anythings happening
  13. I stop cast when i have it at the start which works fine for me. For the dot classes, maybe just focus on boss during TW? let melee etc worry about the legs? or a little more of a mix so dont waste combustion on a leg ?? 1 min before enrage could you let me know and i'll pop heart, I do about 45k dps which lasts 45 seconds, its not great but gives me time to pre hot people and get everyone topped up... usually at that time people are almost full health anyway so it may help get a bit of hp off the boss Not sure what else I can offer here
  14. Finally I can raid and not be worried about Jen coming along to slay me!!! On a side note sad times!!!! be a real shame to not heal with you Jen!! I agree its been awesome the last few years healing with you and John! Some of my top wow moments are with us three healing its been topper! but not just that I enjoy our little chats and everything!! I shall indeed miss you a great deal! make sure your on skype some and i'll come visit you in London in the new year And Sood leaving another sad face time !!! We cross paths at times but I love you man!!! be a shame to see our top lock go!! Remontoire shall be brother less! he looked up to uncle sood and wanted to be like him!!! all sad times and so close to Christmas! but i do understand I have certainly had my umming and arring about this expansion and have at times thought about giving it up, its a awesome expansion but its still ... i dunno Anyway will miss you both loads! but I shall keep in touch and be nice to meet up in the new year when all is more settled and all!! <3 xxxx
  15. frostweave cloth is easy to farm, kill the spirits in icecrown (just west of the centre of the map, groups of 5-6 mobs there all drop cloth good for farming) silkweave is again easy, deepholm the dwarf and trogger battle going on to the west is amazing for cloth and greens you will need to get a lot of extra cloth to level enchanting.. recently me and jera did it, i did tailoring and he did enchanting and I had to make loads more items after i finished levelling tailoring to get the mats for him
  16. me and Jera need it too, we will come whenever
  17. ok not a problem at all! ok so Karde want in?? if not ty said very nicely he will pop along to help us
  18. its the same as on Thursday so all who were there on thursday are going tonight
  19. Well Elegeon is a two healer fight anyway so that wont change, I'm sure Ash will be up for healing as he loves the Elegon fight
  20. ok draft for Thursday Healers: Me Ash Elle or John Tanks: Jera Moo DPS: Sav Libitina Fneeb Finbarr Gatsby Main Standby will be Ty
  21. Yeah really a lot of fun last night, we kept getting so close it looked like at the end with the trash spawning we would not get him but it was awesome to down him! Really good work all, think everyone put 100% effort in that fight at the end. Best thing about the fight is it feels relatively short each platform does not last that long and is totally different from the other platforms, its just trying to get into the final phase in the best position we could. Really impressive though well played all!
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