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  1. side note i cant do mondays raid i'll be working and unless i finish early i wont be coming, so will have to make do with no tree how ever will you manage ^^
  2. Damn Chaun was lucky that run <3 Muk ^^ Was a really good run tonight, Moroes was a walk in the park this time which was nice.. two wipes whole night was it? one of teh wolf man and the other as we were all joking about a bit too much on the trash but was all good As for that whole rukkus about not beating the encounter and harsh dealings about it... I agree with Moti, were doing this for fun not to beat the encounter... yes its fun when you take down the big boss but i'd rather do that with a bunch of friends who have a laugh rather than a bunch of people who take things far too seriously... its only a game after all, its meant to be fun I remember in my old guild back in the day when we were in the middle of BWL, he turned around to the healers and told them "Were not here to have fun were hear to heal" suffice to say he was most unpopular with the rest of the healers The mage son the other hand (what I was) were really most laid back, we did naked dances for before some boss fights, me and the head mage were fire builds, even when ice was seen as the raiding build... We had a great lock Volatori (SP? Mr.jeff will know) who was hilarious about rping while raiding... anyway before i blabber too much ^^ fun is the way forward ^^
  3. Aye Heroics are very fun, hard to heal as a tree at times but if tank is well geared and keeps aggro they are a walk in the park for the most part I still need lower city rep so need to do normal SL runs >.< other than that i'm game for them all Done most of them already, I can heal them all perhaps with the exception of Arcatraz and maybe Shattered Halls but never tried so not sure...
  4. Sorry guys but i'm a gonna have to pull out of tonights raid work called me in, usualy i'd say no but hours have been a bit low this month so far so need to get in a few extra shifts... really sorry Aye its ok Rado ^^ as long as we remember the tree ^^ he needs heal lovin too
  5. I downloaded Grid but dont know how to work it properly yet, will have to try it out.... (pics show a drop down menu i just cant get to appear >.< ) PS: remember I'm healing too /feels left out of healing discussion Anyhow as my heals are all over time you cant see if i'm healing someone right away (Lifebloom heals something like 188hp every second then 1.2k after 7 seconds) so while its on there life is gonna stay low for a few seconds. times when everyones HP is low I try to put a lifebloom or two on everyone in raid but as you get global cooldown each time its cast it takes time >.< o well i'm sure teh healers can think of something ^^
  6. I could always go Boomkin if we got too man healers You can still heal just nowhere near as good as the godly ToL form ^^
  7. registered and applied ^^ (if you get too many healers join up i'll sit it out as i'm still new to the guild ^^)
  8. On a side note cheers Jay and Trigg ^^ /feels loved Well I never done maiden so I dont know but i'm there if you need me (usually anyway )
  9. Aye Matt's here ^^ w00t O and hello all
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