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  1. Sorry for being dense here, but there will be no cross play with any platform. It's cross save. Will Stadia players be able to cross save? I miss my PS4 Clan (hi Pete, Bish, Col, Punk ) but I moved to PC. Hopefully this move may tempt them over to the PC side....
  2. Just joined! Played through the first game when it came out, mostly solo. While I loved the setting I got frustrated by the bullet sponge enemies. Felt like I was shooting Alex with a magazine full of marshmallows. The Beta seemed to fix that though so I'll try playing with other people this time!
  3. Agreed! Any recommendations on other games to try before my month is up?
  4. Didn't skip the dialog/cut scenes either Anyway, off to try Metro Exodus and continue plugging away at Destiny 2. Anthem was a frustrating and at times fun experience, but as I stated earlier....there is fuck all really there.
  5. About 20-25 hours. More than I usually have but I stayed up later than usual.
  6. Nah! I'm bored with a GAAS (Game As A Service) game that has a shit endgame and no real incentive to keep me playing. After a bleeding week! And I'm a parent, that doesn't really have time to game. There is fuck all here mate!
  7. Cancelled my premier access sub. Utterly bored with the game now. I've reached max level, completed all the sub and main missions and now it's just contracts which repeat themselves in structure. All that's left is re-running Strongholds to get Masterwork gear until I'm tough enough to get Legendary gear. Tried that for 3 days and I just can't any more. It's boring. I'll investigate Anthem again in a year or until Bioware have their Taken King/1.8.1. patch moment. Poor show.
  8. I really like the new theme, well apart from the horn blasts at the beginning.
  9. Jesus! Thatn nameless Midnight scout rifle is an absolute beast! My fave legendary so far.
  10. Started playing this (through VPN) and can confirm that it performs great on the PC. Controls (KB+M) are fab but the F.O.V. needs sorting out. The graphics aren't exactly mind blowing (I'm playing at max settings, 3440x1440 @ a constant 60fps) but are entirety passable. This game has some lovely Looking Glass, System Shock, Bioshock references throughout so far, so if you are a fan of those games then keep an eye out on this. Of course wait for reviews. F.O.V issues aside I'm really liking what I've played so far!
  11. Was looking forward to trying this tonight on the PC but no joy, is there reason as to why there is no PC demo? There's no danger of trying this tonight on the PS4 as the missus has gotten herself addicted to RuPaul's Drag Race on the main telly. Fuck my life!
  12. bulletzen

    Halo Wars 2

    Pre-ordered the ultimate edition of this while tipsy for the PC. Didn't realise I had to wait up until 10 days to get a bloody code to play Halo Wars: The Definitive Edition. LOL Wut? Anyway Halo Wars 2 seems fun enough in a simple way.
  13. My take on the Destiny Roadmap 2017: Jan: nothing but Iron banner Feb: Crimson Days mk 2 includes PVE stuff Mar: nothing Apr: April update - Vault of Glass/Crota/Kingsfall update. New LL is 420. May: nothing Jun: Destiny 2 announced at E3 for Nov 2017 release. Base game nothing. Jul: nothing Aug: An update with changes regarding the upcoming Cabal invasion. Dialogue/Transmissions/ARG campaign. Sep: Alpha demo PC & PS4 Oct: Beta PC & PS4 (a week later Xbox One) Nov: Destiny 2 released. Cabal, Cabal everywhere! Dec: The Dawning mk 2 for Destiny 2 only.
  14. Might give Iron banner a complete miss next week. It's Rift, my least liked game mode on crucible. And I already got a god roll on The Distant Star scout rifle. https://www.bungie.net/en/News/Article/45485/7_This-Week-At-Bungie--12012016
  15. It may still be worth getting to rank 5 if you wanted the pulse rifle that Efrideet is selling, as it seems like a bit of a god roll in the stats dept. May also be worth it just to get your alt characters up there quicker too.
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