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  1. Wow, Epic actually built the infinite polygon engine.
  2. Releasing a Half-Life game that isn’t 3 is just a complete insult, frankly.
  3. I’m playing The Outer Wilds mate. And it’s pretty good!
  4. The movie looks great and is a masterpiece of puppetry, but really isn’t a very good film despite that. It’s just an extremely straightforward hero’s journey with few interesting characters (pretty much just the Chamberlain). The series is a huge improvement in this regard - genuinely a show that rivals something like Game of Thrones or The Expanse in terms of its characters and factions with different agendas, but somehow remaining child-friendly. it’s an incredible achievement.
  5. Played it for a few hours today, it’s pretty good so far. Though it’s all set in America, it seems to be heavily inspired by a real-life event that happened in the UK. Though maybe there’s more stories in it because after just an hour or two of fairly straightforward searches I found what seemed to be a pretty explicit ending with a bit of a summary of what happened.
  6. Yeah, I basically assume our only option will be to pirate these shows come November or whenever they launch in the US.
  7. Annapurna was founded by Ellison’s daughter. Guess how she could afford it? So it was always basically owned by Ellison.
  8. Annapurna is basically Ellison’s vanity project for his daughter, and it costs a drop in the ocean compared to his many billions of dollars. It will probably never make money. It’s just a way to make some cool films and games, which is one of the better ways a billionaire has spent his money.
  9. Probably. They said in the secret message hidden in the E3 trailer that the demo they showed journos there would be shown to the public at Gamescom or PAX.
  10. Apparently Sony has just announced they’ve bought Insomniac games.
  11. By the way, this July I happened to be in Oxford Circus on the day the new Microsoft shop opened, so I thought I’d pop in and check it out. Anyway, while I was in there I saw both John Boyega and most excitingly of all, Major Nelson himself, milling about. That’s my exciting Microsoft story.
  12. XO19 planned for two weeks after Brexit in London, great plan.
  13. XO19 planned for two weeks after Brexit in London, great plan.
  14. Comrade


    Holy shit, the death count is now almost double the 1995 Tokyo subway sarin attack figure, and probably with more to come. This is a Big Deal.
  15. Comrade


    Rei and Asuka are in the film in as much that there are two major female characters, and one is a quiet, intelligent and emotionless to the point of near autism young Japanese woman, and the other is young, half-Japanese westerner who is brash, disarmingly informal, and a little sexually forward. It’s Rei and Asuka.
  16. Comrade


    I watched Shin Godzilla over the weekend and it is hilarious how much that movie is just a long episode of Evangelion. It’s even got Rei and Asuka in it!
  17. Comrade


    25/26 are good, in the context of everything we got. But if you were a fan of the programme when it was first shown in 1996, with no indication of a movie coming or anything, they are absolute bullshit. A show finale has to do more than just explore and complete the character arc of the main character. There are a host of other characters and an entire plot that are just given extremely oblique hints as to their fate. When watching the series through, you like 25 and 26 because you know that End of Eva is coming up after to wrap everything up. In 1996 they did not know that.
  18. Comrade


    It's not an urban myth, Anno has just denied it, and people have believed that denial. I guess the fact that the final two episodes of Eva being a surreal jazz odyssey would also make them much cheaper to produce is just a coincidence. I wonder what reasons led to the same thing happening on every single other TV anime series he made? In Nadia: Secret of Blue Water the characters all hang out on the island of no plot development and even less animation value for dozens of episodes, and eventually spurt out an underwhelming ending. The final episodes of both Gunbuster and Kare Kano are literally just the camera panning over storyboards. Seems Hideaki Anno has an odd penchant for the visual flair of extremely cheap to produce endings. What a strange quirk for a creator.
  19. Comrade


    Don’t watch dubs in general, unless you’re a child.
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