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  1. I’m not too bothered about them keeping accurate to characters or plots from the originals - as long as the Culture is sufficiently utopian I’ll be pleased. I imagine they’ll change it so that the Clear Air Turbulence can remain a going concern at the end, and then basically insert them into the the plots of the rest of the books.
  2. Kingdom Come: Deliverance - Pure medievalism!

    Piccolomini is literally a medieval historian (or at least claims to be). I don’t really think it’s reasonable to expect a games journalist to be as knowledgeable about 15th century Bohemia as that.
  3. Incredibles 2

    Got to say, that trailer really doesn’t give me much confidence. “Elastigirl goes adventuring while Mr Incredible stays at home” is just the plot from the first film reversed, so it looks like it might fall into the old “sequel is a beat-by-beat retread of the original” trope. And are they seriously doing the dad finding out that looking after children is hard as his plot? Seems like a cutting edge subject straight from 1983. Speaking of dated references, “New Math”?! I get the film has a 60s aesthetic, but this seems like Brad Bird has fallen into some kind of Boomer diabetic coma.
  4. The Alan Partridge Thread

    It sounds similar to the mental Noel's HQ, which is fantastic.
  5. Any idea when/if this is on the BBC?
  6. "Nothing happened in this episode except this list of things that happened!"
  7. That’s not totally clear - in case anyone’s not aware, this film is on Netflix right now.
  8. SOLO: A Star Wars Story

    Half of the Godfather 2 is essentially a prequel. And I don't know if any stories really need to be told. The prequels weren't bad because they were prequels, it's because they were poorly written and directed. I'm cautiously optimistic for this. The behind-the-scenes kerfuffles are concerning, but plenty of decent films have been made under similar circumstances.
  9. The Thick Of It

    Nicola Murray was supposed to be Ed Milliband though.
  10. You are 100% meant to hate Bashir at the start. He’s supposed to seem insufferable.
  11. Presumably this means that there won’t be any new Marvel Netflix shows though.
  12. You’re best off ignoring it in here, for some reason this thread has an irrational hatred of what is by any definition a perfectly fine TV show.
  13. Dirk Gently 2016

    I suspect that this might have something to do with Max Landis' involvement. If so, I wouldn't hold your breath for a renewal.
  14. Britannia - Romani Ite Domum

    Yeah, it's annoying because Murdoch was my moral justification for "acquiring" Sky shows too.

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