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  1. Game Boy games were always around £20, so DX was always a “full price” title.
  2. It’s worth pointing out that back when BotW was first shown (before it had that name), there was speculation that Link was actually Zelda, or just a girl now, since he looked a bit feminine. But Nintendo came out pretty quickly and stated, no, that’s Link, he’s a boy, and you only play as him. So at the very minimum, this would represent a change in messaging.
  3. Impressions from Michael Huber here, who if you’re not aware, is the guy who famously openly wept live on stream when Shenmue 3 was announced. Skip to 58 mins:
  4. There’s plenty of scope for huge open spaces underground. Massive, Mines of Moria-style caverns with glittering crystals all over the place. Like that bit in Skyrim when you go down some caves and then come out in a giant area with a town and castles and all sorts that’s like a smaller open world all by itself.
  5. Can someone explain to me what the big deal is about downloading a different launcher on PC?
  6. It’s a cutscene and all the cutscenes in BotW were prerendered. I wouldn’t infer too much from technical aspects. Anyway, I’ll repost what I thought in the E3 thread: Also, the fact that Zelda has had a haircut suggests that she maybe playable or at least more active than previously. Seems like the most likely reason they would change her hairstyle is to make it easier to animate her without hair flapping about and clipping through stuff.
  7. That game won’t be out for over a year and it is heavily rumoured that new, improved Switch models will be out soon. I’d save your money.
  9. Pretty hilarious that we’re getting an english translation of Secret of Mana 2 (twice!) before we get Mother 3.
  10. I don’t know about that rumour but that’s my guess from the trailer. Overworld is largely unchanged from before (though people are up to new stuff in the towns and so on), but there’s a huge underworld with giant caverns and probably “proper” dungeons. A return to the overworld/underworld theme of the original Zelda 1.
  11. Oh, I noticed that the flag is different. There’s a yellow border around the St George Cross. And possibly the blue is now black?
  12. It looks wonderful, but I’m definitely disappointed that it’s only Midgar. Even if it’s massively expanded 90% of the plot happens after Midgar, so there’s going to be a huge amount of wheel spinning.
  13. It’s a little thing but I think they licenced the branding for the Underground which is very rare in games set in London.
  14. I like Overwatch too, Ubi.
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