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  1. I loved your island mate! Thanks for opening it up. Tipped you and left some furniture at your feet - didn't have any fossils handy unfortunately.
  2. Yep, you can make a private queue and just share the URL. I did it last week for some mates as I had a good price and it worked flawlessly - saved me the hassle of sending out dodo codes,
  3. Hi mate, don't suppose I can join the queue? Happy to leave a tip or some goodies
  4. I saw this when it came out. It's shit, but Jake Johnson helps to redeem it somewhat, just like he elevated Jurassic World.
  5. I did the science museum IMAX for Force Awakens as wanted to see it in 70mm. Was disappointed that there's a guard rail at the bottom of the seats that obscures part of the screen when it's in full IMAX mode!
  6. I quite like the announcements and it being an "event". Colin Baker to Sylvester McCoy was an abrupt regeneration and that was awful! I'm fed up of Christmas regenerations though, because you can't really rewatch those episodes throughout the year the same way you can watch Ecclestone's regeneration episode.
  7. Sad, but not a surprise. Rock Band 4 was a sales bomb, and they sold off all their instrument stock for cheap last year (I've a few sealed guitars lying around). They'd turned around their build quality in the last few years by all accounts, probably as a reaction to stricter controls on who can build wireless controllers by console manufacturers and no-one wanting to buy wired controllers any more, so they'd focused more on the premium market with fightsticks and the like.
  8. I saw this a while ago. I thought it was OK, but nowhere near as deserving of all the hype as I was hoping. When it nailed the soul-crushing bureaucracy of the benefits system it's really good, if presented in a really flat, visually uninteresting way. But the two main characters, Daniel and the woman whose name I honestly can't remember (Katie?) don't ever feel like real people. Daniel is almost saint-like and Katie (if that is her name) is very similar. It's not interesting to watch them, and it feels like a very Middle England take on the noble poor instead of a story about real people. I also could not work out who the film is for. Unlike when Loach produced films for the mass audience on the BBC, this is just speaking straight to his audience. If you're already of the mindset that the Tories benefits system is evil and unjust, then this film will confirm that. If you're not of that opinion, you probably won't see this film: and if you did, I don't think it would change your mind because of the extremes it goes to.
  9. There are only two bad episodes of Prison Break, and those are the first two of Season 4, which had too much ridiculous exposition. Oh man. I love this show. I re-watch it every few years.
  10. I thought the first two acts were OK to good. It was uneven, but I liked the tone and thought the casting was pretty spot on (with the exception of Kate Mara, though she was given the worst material to work with, by far). The effects were good. The Thing, notoriously tricky to get right, was treated particularly well by the CGI, even if they did literally neuter him. At least there weren't any shoe-horned references to other superhero films in here. While I like the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the Avengers references in Ant-Man particularly started to grate. It was nice to have a superhero film with no other superheroes. MASSIVE SPOILERS AHEAD I dunno. It was OK. Not the worst film to come out this year, by a long stretch (geddit?) - that honour goes to Project fucking Almanac which was horrendous and has been, thankfully, forgotten. A solid 6/10. Worth a watch on Netflix.
  11. Batman Returns for me. Which I freakin loved as a kid, so very fitting. Weirdly, I saw that and Forever but never saw the original when I was a kid...I guess because of the higher rating?
  12. Benjen is chillin' in Mereen. This is too good a theory not to be true.
  13. Madness

    Rock Band!

    Lego Rock Band was amazing. I bet they're kicking themselves that they included Rooftops by Lostprophets in a game aimed at kids, though.
  14. What's the episode of Top Gear where a car (improbably) makes it through the entire challenge without much damage, and then at the end the other presenters rig it to fall off a waterfall? I think it was Jeremy's car. It's driving me mad! (pun unintended)
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