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  1. cheers mate! As with all games these days, I’ll give it a go for twenty minutes, get distracted, and never go back to it
  2. Really dumb question but... do I need to have played the original FF7 to understand this one?
  3. I don’t think there’s any way to effectively combat this stuff - you have an in demand product, there will always be chancers. It happened with the Wii, I think it happened with the PS2 as well. It was slightly easier to control back in the day when you had to physically rock up to a shop to pre order and collect your console but those days are gone. it’s worse at the minute primarily because of the pandemic- everyone’s stuck at home and people are capitalising on that. It’s not just games, either - the Lego community has been hit too, with many of the more expensive sets so
  4. I’m happy with my PS5, although I’ve barely played it lately unfortunately! The load times are the most revolutionary bit for me - going back to playing PS4 games on an external HDD is painful in comparison. Looking forward to more games coming out, definitely.
  5. I’m all in for a RE4 remake! The original is great but a modern version, maybe with more for Ashley to do instead of her just being a damsel in distress, would be really cool.
  6. I've been trying to get into this and I just can't do it. Last AC I played was Black Flag, and the last one I completed was probably Brotherhood, so maybe I should have caught up first? But it's just so dense. The story isn't engaging and the combat is bobbins. Upgrading my gear is impossible as resources seem scarce (unless I buy them with real money, obviously). And everything's so spread out. For me the big appeal of AC was sprawling cities where you could parkour around but there's no height in this and hardly any buildings. Should I stick with it? It feels like i
  7. What a deeply strange film! Bits I absolutely loved: And bits that I hated Overall a solid 9/10 because fuck it it's a superhero film in 2020 I'm willing to throw away critical thought in favour of escapism. Maybe if we'd had some MCU lately I'd be more critical but as we haven't I properly rate this.
  8. Sackboy is absolutely brilliant: though I imagine kids would find it a bit difficult as it progresses (but it’s local co op so you can help him out!)
  9. Real real real n00b question. - what does “boss run” mean? Just sprinting through the level to get to the boss?
  10. Getting a load of sealed copies of Ikaruga or another super rare game would be the best plan - slowly release them into the market and you’ll be filthy rich! Alternatively, going back to the early 2000s and bringing back a load of the “lost” early phone games that were never archived properly would be the most altruistic thing. personally I’d take the money.
  11. Hi dudes! Big request - anyone got a spare Mush Lamp recipe or could craft me a lamp if I provide the ingredients please? My GF is desperate for one, but one hasn’t come up on our island - would absolutely make her entire year if any of you kind folks could help us out. I’m even happy to pay real proper money! Like I say it’s desperate times. Edit: sorted now!
  12. Spotify has never muted game soundtracks for me (I think the only console to ever do that was the Xbox 360 and it was freakin’ awesome and I don’t know why it isn’t the default)
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