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  1. Sackboy is absolutely brilliant: though I imagine kids would find it a bit difficult as it progresses (but it’s local co op so you can help him out!)
  2. Real real real n00b question. - what does “boss run” mean? Just sprinting through the level to get to the boss?
  3. Getting a load of sealed copies of Ikaruga or another super rare game would be the best plan - slowly release them into the market and you’ll be filthy rich! Alternatively, going back to the early 2000s and bringing back a load of the “lost” early phone games that were never archived properly would be the most altruistic thing. personally I’d take the money.
  4. Hi dudes! Big request - anyone got a spare Mush Lamp recipe or could craft me a lamp if I provide the ingredients please? My GF is desperate for one, but one hasn’t come up on our island - would absolutely make her entire year if any of you kind folks could help us out. I’m even happy to pay real proper money! Like I say it’s desperate times. Edit: sorted now!
  5. Spotify has never muted game soundtracks for me (I think the only console to ever do that was the Xbox 360 and it was freakin’ awesome and I don’t know why it isn’t the default)
  6. isn’t it called “metroidvania” because Metroid and Castlevania are pretty similar and it’s just a way to describe that genre? Or am I missing a shitpost?
  7. yeah, you can jump straight into NG+ when you finish the main story - and ultimate difficulty is an option (though I’m nowhere near good enough for that!)
  8. The USB cable is in a cardboard box in the box, it’s hidden in one of the folds. It’s quite hard to find as it doesn’t look like it opens!
  9. Ok Sackboy is absolutely essential! The Level is absolute genius.
  10. I've given this a go and it seems to have worked - thank you mate.
  11. Pretty annoying that they still haven’t fixed the upgrade issue for the Ubisoft games. Just want to piss about in Watch Dogs!
  12. I started this tonight! Got pretty far in 1-1 I think, to the bit with the it’s pretty good, think it’ll take a while to click with me though. Also, try as I might I can’t seem to roll? seen someone up thread talk about banking souls- does that let you keep them in case you die?! And also, the controls are messing with me. Square is attack in just about everything else I play, so I keep pressing that and wasting healing items instead of swinging my sword. Sure I’ll get used to that though.
  13. Nah it’s bugged. Ubi are looking into it but it’s a widespread problem for that and watch dogs unfortunately.
  14. Sequel speculation/ideas. Spoilers for this game!
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