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  1. It’s already a pain shifting games around on my Xbox One and PS4 - I’ve got an external 2TB for the Xbox which has made things less painful tbf. Hopefully Sony and MS have some cool tricks up their sleeves to ease the pain of the relatively small storage - maybe there’ll be the option to stream games you own from xCloud/PSNow in lower quality while they download and install in the background?
  2. you can also switch to the classic move sets in the “game mods” section of the menu I think!
  3. I’m loving this! Only had THPS1 back in the day so purely focusing on that for now. Just got to downhill jam which fills me with terror. Really hope they re release the THUG games next, I rinsed THUG2 in my teens and my muscle memory playing this is purely focused on those moves!
  4. I wonder how much Disney's struggles with this comes down to their very conservative focus on the family market, particularly aimed at kids. The audience for a "kids" film is small - basically just young kids, except for maybe animation (Frozen does well across age groups). I know when I was over the age of around eight I wanted to watch "proper" films and much of the inappropriate content sailed over my head. But adults, and older kids, want to watch stuff aimed at adults. Where Disney have succeeded lately have been taking over franchises that had already nailed this - Star Wars
  5. I still need to finish Hitman 1, let alone 2! Feel like I skipped basically all of last gen.
  6. I love this Goodbye Volcano High game!!!! Wow. Best one so far. Apart form Spider-Man 2 obvs.
  7. My stream is crap quality too! So it's totally killing the "coolness" of the reveals...
  8. I loved your island mate! Thanks for opening it up. Tipped you and left some furniture at your feet - didn't have any fossils handy unfortunately.
  9. Yep, you can make a private queue and just share the URL. I did it last week for some mates as I had a good price and it worked flawlessly - saved me the hassle of sending out dodo codes,
  10. Hi mate, don't suppose I can join the queue? Happy to leave a tip or some goodies
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