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  1. Can you not just leave it there until you get a couple of marines up? I mean they have to do pylon then gate before any units start appearing?
  2. Yes, sorry I wasn't saying the BBC doesn't produce some quality shows but it's no longer the international powerhouse it once was. Maybe I'm dreaming of an age that never existed.
  3. I'm sorry I'm confused. I just don't see how it's privatisation. Looking at Wikipedia for a definition: "Privatization is the incidence or process of transferring ownership of a business, enterprise, agency or public service from the public sector (the state or government) to the private sector (businesses that operate for a private profit.) " Which says nothing about how people pay for the service. Maybe I'm misunderstanding the point you are making? Yes, that was probably a little silly of me to say. The BBC's documentaires at the moment has been AMAZE. Radio 4 and BBC 4 are generally excellent, even if it is a little expensive. Drama seems a little off at the moment, no? I guess maybe Dr Who has produced the same level of excitement as some of the big US dramas but generally Drama/Comedy seems to be US centric at the moment.
  4. ? What has that got to do with it? I mean there no reason that British Rail couldn't have been financed from voluntary contributions. (Obviously apart from it would never financially stable)
  5. Yes but the 'norm' is that for service that taxes fall on the richer harder than they do on the poor. The licence fee is a regressive tax.
  6. ? Because it's not run by private enterprises? It's still a nationalised industry, they are just just suggesting changing the way people pay.
  7. But then why is the BBC not producing the best stuff it ever has? Its budget is bigger than ever before.
  8. Sad that you've been downvoted. I think a lot of this is proper sensible stuff. I've tried to explain this before to people on here and you do just get shouted at as pro-Murdoch etc.
  9. Pretty much the most wrong thing ever written down. Treme Pacific The Wire Sopranos Curb HBO are without a doubt the premier broadcaster in the world.
  10. That's not a particularly good analogy. I mean you are essentially paying insurance when you pay NI. TV is nothing like that.
  11. Jesus considering they are a think tank, this is pretty much the laziest idea. But they aren't suggesting privatisation?
  12. Band of Brothers (or whatevers) is pretty decent and for .59p it's a steal.
  13. Hope the millions this saves the BBC will be put into producing none shit stuff. Fingers crossed HBO got a good chunk of change so they keep producing AAA stuff.
  14. Ok, I'm going to crack. Where is the place to get this on the high street?
  15. Bit fucked off about the price Blizz are trying for online. On a £35 retail box I bet they make, £10/15 tops, no need to charge £45 for a download when you don't even pay the costs if the bandwidth.
  16. The beta is still floating around the torrent sites if you want to test before you buy?
  17. The beta ran on my 3 year old MBP. What specs have you got?
  18. Really expensive. I'll just pop to the shop on the way home.
  19. Maybe as a result of The Incident? Yes, to draw Jack and the others to do what he wanted. Incredibly relevant, probably because the situation was re-created exactly (Locke was dead, no Christian etc), That was clearly arranged by Richard Alpert's lot. Built by the ancients, as a sign to gods, pretty common back in the day. Useful as a plot device to show the age of the island? Is man trying to control the devine good or bad? Annoyingly never resolved! Could easily just be Others at some particular point. Different types of cancers? I thought it was just a regular box and people put things in it? Annoyingly cut short, seems like The Temple was the last retreat? Torture was more of a job? Good point thou. Part of a code to tell you what to do? Maybe not unrelated to the statue? Bit cheap really thou. Unsure: Where is said Smokey can only appear as the dead? Richard thought he was dead no? I don't think any magical travelling skills are ever needed? It is specifically mentioned how good they are at moving silently. MiB? If Walt and Demond were meant to be the same person (the link between life and death) then it seems possible that there would be 'leakage' between worlds? If won't leave the island and can't have kids on it (see Widemore for proof), then all kids become very important. Does she do anything special apart from knowing everything about The Island? They financed The Black Rock, that gave them info about The Island and then spent huge amounts of money/time trying to get there? A poor trick by the writers. Valenzetti is non-canon I thought?
  20. Ok, let's take a stab at these, as I think a lot of the questions can be answered. 1) Questions that shouldn't be answered because we might as well ask why bad things happen to good people: Assuming you can accept the concept of a god, then I don't think it's a particular big jump to accept that there are both limits and rules to his powers. Especially the concept about not being able to bring back the dead, this is a regular theme/troup of (near) omnipotent power. The MiB/Sayid thing is a bit of a hack, IMHO, although maybe it being a reincarnation rather than bringing Sayid himself back from the dead gets around this? Annoyingly never answered. Maybe it's something to do with who Penny choses, she is a bridge between the The Island and The World at large in the, after being born from Charles Willmore and a regular muggle. Isn't that more to do with those who come to the Island and those who already live there? Similar to the inability of the others to have babies? It releases a proportion of the Island's light, which is infinitely powerful and so it seems plausible that the release of this energy could free the island in space-time? It does behave like Electro-Magnetism, which is tightly bound to concepts of space-time. Isn't that just a case of they work so they are seen? 2) Questions that shouldn't be answered because it really doesn't matter, does it?: Yes. Interesting, but likely. Unclear how that ties into Jacob's choice and all that. There was no sideways universe? The other verse was the afterlife. (Questions feels a little dated) Charles had a baby off island and Ben used this against him to take power. He was reincarnated by evil and then it became a It seems a little strange that psychic would recommend such a life for Claire/Baby.
  21. Digital download on day 1: http://beta-sea.battle.net/en/info/digital-purchase
  22. I'm loving the bleakness of this show.
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