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  1. Anybody know anything new about series 4 being set in London?
  2. and Wimbledon (links direct to medium res trailer, right click save as) looks funny as well, if you like romantic comedies.
  3. I'm sure its old news, but the new Fahrenheit 9/11 trailer really makes me laugh. More comedic is Anchor Man which seems to be from the Old School/ Road Trip school of comedy And that Catwoman trailer is really quite poor Robo, I think we'll be hard pressed to find a trailer that looks worse. (I know the film wasgreat but the trailer for Pirates of the Caribbean looked really dire, i'll try and find a link to that )
  4. If your a pikey someone usually posts torrents on Supr ever couple of weeks If your not Choices Direct, £45 in your hand.
  5. If your a pikey someone usually posts torrents on Supr ever couple of weeks If your not Choices Direct, 45 quid in your hand.
  6. The way he gets so stressed that he just says his emotions "I'm not laughing"
  7. HBO: the best thing ever! Sopranos season 5 finishes sunday and teh new series of 6 Feet starts next sunday. And ahyums2 as my last 2 exams went good and I want to share the joy of The Sopranos, if you PM me you can borrow the first series, although i won't be able to send it till next week some time.
  8. Nah, its not the last series of The Sopranos, David Chase said a while back that he had changed his mind and was gonna do a sixth series. But Sopranos are always about 18 months between series, so looking at late 05- early 06, which is it just miles away.
  9. Shamelessly stolen from Slashdot Games: Amazing, I'm truly amazed. Perhaps Ninty have realised they are gonna need all the customers they can get.
  10. There is something in next months EDGE (137), perhaps thats what the weird graphic is on the backpage of this months is all about
  11. Is Halo mainstream? Its sold a shed load of copies and single handly got MS into the console business, but I don't think its recieved the mass market acceptace of GTA and Goldeneye. I can remember having an N64, having an all-nighter on Goldeneye and then 3 different friends going out the next day and getting an N64 just for Goldeneye. But i've had 16 Player weekend long marathon sessions on halo and friends have argeed that its better than goldeneye, but then haven't gone out and got it. I'm not sure if its because of the more geeky nature of Halo (Space Marines and all that) or if times are changing for my friends but they have a very different reaction to spending money on halo.
  12. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/technology/3544039.stm Apparently someone has been hearing the Cell hype One slightly strange thing is that the article says that 70million ps2 have been sold (seems a little high) but then says that after 5 years of next gen consoles (in 2010) there will be only 50 million next gen consoles, which is against the growing trend of gaming in the last couple of generations
  13. Yeah me, first beta i've ever applied to as well Can't get into the beta forums at ubi thou, i think they are having probs Anybody else been able to get into them?
  14. Although it might cut out a chunk of people, i'd like to see more persistant worlds that you'd fight co-op with over an extended peroid, Like (bad example warning) you'd be part of a special ops team behind enemy lines in iraq, you'd have jeeps and what ever, groups of people would form squadrons, where team tactics would be empasized, death would be made realistic by using a once your gone your gone rule After the after the missions everyone would leave the world,but it would remain saved, but then when people logged on again the world would continue from a previous state it'd be cool because it would create a team atmosphere like 5 aside, where every week the same people would meet up to take on another mission. I don't know it planetside is like this. And if we are gonna get realistic might as well include complete mags where people need to try and use every last bullet in the magazine, instead of reloading after 3 shots.
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