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  1. Finally had an In-N-Out burger, was the best £3 burger I'd ever had for sure. Would be very respectable at £6-8. Loved the decor of the place, sort of an aged 50/60s vibe. Had Umani in SF, which people had been raving about for a while. Had a normal sized truffle burger, and it was massive, significantly thicker than anything tier 1 in London. Maybe a bit too large. Brioche bun soaking in truffle oil worked well thou.
  2. Having slept on it I still don't think it's really as clear cut as torture revealed OBL's location, but the general jist you take away is that torture certainly helped in a positive way towards OBL's capture. If it is true that the courier wasn't found from information obtained via torture seems straight up wrong they even have those scenes in the film. They didn't even really fit well. Clearly BS that Bigelow et al. are trying to have it both ways saying it's a true story but also take liberties with the story. Does anyone know if it really was a lone female CIA agent who pushed it through?
  3. Nah, I clearly address how the film demonstrates two sides of torture, initially torture was used but didn't provide any usable information. I'm sort of surprised you're quite against the film as you are I don't think it really glorifies torture in the way I sort of expected to after reading Greenwald/Cheney etc And 'a bit of threat' was more a reflection on the language the guy used in the context of the film rather than a comment on torture, something like "I can have lunch with anyone" rather than him saying "I'm gonna smash your face in, get a hammer and break all your toes".
  4. Having just watched it I think you have to be pretty 'politically involved' to really take home the message that torture caught OBL, like normals wouldn't take that message. 7/10
  5. Went to Burger Shake the other day on Marchimont St, London. Not really impressed, 6/10 or so. Was about £16 for burger, beer and fries. Felt like they just didn't give a shit basically, closed the place at 9 on a Saturday night too.
  6. I re-watched season 1 the other day, jesus wept. Man I love this show, I keep all nine seasons on my laptop at all times. It's still so good. Funny how some of the episodes are a little out of date with regards to tech, many times there is a confusion of one form or another and they can't meet up. Now it'd just be a mobile call.
  7. The writing also says "No Dickheads", but then they let half the staff in? You could easily walk by it thinking it had been raided by the police. Awesome burgers, but dreadful service. Not quite as bad as when it was MeatWagon thou. I had the Philly: sublime. I wish they did plates thou.
  8. I feel the age of post-production 3D for so-so films is waning for sure, but I think most-mega blockbusters will still be 3D it costs like 5m more and still easily recoups that in extra revenue. Star Trek and Batman (and Cowboys and Aliens) are just special cases I think where the directors are both big names and against 3D.
  9. People know who the next boss is right: It was announced a while back.
  10. ditto! Really enjoying it, the key system seems a little forced, but otherwise most excellent.
  11. But the general trend in gaming for (say) the last twenty years and significantly over the last generation has been quicker, easier gaming and away from precision/twitch gaming, I just can't see MS going against that trend.
  12. I mean Chris Rock/Ricky Gervais/Seinfeld/Fey huge. He's currently at at Fey pre-Sarah Palin level.
  13. It's back next September, this and 30 Rock have been swapped, with 30 Rock being a mid-season replacement.
  14. $1.8 billion revenue last year, trivial for Apple but growing super fast. I don't see download only as that big a change, all consoles are going there and the difference between download only and download/retail consoles is minuscule compared to the difference between iPhones and pre-iPhone phones. I think your second paragraph is both spot on and the crux of the issue. Apple are anti-button, but it's going to require a massive change to make a controller that can do enough.
  15. On the one hand I can't see what Apple bring to the table that is fundamentally different to current consoles, but on the other it seems the days of a box under the telly that just does games are probably numbered and Apple have been leading the convergence between devices. A major change would be in the interace, Apple have also been on a jihad against buttons recently, but I can't believe solely touch screen controllers are the future for gaming. And for all the arguments that are essentially Apple don't 'get' games, the same was said about phones. ---- Not that I think Apple will buy them, but I just looked it up and Nintendo is about a tenth the size of Apple, Apple has about Nintendo's market cap (30bn) in cash.
  16. What can Apple bring to consoles that is fundamentally better than what we have now? Any new field Apple enter has to be significant step up.
  17. I'd blame Heroes downfall on bad planning/inexperience really, the makers (Tim Kring?) didn't put limits on the powers from the get go and then had real problems trying to contort storylines so that Syler/Peter didn't become all powerful.
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