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  1. The 301 is definitely my favourite gun by a country mile.
  2. Actually eBay is your best bet. Argos seem to be getting rid of them. Obvs Buy new and sealed as it’s a scratch card with a code with a disc with the apex install on.
  3. They seem to be a bit dearer now. Bloodhound Edition is £9.50 and Lifeline is £12.99
  4. I too am underwhelmed by the BP this season. I still purchased it though. the fact that you can get enough Apex coins from the pass to buy the next pass is great, do any other games battle passes allow this? I wish you could spend your Red currency on more things… I have loads and it seems you can only buy recoloured skins!!! I bought the lifeline and bloodhound packs off Amazon for Xbox for £4.99 each.
  5. It seems that a lot of new characters added are OP... apart from Rampart. it’s like they want you to clamour for the new legend, in some sort of FOMO. She’ll be nerfed along with the Bow pretty soon I reckon.
  6. I’m in. Played 1 game of BR and died pretty quickly. Not much has changed there! only default characters available and no apex coins or tokens showing. I can’t get into arenas yet.
  7. There used to be gold weapons in those boxes at the back of that building… I never land there so I can’t confirm.
  8. Season 8 only challenge left! I'm not sure how to post this Vid... but it made me laugh/cry. It links to Reddit/apexlegends post.
  9. I might as well play Duos as I’m constantly put in a Duo when I select Trios. Must be my internet connection!!!
  10. I’ve seen a couple of club join requests… I didn’t recognise the names so I held off. could you please sound off in here with your username so we can verify you. thanks I just made it to Lvl 100 today after starting the battle pass really late as I’ve got back into Destiny 2. Now the PS5 won’t load up D2!!! good riddance. I’m an Apex main now!
  11. How did you get invited to the event? are you in the industry?
  12. I’ll add you next time I’m on. I wasn’t sure who it was.
  13. feel free to add me. I’m not great but you’ll be in some easy lobby’s if I’m host.
  14. For some reason I keep getting kicked from the club!
  15. I’ve set up a club. I’ll promote people who join to admin so you can accept other member requests. Rllmuk RLMK I set it up on PS4 so I hope the clubs are cross-play too.
  16. Anyone starting a RLLMUK club when the next season launches?
  17. ... Why you shouldn’t leave a match after you are thirsted!
  18. I’m on PS4 and play most days. I'm on shifts though so my Play time is on a 3 shift rotation. feel free to add me: MichaelPegg Yes I sometimes regret changing to my real name on PSN.
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