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  1. From iTemps latest video. Never seen a team with that many kills!
  2. A pretty tame win with most of the action coming near the end, you will marvel at the sheer ineptitude when it comes to grappling. in my defence, I had been playing Bloodhound for about an hour to complete a challenge and I still thought I was going to scan when hitting L1.
  3. You assume too much lol. I tend to stick to what I know... also I generally stick to the first Good guns I get. The 301 is surprisingly good at range in single-fire mode and tap firing. With the right sight of course.
  4. Still loving this! After getting 3 wins in a week I thought I might have been put into a higher Skill bracket as I was getting stomped. Then I Started getting some top 5’s and a couple of 3rd/2nd places. last game of the night... Not a high kill-fest but a wins a win.
  5. Thanks. I’ve watched loads of your vids. Some high kill counts!
  6. I witnessed this as I came 3rd and spectated. Traps and gas canisters blocking every door! i might upload it and post it later.
  7. Following on from my first win... I had 2 wins yesterday! I’d unlocked Caustic and just started playing about with him. Here’s the uncut video.
  8. could you tell me where I could find this 50% off deal please? thanks
  9. I’ve bought the battlepass this season... is it quite doable to get all 1000 coins back in the season or is it a massive time sink?
  10. I got my first win today! I’ve finished 2nd so many times this last week it was getting frustrating. in this game my teammates did most of the work but a win is a win. this game works so well with randoms. Communication without voice-chat is excellent. if anyone plays on PS4 could you add me as I’d love to play this game with friends. PSN: michaelpegg cheers
  11. Anyone else recognise the 2 Scottish Gaming podcasters that tasted the bread in the vox pop bit? I’ve been racking my brains since catching up on the last episode tonight. I think they mostly did video podcasts, possibly on YouTube. If I remember rightly they might have been mates with Richey and Jim from Gamewank and possibly collaborators. thanks
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