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  1. Yeah, it really is. Didn't even realise I'd bought the gatefold until it arrived, thanks to the vague listing with a single blurry photo and weird description.
  2. Poochy & Yoshi's Woolly World (3DS) Yeah, it's pretty good. Some standout levels with neat gimmicks but mostly just your standard egg-lobbing and that. This tune was probably the highlight for me: January:
  3. Monkey Barrels, right? It hardly seemed to get any reviews when it was released, which ended up putting me off.
  4. Think that started when they upgraded the UI to 4K, so hopefully it'll get fixed soon.
  5. I've had mine for six months now and can't recall a single missed input. Are you certain the pad isn't faulty?
  6. I think one of the differences here is that controllers aren't usually a thing you wear on your head or your feet while walking around town. The opportunities for showing off your premium purchase are somewhat limited.
  7. Ah, thanks. Mine doesn’t actually run out until next year, but I’m tempted to try and stack it back up to three years before the inevitable price hike. Just not sure what the best option is right now. Looks like JPL and I are after the same thing.
  8. What does 12 months of Gold currently convert to if you have an active Game Pass sub?
  9. https://store.steampowered.com/app/42670/Singularity/
  10. Early contender for most oblivious post of the year.
  11. https://www.nintendolife.com/news/2015/11/rumour_leading_japanese_game_company_kidnapped_devs_sister_to_stop_them_from_working_with_nintendo
  12. My friend who bought a PS5 just for playing CoD is not going to like this news at all. I'll be happy if this somehow results in Singularity being playable on the Series X. I'm a simple man.
  13. Would be great if the Switch taiko drum worked on Xbox, but can't imagine that's happening.
  14. Danganronpa added outta nowhere. Always wanted to give that a go.
  15. Load of BC games on sale again. Gunvalkyrie is a fiver and Binary Domain is six quid.
  16. 17/01 - iS: Internal Section (PS1) It's difficult to look at this game and not think of Rez, but this is much more of a straightforward tunnel shooter than that game. No lock-on or anything here, just uninterrupted blasting as you hurtle along a path of cyberdelic eye candy. You get twelve weapons that are named after the Chinese zodiac for reasons that are never explained, though at least half of them are useless and should probably be removed from the selection wheel in the options menu. Anyway, you take those weapons and blast a load of geometric shapes to bits until you get to a boss, which is usually a big polygon that spews out smaller polygons when you make it angry. I've probably made it sound a bit naff but I really like this. Sit with your nose pressed right up against the TV and you get rave-zoned in about thirty seconds, which is pretty much all I ask for in a video game these days. Soundtrack is some good nonsense: January
  17. Had no idea this was getting an Xbox release as well. Will probably pick it up but should probably finish one of the three other RPGs I've started recently.
  18. 16/01 - New Pokemon Snap (Switch) Bandai Namco put much more effort into this that they really needed to, honestly. Knowing most Pokemon fans it could've just been one level set in a carpark and still would've sold millions, so it's to their credit that they made a pretty comprehensive follow-up. It's been a perfect little snack of a game over the last couple of weeks. Give me a sequel made entirely of levels like that Honey, I Shrunk the Kids one, please.
  19. 15/01 - Shinobi III (Mega Drive) While there's undoubtedly some of that ever so deadly nostalgia at work, there aren't many Mega Drive games I still find as engrossing from start to finish as this. A relentless rush of action scenes that has you galloping across the windswept plains, striding through the blazing forest, decking a house-sized mutant in the sewer and, well, errr, doing some radical ninja surfing. It was 1993 after all, and these are the things that dreams are made of when you're nine (and also when you're very much no longer nine). Just a light easy mode run this time around as I'm a bit flu-addled and brain-fogged right now. Might try to finish off something more sedate like New Pokemon Snap. January:
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