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  1. There are loads of games that don't have their own Wikipedia page. The Hex, the game Daniel Mullins made between Pony Island and Incryption doesn't have one and that's been out years and is hardly obscure. Of course you can just be insecure weirdos about answering a simple question if you want.
  2. What if the game doesn't have a Wikipedia page?
  3. Quest

    Hades II

    I still haven't played the first one, even though I love all their other games. I should fix that. How's the Switch version?
  4. It's also on Playstation as of a few days ago, if that helps.
  5. I know loads of people still playing it every day. Kinda surprising.
  6. I also thought As Dusk Falls was fine, but it basically said nothing much about anything, then ended with a shrug. Citizen Sleeper 4eva
  7. We Love Katamari REROLL trademark submitted in Europe: https://www.gematsu.com/2022/12/bandai-namco-trademarks-tales-of-arise-beyond-the-dawn-we-love-katamari-reroll-royal-reverie-in-europe
  8. Standard edition down to £16.49 on Xbox. I'm not too bothered about the expansion stuff so that'll do nicely.
  9. I refuse to accept that Ivo Graham is a comedian of any sort, so that's another.
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