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  1. Body Melt As the title suggests, this involves a lot of fun with melting faces and goopy prosthetics in the style of Street Trash, but made in early-90s Australia for about three dollars or something. Cheap nonsense that I'm pretty sure I watched before but forgot entirely. Does have Harold Bishop from Neighbours in it, though. 2/5
  2. My four year old daughter's favourite song recently.
  3. Not technically new music but whatever. from VA - Heisei No Oto: Japanese Left-field Pop From The CD Age (1989-1996) Really looking forward to the full compilation, out in March.
  4. Quest

    Xbox Game Pass

    Panzer Dragoon Orta never appears in the Game Pass listings for me, but was available through the store.
  5. It's a complete mess but I genuinely love Lost Planet 2.
  6. Well the PC doesn't really have generations in quite the same way, so I'm not sure option two applies there.
  7. Slaughterhouse Rulez? I knew it reminded me of something.
  8. I also abandoned Bloody Hell. Something very off-putting about it.
  9. Now you get to play the game of trying to work out which songs they ripped off.
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