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  1. Can't help with the iPad but it supports controllers on MacOS. Just played through some of the tutorial with an Xbox pad on my Macbook.
  2. ARMS is still well populated in Asia, even though they stopped updating it ages ago. ARMS is the best game. ARMS.
  3. I was asking my friend at GW HQ about this earlier and there were some details I'm not sure I can pass on, but he said there will be more available. Can't imagine it'll appear where I live any time soon, but at least there's hope for some of you.
  4. Great record. Managed to catch them live a few times and there was always an argument kicking off between Damon Che and someone (the band, the audience, venue staff...). Good times.
  5. Quest

    Xbox Game Pass

    Ah, thanks for the heads up. I reckon she'd be happy just messing about in the early stages so should be ok.
  6. That recent Platinum game on Apple Arcade has a similar aesthetic too. It's far from unique. Any idea who these Guru Guru devs are? I tried Google and got nowhere.
  7. Quest

    Xbox Game Pass

    Would it be fun for a young kid to mess around with? It caught my daughter's eye a few weeks ago and she keeps asking if it's out.
  8. Quest

    Nintendo Switch

    I thought Afterparty was a complete mess of a game, but hopefully Oxenfree 2 turns out well.
  9. Quest

    Nintendo Switch

    That new GetsuFumaDen looks like my kinda shit. Konami though...
  10. Quest

    Nintendo Switch

    Indie World showcase starting now. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2RNkRaNfCp4
  11. I don't know if this is the right place for my dumb thoughts, but I listened to and liked your record, Pockets. The dialogue samples remind me a bit of stuff like Negativland or My Life in the Bush of Ghosts, though it's pretty varied and goes in a some surprising directions, like Work it Out having a neat NY punk-funk vibe. 'How to' and 'Winter 1994' are probably the standouts on first listen. Something about the middle run of tracks didn't work as well for me, particularly 'Socials' which I thought was stretched too thin over six minutes, but the record won me back. I'll give it
  12. It was a stagehand on the show thinking he was funny. I think most Japanese bands of that era just got used to that kind of stuff, sadly. Mika Band are a really key part of Japanese popular music history and deserve a bigger audience, as their first three albums are really great.
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