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  1. I stole it using that internet thing we have nowadays.
  2. Also, would the game simulate the typhoon that's going on around me right now? Shame it's out a few days late for me to try that.
  3. Well I'm back to work on Wednesday and was hoping to have a nice day of Flight Simming on Tuesday, so I'm a bit disappointed that it won't arrive on time for that.
  4. This shows how offline mode compares on the PC:
  5. Outrun 2 is really popular in China, so...maybe?
  6. Do we know the environmental impact of all this vinyl being produced? Have to assume a lot of the shite put out for RSD is going to end up as landfill eventually.
  7. Wife bought me a Series X for my birthday. Got Like A Dragon and Doom Eternal downloaded and the next two days of work. Goodbye world.
  8. Does it handle most PS1 stuff well, or just a few titles?
  9. I don't dislike musicals but I couldn't even make it through the trailer. Imagine subjecting yourself to an entire game of that.
  10. I just want Labo Robot Kit: Detroit Edition.
  11. Hopefully this will still fit in a Flip Grip.
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