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  1. Quest

    Nintendo Switch

    They stripped the Kawasaki logo out of Wave Race's Wii release and then put it back on Wii U, so could go either way.
  2. Quest

    Nintendo Switch

    Yeah, I should just shut up and be grateful for a load of old ROMs that I have to play with a shit border, a barely functional online service and some DLC for one game. Game Pass has nothing to do with this being a shit deal. Are Nintendo going to up the price every time they add a new rom pack? Who'd trust them not to do that now?
  3. Quest

    Nintendo Switch

    Turned off auto-renewal for the first time since NSO launched. Whoever is in charge needs a good kicking.
  4. Shin Megami Tensei V and Forza Horizon 4 are all I need The new Sherlock Holmes could be good, but it feels like they keep misunderstanding what made Crimes & Punishments great.
  5. I enjoyed Ready or Not, so maybe they'll manage to do something interesting with it. Trailer makes it look dreadful though.
  6. Evil Genius 2 has appeared in the Coming Soon section on console. Anyone played the PC version?
  7. Quest

    Nintendo Switch

    Mine seems to be doing the same sometimes. I put the stick calibration on and kept an eye on it for a while to see if they were twitching of their own accord, but nothing. Seems fine in-game as well. I do love my Switch but it's difficult to forgive how poorly made it is.
  8. Yeah, it blatantly isn't finished. A shame because I enjoyed playing it with my daughters when it actually worked properly.
  9. I'm not sure comparisons with Monster Hunter are going to do this any more favours than with BotW, really. Rise is probably the slickest thing I've played on the console and this.....won't be that.
  10. Netease are more than a 'mobile game studio', and I don't know why they'd need Nagoshi to make anything like that anyway, so I assume they're looking at branching out more into the more traditional single-player/console space. They did make investments in the likes of Quantic Dream a while back, which might suggest some interest there.
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