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  1. Nothing at all. It was pretty cheap, anyway. Think you need to visit my island or I visit yours before I can post anything. I'll add you as a friend but I'll also open the gates to all comers for an hour or so now. Dodo code: DR4CH All welcome! Nooks are selling some unfinished puzzle and some fragrance sticks. Able Sisters have viking clobber and pig noses.
  2. Just figured out something that might be useful in designing paths. When laying the pre-made paving in the island designer app, the grass surrounding the path will overlap at the edges to give a more natural appearance. Much better than the harder edges when using DIY patterns. You can work around this using transparencies but it's a fair amount of faffing about to get it looking decent. However, if you lay a designer app path first as a base, then apply DIY patterns over it, the grass will overlap both at the edges. It looks pretty nice. I don't know if I'm making any sense at all right now. Edit: Actually, looks like the custom path permit you can buy with Nook Miles might do achieve the same thing. Still, managed some nice paths with two layers so could still be useful.
  3. @Kryptonian I have your eye patch. What's your in-game name/town?
  4. Oops, sorry, that was me. My shop is long closed but I should be able to order one for you.
  5. I have two balloon types, but can't recall if that's one of them. I'll check!
  6. I have 32 but the recipes seem to have dried up. Hopefully some new ones will appear tomorrow.
  7. Nooks are selling cacti, a stack of papers and some clothes drying rack. Able Sisters have a pirate eyepatch and some crown that's a million bells. Dodo Codo open to all: LKBQ4 Should be open for an hour or two.
  8. So nice to have some new creatures to catch. Already handed in three or four things to Blathers.
  9. Egg day is on, Sahara is in town, the Nooks have hamsters for sale and the Ables have a load of good shit as usual. Dodo code KD66Q I'll probably be AFK again but all are welcome for shopping and whatever.
  10. Meteor shower at my place tonight. Celeste is here. Gate is open to friends for an hour or two.
  11. @bradigor Do you have the cardboard box bed for your crack den?
  12. I'll likely be AFK but I've opened the gate to Shimendoka to friends. The shop is shut now as it's late here, but I've left a few oranges, cherries and random furniture near the airport. Not got much to spare today as I'm impoverished after a few construction jobs.
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