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  1. Nequests

    What is spinning on your turntable?

    I'm just trying to imagine WHSmith selling Eddie Henderson LPs.
  2. Nequests

    Nintendo Switch

    I think they might be. When I bought mine a year ago there were none, but I just checked Taobao and there are dozens of listings for suspiciously cheap ones now. They start at around a tenner, so....
  3. Nequests

    Nintendo Switch

    True fans of novelty tat will marvel at this Captain Toad pen/torch thing that came with my copy of the game.
  4. Nequests

    Hollow Knight - Soulsvania platformer

    Finally back into some serious progression, as it seems I somehow missed a massive chunk of the mines. Got a tasty upgrade that should help me reach a whole bunch of different places. It's good that even though I was sort of stuck, I was still finding loads of little areas with upgrades and interesting characters. This game really delivers.
  5. Nequests

    Best New Music of 2018

    Deafheaven''s previous records are fantastic too. On a different note, this is from a compilation of contemporary Italian electronic stuff. Great modular work.
  6. Nequests

    Best New Music of 2018

    Big ol' massive synth coming over the hill to eat the townsfolk.
  7. Nequests

    Hollow Knight - Soulsvania platformer

    I adore this but I've got myself in a bit of a rut. Not really sure where to go now. Still, half the fun of a good Metroidvania are those eureka moments that allow you to suddenly open up a whole chunk of the map. Will keep at it.
  8. Nequests

    Nintendo eShop

    I finished Bomb Chicken. It's around five hours long, which perhaps isn't much, but I enjoyed just about every moment with it. Superb animation and they get a surprising amount of variety out of the whole bomb laying idea. Enjoyable bosses for once, too.
  9. Nequests

    Nintendo Switch

    Really enjoying Bomb Chicken. It reminds me of the kind of action-puzzle platformers you might get on the Amiga, though the visuals give me GBA vibes. Played maybe an hour and I've died a bit, but it's not mega difficult or anything so far.
  10. Nequests

    Nintendo Switch

    Honestly, man, the foam fix is easily done and worked wonders for me. I'd really consider it if Nintendo are no use (which is likely).
  11. Nequests

    Yakuza 6 - Baby's Day Out

    I haven't played this yet, but I just learned that the Japanese version has a Tatsuro Yamashita song in it that was cut from the western release. This is an outrage. Nobody does this to Tats.
  12. Nequests

    Nintendo eShop

    I believe the new version is F2P with microtransactions.
  13. Nequests

    2018 FIFA World Cup

    Got any more of those?

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