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  1. Shoes


    Pretty sure it's always been that, mate.
  2. Give me a fucking instrumental, fellas.
  3. I'm going all redlettermedia predictions video. Will there be a reference to Tony's high school coach and the 'varsity athlete' origins?
  4. The theme at the end was pretty shite.
  5. Gonna try and watch the film before the review. They said on their patreon they both recommend it.
  6. Come on Tiger Tim!
  7. This brings back so many memories; like the moment of pause and meditation when you visit a hot spring. Never knew Itoi had been radicalised. When I played it 13 years ago I didn't appreciate all the capitalist/fascist themes.
  8. DOOM x Edan, at long last. Fantastic.
  9. https://clips.twitch.tv/ShinyAmazonianTrayKlappa-4Y76-wEOzNSGyyAv
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