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  1. I thought it was an early era Billy Connelly.
  2. Big Gus

    GTA V Race League

    Sorry I've not been about - fuck virgin basically. Got another engineer tomorrow hopefully crack the case.
  3. Big Gus

    GTA V Race League

    Aye traffic and weather conditions I can see as decent things to up the randomness. Having police chases on is just daft.
  4. Big Gus

    GTA V Race League

    <<< Gets to level 95 pretty much exclusively racing randoms - wins about 150 out of 600 races. Joins Rllmuk Race League - comes last in every race.
  5. Click the L stick.
  6. Big Gus

    GTA V Race League

    I'll be on for 9pm tonight.
  7. Yeah was good fun. Sorry about my mic troubles.
  8. I'll be around from about 7 for a few hours for any crew shenanigans. Thanks for sorting my shit out McSpeed.
  9. Hey McSpeed help a brotha out with a spot please. I sent an invite a couple of weeks back. Should get on a fair bit this week.
  10. Big Gus

    GTA V Race League

    Me for a space please - will make most weeks.
  11. Not just respraying it - you must be modifying the car in some way (personalising it) Change the colour of the paint only.
  12. Hey folks - not been on here much but been loving me some of this online and playing when I can. Been in quite a few random free roams, races and missions with Mukers off my friends list over that time. Can my request to the 360 clan be answered please - I am on at least a couple of times a week. I'm pretty big pimping now - mainly been playing with randoms so the road racing has been a favourite. I think I have the similar 'mid town' high end apartment as most others - the one with northerly views. Chosen similar cars to mod too - when I'm not winning races I like to drive around in my armoured and bulletproof dominator and other muscle car collection. The 500K almost gave me enough for a tank but I made do with a maverick as my first flying vehicle instead and still packing a fat pocket. Loving this.
  13. http://www.rllmukforum.com/index.php?/topic/65155-official-league-rules/#entry8746142 The rules. If you read the first post in the thread it links you to them. You got 2 wins out of it anyway as no time to play people who bend the rules and cheat in a 'friendly' league. Stewards enquiry on your other home games as well since a few lines of txt was obviously too much for you to handle in your first season back when you have played in the league before...
  14. OK so you invited me to a game and during the time it takes me to set the formation I only have a finite time to change the squad but in recent weeks I've only needed to change the online squad a tiny bit (change Menez to LW and drop Lavente out for the more recent signing). I looked at the squad but it was not right there was players in there I've not seen this season. Was there a squad update? I've not played the game for a few weeks so I assume so - there's been no fannying around with the "squad - online" rule with everyone else I've played. I played it around for a bit because there was a host of players in the midfield and at the back I've never even had in the team in my preceding 12 matches. So I get to thinking that I don't remember a squad update as it does make you move an "no" to "yes" to overwrite squads and we never did that. I'm thinking when I invite you to a rematch it's going to ask me for a squad update. It does. A big one. I say thanks for wasting my time in hosting a 'hooky' game at that point. As I've said to you in pm I don't even think you took much advantage in the way you played as Spurs looked like spurs you took chances with pace and style. In a way that's what ,makes it annoying you never stuck by what were simple rules in hosting your game. I was at a disadvantage as I wouldn't have played that squad and had players in it who I've never even heard of.
  15. I'm not getting the new game anywhere near launch this year as been really busy. tl;dr out
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