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  1. Titanfall 2, especially the multiplayer. The motion sickness would be insane though
  2. I need some tips on beating the final boss as a mage. Best I’ve done is to get about half his energy down, but I never feel like I’m close to winning.
  3. I found the Tree Guardian WAY harder than MtF, who I just beat on my first go not realising he was In fact, my wolves managed to kill the Tree Guardian just after he killed me, so I didn't even get the satisfaction of doing it myself
  4. You really don't think it's worth giving it more of a go? You don't need to do the same thing over and over again, and the lore and story get explained the more you play.
  5. I completely missed the first site of grace as you exit the tomb at the start. I saw the big dude on the horse in the distance ad just went the other way. It took me about 4 hours worth of exploring before I got back there and found it, and the proper way to go My one problem with the game is that the buton to open the map, doesn't close the map. IT'S MORE FRUSTRATING THAN ANY ENEMY I'VE FACED.
  6. Honestly, this attitude gives me a headache...
  7. I just got the BoboVR M2 headstrap, and that's fantastic. It's very comfortable and very easy to adjust if you're passing it between other people. The magnetic battery pack is also a genius touch.
  8. Just experiment driving different cars as they can feel so different to one another.
  9. I REALLY recommend powering through Kiwami 1 after 0 - they're 2 halves of the same story.
  10. I was looking forwards to this, but it feels like it's going to take a lot of work to be decent.
  11. I’d add that while Kiwami feels like a big step back, the full story that 0 and Kiwami 1 tells is superb and shouldn’t be missed. It’s also a much shorter game - I finished it in under 20 hours, so you can power through it.
  12. It's great! I've put well over 100 hours into it after complaining about the first few levels.
  13. It's definitely worth it, Cherry's alt Blitz move has made he my favourite character.
  14. I've got three kids. Fucking loads of devices require removable batteries.
  15. Except the rumble/ feedback on the Pro pad is nothing like the Xbox pad, let alone the PS5 pad. Rechargeable batteries are my preferred option due to having loads in the house anyway.
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