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  1. The Bow works really well with Athena's Deflect boon on the Special. That alone can get you really far.
  2. I finally started this tonight after wanting to play it for ages. I’m only about an hour in, and I was a bit cautious after hearing how the beginning can be frustrating, but it’s got its hooks into me. Props to the audio - the music and sounds effects really stand out already.
  3. I agree, but bear in mind this came out about a year before Luke Cage did.
  4. Come one though, it’s a game engine demonstration from 2 years ago that didn’t even seem that far fetched even back then.
  5. For some reason I was expecting it to look like this...
  6. I agree with him. 343 worked absolute wonders with the visuals of Halo 4, and I wasn’t a big fan of 5 but at least it looked good. This didn’t look next gen AT ALL. I’d have been disappointed if they said that that was just running on a One X. I’m sure it’ll be fun, but I was looking for a huge step forward and this wasn’t it.
  7. If that was meant to make me want to buy a Series X, then it did a bloody awful job.
  8. They're both on sale on the PSN store. I haven't bothered with Iron Rain, but 5 is fantastic.
  9. How’s Everybody’s Golf VR? I’m hoping it’s in the Days of Play sale.
  10. I got the PSVR out last night for what must have been the first time in 18 months. I played some games with my wife to break up the monotony of our evening routine and it was great fun. Accounting + was hilarious, Racket Fury feels just like table tennis, and I didn’t realise there was a load of Beat Saber DLC. I’ll definitely be using more over the next few weeks!
  11. Titanfall 2's multiplayer, when everything clicks, is exhilarating. It gets load of credit for its single player mode, and rightly so, but nothing comes close to types of sequences you can put together in that game. The change of pace and tactics that the Titans bring, mixed with the speed and abilities of the pilots is sublime. The scale of destruction in the EDF games. I keep introducing people to EDF 5, and after a couple of levels they're hooked. I can't think of another game that gets more hectic or has bigger explosions. Gliding down from the plateau in Breath of
  12. That stage 6 weapon bit is a lot easier with some of the other characters. When Cherry swings that halberd she’s got much more range in it than when Axel does, for example. Also, you can throw weapons and catch them in the air on the rebound.
  13. I like how they’ve given the wrestlers big heads, then put zero expression on the faces.
  14. How is the Switch version of this nowadays? It's on sale today and I'm really tempted just so I can play it in bed...
  15. Some got released today as my friend managed to order one from Game, maybe Very have some still? Sign up to stockinformer.co.uk to get the alerts.
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