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  1. martingee

    The Random WoW Thread

    I've reached 120 approximately a third the way through my 3rd zone. I've done no questing on the alliance continent and have a shed load left to do in the desert zone. It felt like there was no scaling in the required level experience, like it took just as long to do level 110-111 as 119-120. Also the city zone felt like the best story, Nazimr felt like a lot of kill 20 things and the desert one I haven't finished but feels like a bunch of smaller stories.
  2. martingee

    The Random WoW Thread

    I'm not sure why they bother with character levels anymore, people have always blasted through the content to reach level cap but they seem to have made that easier with this expansion. I'm not one for grinding but the character levels only seem relevant for gatekeeping content perhaps made more obvious by the quest tracker.
  3. I work for an indie dev and we occasionally get people asking if there's anyway they can further support the team. We don't have any merchandise but if people are insistent we will usually suggest they buy the game as a gift (steam) so they can play with a friend. I think a few people have bought it on gog as well as having a steam version. I'm by no means a decision maker and I think the founders have actively decided against merchandise, certainly at the moment, as we're still in early access.
  4. martingee

    Giant Bomb Fan Club

    Can someone explain the Free Kessler and the Dave Lang thing? I find Dave Lang really hard to read sometimes, he looked mightly pissed off but I also think he can "act" quite convincingly.
  5. martingee

    Sea of Thieves - Forsaken Shores free major DLC 27.09.18

    As I mentioned in the Dream thread, I went to Animex Game here at Treasure Uni last week and amongst the speakers was Andy Barstable, Principal Coder on SoT. One of the things he confirmed, which I'm sure by now already has, is that they'll be no stats on items. He also showed early proof of concepts made and playable in Unity, not that they were ever going to make it in Unity, but there engine didn't have the networking required for multiplayer and this was a way of getting it up and running. He showed footage of people playing it at Redmond thoroughly enjoying the experience despite it been a flat block world. He also talked about developing the Kraken and the problems of having a synched experience across a network. It was an interesting talk.
  6. martingee

    Dreams - Media Molecule

    One of the co-founders of Media Molecule gave a talk demonstrating Dreams at Animex Game last week and it was amazing. Admittedly it's not necessarily something I would buy but what he was doing and how incredibly well it ran, from a technical point of view, with zero slowdown or lag was something to behold. The way he was talking they have a 10 year plan for it (I presume this was part of the talks with higher ups).
  7. martingee


    Well that's bummed me out, I paid full price for the standard version.
  8. martingee

    Peter Kay's Car Share

    Throughout the series there were a few cutaway shots that had a small visual joke. Near the beginning of the unscripted one there was a bus with "Vengabus" as it's destination/number. I can't remember any others of the top of my head but remember seeing them.
  9. martingee


    I've finished the story and steam says I've put 50 hours into it but you could probably do it in half or 2/3rds of that as i did 2 or 3 side missions usually in between the story missions. Overall I've enjoyed it and these are my rambley thoughts in spoilers:
  10. martingee

    Giant Bomb Fan Club

    Jeff's wife also had a health scare last year which he mentioned on the podcast as well Twitter and Reddit. I don't think it's creepy to be curious who Jeff's wife is.
  11. martingee

    Player usernames that have tickled you

    Double post
  12. martingee

    Player usernames that have tickled you

    I once came across a dead played Tauren corpse in Orgrimmar called Hasselhoof. I think he must have been some ones bank alt cos I never saw him again.
  13. martingee


    I've played about 5-6 hours of this and I'm enjoying it. My only experience with the Battletech/mechwarrior world was ages ago; some freebie demo off the front of a PC magazine so am enjoying the backstory/world stuff. Gamewise I'm enjoying the tinkering and mechwarrior progression but haven't delved too far into this yet. The actual battles to me are fairly satisfying, though I've only encountered one fight that I got totally wrong and was wiped out Spec wise my computer is just above recommend spec but my gtx970 runs about 60-63 degrees despite there not much on screen, the same goes for when I'm using the ship ui. I suppose it's consistent if nothing else. That's with new drivers as well that were mentioned further up.
  14. I went into The Works bookshop here in Stockton and the were selling Disney Infinity characters for £5. I have no idea from which range they were (there were Marvel characters) and from reading the last few posts they're not a cheap as other places but, if you were looking for a specific character it could be another place to look.
  15. martingee

    Star Wars: The Last Jedi

    Suppose this is as good of place to put this: Hamill does briefly talk about TLJ near-ish the end, so spoilers beware!

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