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  1. I worked at Bizarre Creations, on contract, on the Bond game. The Chudley's sold the studio to Activision but continued to work there although I didn't have any dealings with them. Activision run an independent studio system where they fund the game and seemingly let you get on with making it but the studio lives and dies on how financially successful the game(s) become. I was only there for 10 months as a lowly animator so never got to hear a fraction of what went on but my contract ended in august and the following February(?) they were closed. The Bond game suffered because it had no movie tie-in, iirc there was a script writers dispute going on at the time and the Bond film was on a hiatus. I don't know if there was ever going to be a movie tie-in but with the situation the way it was it was never going to happen. Plus the story for the game had been approved and production was in full swing when I started working there. Blur suffered from horrendous marketing, which was handled by Activision. The basis for the marketing campaign was to essentially slag off Mario Kart as a kids game and promote Blur as the grown up version (anyone remember Brock Lee?). I remember filing out of the weekly company meeting after the launch trailer for the campaign had been shown; people were already muttering about the direction it was going. I think the reasoning was it was hard to sell the idea of real life cars shooting balls of energy at each other but what Marketing came up with seemed to be slightly disrespectful and arrogant at best. It launched a week after Split Second and just before some other racing game so was essentially sent out to die but it had the potential to be a massive and successful game that was a lot of fun to play. The dev team knew how to make a driving game, after all, they had done PGR and F1 previously.
  2. martingee

    Epic Games Store Coming - RIP Steam

    This news comes just as quite a lot of indie Devs have have seen their steam october revenue take a nose dive due to a change in the "Discovery" algorithm and also on the back of the recent 10%-30% cut change. It'll be interesting to see how Valve react since they've had market dominance for so long. Will their flat management structure be a help or hinderence? The guy who did steamspy is also heading up the epic store development.
  3. martingee

    Pokemon Go

    To those that have sent me gifts, please bear with me, I work from home, am a shut in and have run out of gifts. I'll reciprocate when I get some more!
  4. martingee

    Pokemon Go

    Is that a custom interface or is it just on iOS or something? I could do with knowing the stats of my Pokemon instead of decrypting my guys appraisal every time. Also I feel slightly cheap sending gifts from some scrubby, local Nisa post office with half a sign missing, when i get one from a shrine/decorative garden in Japan.
  5. martingee

    Pokemon Go

    Not sure what the etiquette is for adding friends and what i'm expected to do but if anyone wants to add a lowly level scrub, then my trainer number is 3884 2315 0432 martingee76.
  6. martingee

    Inside No.9

    We recorded it and were fooled by the technical problems. We switched it off to watch something else and I had a look on twitter as I assumed the guys would be gutted only to realise it was all part of the show. We finished watching our alternative program and went back and watched it and enjoyed it
  7. It could be that the stuff they're filming for 4 and 5 are relatively "cheap" to do and if 2 and 3 are a success he can quickly capitalise with just post production needed, which is what's going to be the time sink.
  8. martingee

    Pokemon Go

    Is there a good online guide to this? Having just got a new phone capable of running it, I've leveled to lvl 11 but have no real idea what I'm doing. My local Nisa is a gym which seems to change hands every time I look at my phone and I've only recognised one name in the past week so there seems to a shit ton of people still playing it.
  9. martingee

    The Random WoW Thread

    I've reached 120 approximately a third the way through my 3rd zone. I've done no questing on the alliance continent and have a shed load left to do in the desert zone. It felt like there was no scaling in the required level experience, like it took just as long to do level 110-111 as 119-120. Also the city zone felt like the best story, Nazimr felt like a lot of kill 20 things and the desert one I haven't finished but feels like a bunch of smaller stories.
  10. martingee

    The Random WoW Thread

    I'm not sure why they bother with character levels anymore, people have always blasted through the content to reach level cap but they seem to have made that easier with this expansion. I'm not one for grinding but the character levels only seem relevant for gatekeeping content perhaps made more obvious by the quest tracker.
  11. I work for an indie dev and we occasionally get people asking if there's anyway they can further support the team. We don't have any merchandise but if people are insistent we will usually suggest they buy the game as a gift (steam) so they can play with a friend. I think a few people have bought it on gog as well as having a steam version. I'm by no means a decision maker and I think the founders have actively decided against merchandise, certainly at the moment, as we're still in early access.
  12. martingee

    Giant Bomb Fan Club

    Can someone explain the Free Kessler and the Dave Lang thing? I find Dave Lang really hard to read sometimes, he looked mightly pissed off but I also think he can "act" quite convincingly.
  13. As I mentioned in the Dream thread, I went to Animex Game here at Treasure Uni last week and amongst the speakers was Andy Barstable, Principal Coder on SoT. One of the things he confirmed, which I'm sure by now already has, is that they'll be no stats on items. He also showed early proof of concepts made and playable in Unity, not that they were ever going to make it in Unity, but there engine didn't have the networking required for multiplayer and this was a way of getting it up and running. He showed footage of people playing it at Redmond thoroughly enjoying the experience despite it been a flat block world. He also talked about developing the Kraken and the problems of having a synched experience across a network. It was an interesting talk.
  14. martingee

    Dreams - Media Molecule

    One of the co-founders of Media Molecule gave a talk demonstrating Dreams at Animex Game last week and it was amazing. Admittedly it's not necessarily something I would buy but what he was doing and how incredibly well it ran, from a technical point of view, with zero slowdown or lag was something to behold. The way he was talking they have a 10 year plan for it (I presume this was part of the talks with higher ups).
  15. martingee


    Well that's bummed me out, I paid full price for the standard version.

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