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  1. A slightly more life-like Baby Yoda figure: https://www.sideshow.com/collectibles/star-wars-the-child-sideshow-collectibles-400369
  2. May be try and find a local independent games club that plays AoS, WH40K etc. You might find people more willing to play a little less competitively. The one I go to has a mix of newer/returnees like myself and more experienced players. They also play other wargames other than GW stuff which sort of means their not as focussed/powergamerey. Basically they're a decent bunch. I've not ventured into my local GW shop so they may be perfectly fine. Also have s look on Reddit, there's plenty of lists and advice for list building. I've tried to do a bit of both, advice of the internet but also try and work some if it out myself. However, nothing beats getting a couple of games under your belt so you can get a feel of things.
  3. It's not Giantbomb but Dan talks a bit about why he is leaving the gaming press.
  4. I actually thought this was quite dull, like someone was trying to make a Scorsese mob film and not quite getting there. The cg was poor but if you're trying to do young versions of old actors what are you going to do? It got to the point where I wasn't even sure if they were meant to be the younger versions or not, only the context of the scene seemed to place it in the timeline. I'm also not sure the 3.5 hour run time really warranted the story been told. That said, I'm "glad" I've seen it but won't ever watch it again.
  5. I haven't watched him this week but he always seem to have a noticeable "slur" but i'm sure he mentioned a few weeks ago he'd changed meds and his slurring did seem to have gone (on that podcast at least). My brother was on epilepsy meds for years and developed a slur but when i saw him last, his speech had improved and it turned out he'd stopped taking the medicine since i'd last seen him which had been a few months previous. Or he has a small speech impediment and i'm reading too much into it
  6. Blizzard, by the sounds of it, didn't have much of an expectation for WoW classic as they've resisted doing it for many years. I think the tipping point was the popularity of the private server (I forget it's name) that they shut down and the subsequent fallout and press coverage it garnered. I think there's other business decisions going as well; falling subscriptions and a changing of the old guard at Blizzard, that have lead to WoW classic been realised.
  7. I wondered why i was "celebrating" 10 year friendships with a load of my Facebook friends and realised it's just over the 10 year mark that Midway finally went under. I have been made redundant again since then but it didn't feel as bad, in part because i'd been through it before. The money I was owed i claimed back off the government. My claim was fairly close to what i was owed but i think a lot of the more senior people lost a chunk of money as there's a cap to what you can claim. Currently "living the dream" working freelance, mainly for an indie dev, remotely from home. A lot the ex-Midway Newcastle devs have gone on to bigger and better things with a few leaving the industry entirely.
  8. Ordered the Chaos Knight Codex and Desecrator yesterday from the independent store I play at. He does 25% discounts on the pre-order weekend so it's worth it if you have the money on hand. His orders come in on a Wednesday which he bags up and sends out (postage) but you can collect from store. With pre-orders though he can't give you them till the Saturday so when I go to the game night, my order is bagged up and sat on the floor along with everyone else's, untouched.
  9. martingee

    Pokemon Go

    I've sent a friend request, mainly for my task research
  10. Didn't realise the latest issues of Conquest magazine was the Plagueburst Crawler, every where has pretty much sold out Wanted another one to go with the one I've just about finished: The bottom plate is very ropey although no one will really see it.
  11. They've also done "Premium Unlocks" on YouTube, a few episodes of premium content, presumably as a way to entice people to visit the site and sub.
  12. martingee

    Pokemon Go

    Mine was turned off, only checked cos of you guys
  13. I cancelled my sub and it finished yesterday. The final straw was having to do an LFR to progress the main story (horde side), even if you're not into raiding. Was enjoying the story, not necessarily the expansion, but having to do the raid was a bit galling and killed it for me.
  14. If you're into eBay they're always on sale there for a few pounds.
  15. Not wishing to pile in on the whole "Ben thing" but he couldn't string a coherent sentence together this week and must have started every sentence about 3 times. I'm not sure i could do any better, and he seems a nice enough guy but, every sentence... They also need to jazz up the format a bit; when it's the same 3-4 guys every week talking about pretty much the same things it becomes increasingly dull before you've even factored in Ben's interruptions and Brad's weariness at life in general. I'm not advocating they get a guest in every week but when they it's far more interesting. I admit i only watch the stuff they put out on Youtube so may be they're a bit more interesting in UPF's etc but the actual Bombcast is pretty dull atm.
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