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  1. If we're going back to 'most modal' especially, then definitely Ubisoft games. And I say ubi generally rather than any specific release because most of what singles them out are regular occurrences not just within franchises, but across every franchise under their umbrella.
  2. I'm anticipating a retcon where it turns out mario only develops the proper thick accent following a brain injury picked up in the final fight with bowser or whoever.
  3. I picked this up recently with the trilogy as the c2/3 remasters only just went up on steam the other day now the egs-exclusivity has wore off. Not that long ago I had gotten about halfway through the original version on pc before having to give up as it was ctd'ing every 20 minutes. Played fine otherwise. With the new version.....I can see why some people dislike the visual changes - personally I have no strong opinion, find it no better or worse for the most part, just different. TBH I more notice the improved performance and stability for modern systems, whole thing feels much smoother. I will say the RTX seems totally pointless though, doesnt really seem to add anything other than the odd reflection. Oh, and forcing you to stand up whenever you use the powers hotwheel (in a stealth game) is fucking dumb. But yeah, by todays standards it certainly feels a bit ideosyncratic, but you can really feel the dna between this and the modern open world shooter. That said, personally I never had any issue with the direction the sequels took in that regard and since the remasters of those are supposedly much better, I am looking forward to revisiting them. Well 2, I never actually played 3!
  4. I liked it well enough for brainless midnight viewing, which is where I relegate any xmas stuff too. Plus, I did get an unexpected lol halfway in with
  5. The whole genre needs a relaunch tbh. We have at least had a 'sort-of' resurgence with a few solid releases but they almost always trend towards the arcadey, none capture the intensity of freespace, xwing, starlancer etc. Shame cuz todays tech could do wonders with them.
  6. As an aside, Saws gear is also a bit easier to understand now we've seen it built up over time. With his initial appearance in R1 I struggled a bit to spot where the respirator stuff ended and the armour began - he almost looked a bit vader-y iirc, no doubt intended. Did they ever specify what fucked him up, or are we just to assume he's been living in moldy old caves too long?
  7. Honestly I hadnt even thought of covid til now, so they obviously did a good job working around it!
  8. Actually, is it too late to change my vote to
  9. Dunno, I still like the idea of
  10. Been a certainty for me since day 1, I just hope it is handled well. Oh, ALSO:
  11. Still packed with notable bits for me:
  12. Even if it's literally just redoing the exact same stuff mods already do individually, I'd be curious to see what kind of efficiency savings they make by integrating stuff directly and presumably having access to deeper source code than whatever the modders worked with.
  13. The books that don't exist, you mean?
  14. Yep, definitely. I mean, not literally, we've had no reason to think he'd be a force-user, but I assume you're talking tonally rather than literally. I 1000% expected the mole to be getting a blaster bolt to the solar plexus though, even after Luthen laid out how important an asset he was and the extent to which he'd sacrifice others to protect him. Even moreso, in fact - if he is so important that Luthen would do all that, but then he insists on quitting anyway? Well, that'd absolutely be a loose end that needs tying off. He'd probably find that situation 'regrettable' or some shit, and probably even mean it. Plus, y'know, traditional death flags all over the place. Wouldnt be surprised if he still does end up having to do exactly that.
  15. Best bit about the skaarsgard speech is that for all his pomp, you still come out a little bit 'yeah ok so you're morally doomed, but these guys are literally doomed, so err, fuck off?' He's all about hard strategic choices for the greater good and in the grand scheme is able to justify it, and can even justify a bit of self-preservation as he no doubt recognises how essential his own role is in that, but for whatever reason when he gets questioned on it has this big indignant speech ready for it. He sounds almost like he's trying to convince himself as much as the other guy, but in the end we know that his sacrifices arent, and cant be, the same as those he's necessarily forcing on other people. Also, yeah I'd hope Disney are smart enough to look at viewing figures over a longer period, since that's half the point of the streaming format. Other platforms have killed off perfectly viable shows because they dont, and have only ended up shooting themselves in the foot by doing so. With this and other big franchises, it does feel like Disney are more interested in the long-game, using shows to build and strengthen an IP, even if an individual show doesnt do so well it contributes to a greater whole.
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