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  1. Yeah I dunno about the character in the comics, but based on her performance in TGP I'm hoping they give her a fun villain to play; a bit of grandiose scenery-chewing or eccentricity like, say, Justin Hammer.
  2. DR2 currently on steam sale for less than a fiver, lol.
  3. Im quite looking forward to the inevitable explanation/debate around
  4. Ditto all of the above. Can't wait for more, and am intrigued to find out the nature of the *ahem* antagonist in more detail.
  5. Am I the only one who thought the tone was a bit odd at the end of last weeks ep?
  6. If you were Chris Hemsworth I bet you wouldnt have to pay people.
  7. Definitely something about Hulk being a bad influence etc etc.
  8. So whose prediction for this movie was Thor getting even more ripped than he already was? Sure wasnt mine.
  9. Not just corden, it looks like they have loads of people lined up for cameos. I have to wonder how the fuck they could manage it without ruining the pacing or just being continually jarring.
  10. Yeah looks like trash but trash I'm curious about. Then again I said that about Army of the Dead and apparently that wasnt worth the time investment even as a trash-curiosity, so I guess we'll see what the early feedback is like on this.
  11. Thanks both, hadnt looked too closely at wrc - what are the differences between the two franchises?
  12. Apologies for the rez, but I have been looking up the games from the last few years that I missed and intend to catch up on at some point, and this caught my attention. Big fan of Colin McRae games back in the PS1 era. I was mainly just wondering what the situation is re always-online drm these days, as that sticks out as a bit of a red flag to me in most things?
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