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  1. I'd be happy if they'd just release the older games on pc.
  2. This hasnt dropped off my playlist all week. Great stuff.
  3. Fairly sure I remember the architect (or someone) basically saying the 1990s setting was most appropriate for the level of despondency they were aiming for.
  4. I do like that this takes his biggest weakness (being an affable but otherwise boringly ordinary 'everyman', in media-terms at least) and inserts it into a setting where that is totally fitting (an xmas 'caper').
  5. Started off wondering if it would be Die Hard With A Hawkeye, came out of it thinking it'll be closer to Hawkeye All The Way. (....I cant think of as many xmas action movies as I thought....)
  6. I'm mainly curious about the previously unreleased stuff. If the above track is anything to go by, you have to wonder what their criteria must have been for what made the cut back in the day. That song is every bit as enjoyable as anything else from the last 20-odd years.
  7. I dunno if it was as much of a thing back then, but over-polished 'concept art' or other production art that can be sold separately is very much a thing today, so it's entirely possible they may have done it too.
  8. Hang on....isnt it more interesting that trinity is still alive in the matrix, given that (unlike neo) she wasnt plugged in when she died? Unless they made a copy from a memory backup or something she should be dead dead. And I think Morpheus was still alive at the end? So maybe for each new 'cycle' they clone the same people and start over.....in which case what happened to the neo who brokered the treaty is a bit moot, unless they let him carry over? This is going to be confusing.
  9. See, this is the bit that interests me the most. Someone, for some reason, presumably ends up reneging on the peace deal, and I kind of feel like it might be the humans.
  10. Just saw the rebuild stuff myself last week. It was.....different. Agree with that last part re gendo, though otherwise think I much preferred the series + EoE in terms of tone, pacing and, I dunno, scale I guess? Everything in the series felt like a huge engineering achievement in its own right, and every threat an individual challenge. In the rebuild there's no infrastructure and mobs of individually insignificant enemies in incomprehensibly large numbers. It's still valid I suppose, but it's totally the opposite of what came previously. Also, I understand that the new character was at the insistence of producers or something, but really adds nothing of substance at all. I do kinda want to go back and rewatch the series now, though.
  11. The score also works well at .75 speed, not that I've just been through to check shot-for-shot, or anything.
  12. Looks.....good? Could be good? Young Morpheus looks the part too. Also, seems like the machines kept up their part of the bargain and made conditions slightly less depressing for people than they used to be, at least for neo.
  13. Feels like a pacing thing. You can have something feel like its winding up but also ending on a cliffhanger with a suggestion of the remainder.....but in this case it was very abrupt. I think the trick is to set it up so that the audience can anticipate that it is about to intentionally end where it is, not just carry on and then 'oh'.
  14. It's not like it's a proper trailer though, the numbers bit is just a transition made for the web-based teaser clips right? Probably just done on the cheap, not quite the same standard of quality as you'd want for a full trailer.
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