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  1. I'd hope they are still going to have optimistic ideals, etc, but even in the old shows they always needed a foil to work off of, a negative setting to act as a counterpoint to. Main difference was that it was always some alien society they were paying a visit to and invariably influencing, whereas now it is that they have those same problems back home, maybe. If anything it might let them go a bit deeper on subject matter. TNG was always best when they had to revisit choices they'd made for a place previously in earlier episodes, so maybe this being inside their own borders might give a bit more continuity. I dunno, we'll see.
  2. Same. The whole ' sci-fi as a way of looking at or extrapolating from present day fears' thing is a staple of the genre, nothing wrong with that. And I prefer that they're just outright saying as much, rather than beating about the bush. Of course, if it just turns out to be laziness than because they have something provocative to say, then that'd be a shame.
  3. At the very least they could use this tech as a base-layer of cg, and then use the 30m they wouldve spent elsewhere on touching up the details on top of that.
  4. I'm fully expecting the online professional art community to go nuts with tribute material over the next week or so. The guy practically spearheaded an entire industry.
  5. Yeah the pacing was pretty....off. I certainly wasnt expecting the first live encounter to go off like it did. Leaned too heavily on barreling through walls and smashing shit rather than the stealth/manipulation aspect too. Also the whole premise bothered me that they'd be able to bring in an outside team, including american academics no less, but wouldnt involve the other nearby americans, or observe the most basic biological precautions. The original got around all this by making it about dealing with someone elses problem. They werent equipped for it, didnt have the know-how (being all logistics/comms types iirc, aside from the doc who immediately went 'shits fucked yo'), and didnt have the time or space to do more than react. And without this film you could just assume the same of the norwegians, that they were cut off. But the idea that they had days to prepare from the outside world and just royally fucked it is kinda dumb. Also, aside from Winstead doing an ok Ripley impersonation, no-one had any screen presence that compared to the guys in the original, who genuinely felt tense, paranoid and threatening as necessary. Also the cg was shit. Bits I did like, minor as they are: Eh. Hard 5/10 if I'm being nice about it. edit: Kerraig: IMO, if it doesnt equate to a 'lost sale' it isnt significant piracy.
  6. Just saw the 20xx prequel of The Thing. I dont know what I was expecting......probably something obviously not as good as the 80s classic, but still ok. Instead I'd say it rates as a mildly inoffensive way to waste a couple of hours. *shrug*
  7. The quickfire repetition of slut this and slut that got me more than it probably should have.
  8. Acting aside, I see she's still getting all the pimpest outfits from the costuming department.
  9. I was gonna do that but just ended up marathoning the lot over the last couple weekends. I tell you what though, I think I enjoyed it even more the second time round....easier to follow, you even spot a little foreshadowing, and in retrospect the rushed S3 ending didnt really feel rushed at all. But now I have to wait a month.
  10. Did anyone else know Refused reformed a couple of years ago? Cuz I fucking didnt, not until hearing them involved in the Cyberpunk soundtrack with CDPR, of all things. Had their new stuff on loop all fucking week. Loud. Coincidentally they've had a couple of ep's out over the last few days too, so I timed that nicely.
  11. Regarding the reliance on old characters, and the new ones not looking great.....tbh I'm only seeing them all as supporting characters that are there to facilitate Picards arc, and that is fine by me. I mean, the show has his fucking name on it! I'm tuning in for him, couldnt care less about the rest of em.
  12. Admittedly that could kinda work with the premise - the world (galaxy) has moved on from 20 years ago and the oldies dont quite recognise it anymore.
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