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  1. Honestly I thought the audience bloke said 'knowledge is power' and the constant misquotes from Lee were an unintentional reference to him going deaf! Guess the last laugh is on me.
  2. A good sign that this was a rare occasion where I get caught out by the credits rolling unexpectedly and am like 'AHHHH'. Really keen to see where this goes.
  3. With bricks this big at least they might start to integrate proper gpu supports as standard. I'd have to assume with all that thermal mass theyre not just bigger but also heavier.
  4. Yeah, I wasnt too excited about a 'wedding bottle episode', but drunk Jen was funny and the whole b-story was interesting. Like the whole ending setup too, with
  5. Shame about the low ceilings. Glad I'm not the only one who felt that. For me it was that first scene at corporate hq where we first meet officer tryhard. Hard to say if it was the environmental design aesthetic, the lighting or the shot composition. Maybe all of the above. The early scenes also made me wonder if they used a different film-stock or something as it 'felt' of a different era a bit, but I forgot to pay attention to that after a while.
  6. Some great scenes in that last ep, palpable tension with
  7. No interest in 40xx, as others said my 3070 does very well at 1440, especially for the older stuff I still enjoy. But I will say, if they can really get such huge efficiency savings out of DLSS, then I hope by the time I do next upgrade they have developed it to the point where it can just work with any game on the fly, without needing thousands of hours of 'training' to recognise specific imagery for specific titles.
  8. Have they confirmed what the typical power draw is like on these yet?
  9. Yeah I dare say the industry stuff is more interesting than the gaming stuff, but of the gaming stuff that is HUGE. I'm guessing you get diminished returns the older the source game is, but still....
  10. Ahh right, I thought they'd mostly glossed over it but wasnt sure I hadnt forgotten/missed a bit. Tbh in the context of this show at least I quite like the idea that actually in universe no-one really gives a shit about someones origin story. The law are all 'irrelevant your honor, the defendant is here for tax evasion', and the general public are oversaturated with media content, as they like to lampoon regularly. Glossing over it totally works.
  11. I liked it, they keep finding silly legal / cultural ways to reference c-list superheroing. Not sure if I missed something, but did they ever mention
  12. I'm with the others in that I never really even think about it. Closest I got this episode was when she first walks into office suited up, and I had to stop to wonder if the whole character was cg'd or if the suit itself was an actual physical outfit from the costume department that someone had worn and then been 'scaled up' - probably easier to do the former tbh. Even then I only wondered from a 'how does she fit in that' perspective - she seemed a lot more ripped in the ep1 banner island training montage, but I suppose bruce hulk varies in size too but she can probably control it better. *shrug* This, and if they cant budget live action I actually think it'd work fairly well in an animated format too, though it'd be a shame to lose the nuance of maslanys acting but it'd make guest casting easier.
  13. 'The remaining cast members' must be a fairly short list by now though, right? I seem to recall the curse of B5 being a bit of a thing.
  14. Saw this last night - got exactly what I expected, in a good way. Cockpit action was intense, characters likeable, cheese intact. Good. I did like how the very first opening scene set expectations - the way the busy carrier deck was shot reminded me of those action films where you'd open on a busy city (miami or something); bustling with activity, heat haze, quick cuts, lots of long-focus. Cinematography evocative of a very particular genre to me.
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