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  1. Must admit though, the idea of wrapping up a sci-fi series with a couple of big-budget feature length editions does get me excited. Babylon 5 had some pretty good standalones like that.
  2. Ahhh, makes sense. I'd wondered if the films did it too (it's more noticeable here with that much more action) and then wondered if it might've been a limitation from back in the day that became a stylistic trope, etc etc...... but no, epilepsy is a much more obvious answer! Occams razor n all that. As for action though, just saw the 2nd invasion of geonosis and that holds up against any movie action sequence really well imo.
  3. Bit of an aside, but does anyone else notice that when things are very bright (explosions, lots of close-up saber flurrying) the image is dimmed to compensate? Looks a bit offputting, and I'm not sure if that's just how it was done, if Disney+ has done something, or if my screen settings are acting up (not that I see it elsewhere).
  4. Shame, I was kinda looking forward to seeing how they would do this bit.
  5. I'm only at the end of S1 but, looking ahead at the chrono list, I do have to wonder how/why things got displaced so much. I know eps airing out of sequence is a thing that can happen sometimes, but I was under the impression that is fairly uncommon and something writers are at least made aware of a need to work around?
  6. I'm at about the end of S1, is it worth just skipping forward a bit then or what?
  7. Im also now going through TCW due to Mando. Only discovered by accident that disney+ had them all - the way they're listed made me think they only had s7 (I assumed due to a licensing thing or summat).
  8. What's more, is that Garak most likely immediately sussed out that he'd been let in on this on purpose, and from there could pretty easily extrapolate why. Because he's a smart, sly chap, and we know this from experience without being beaten over the head with it. A look is enough.
  9. Ok, things are getting real. Also the musical sting for you-know-who is pretty badass.
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