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  1. Just finished s7 of this - well worth the time investment I'd say. Obviously do not read if you've not seen the whole thing:
  2. Anyone know why they ended up with uniforms from both eras for that last bit?
  3. Boo. I mean, it means one less excuse to ruin my sleep, but still...
  4. Didnt hear that, but i'll admit one of the best aspects of online telly is that they can do things like fuck with runtimes and not have to be concerned with any external factors. Pretty nice.
  5. If they do a sitcom that is a mashup of various other shows isnt that just Community?
  6. Anyone get the reference the commercial was making? First one to go over my head. Also
  7. Seems like a good way to piss off half your cast when you put it that way.
  8. How long was the wait for this series just gone? I feel like longer than the wait for the final one?
  9. With you on the Fifth Element vibes - at first I was getting a decent whiff of Cowboy Bebop too, though less so as the movie went on. Shame.
  10. I wonder if she ever imagined it would ultimately result in
  11. Also, totally forgot but props to whoever
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