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  1. Yuss - it's a bit unsubtle in its themes but I really enjoyed it.
  2. Even in a military you have variation. Combined arms. Having fleets of 200 identikit ships just smacks of tight deadlines, limited budget, and maybe limited hardware to render it. And yeah, taken in isolation I didnt care much for the designs either.
  3. I hadnt noticed, but then my laptop is cheap w/ a shit screen.
  4. After a rough start it seems to have found its pace now.
  5. Bit disappointed that he has upscaled all his furniture to no longer require the old step-over.
  6. Tbh, even then if anyone was gonna bend the rules a bit regarding food after retirement, I'd expect he would.
  7. I guess he might have deliberately avoided engaging with the subject, I mean it's clearly still a bit of a touchy issue. And even though they only met a couple of times, I think theyd have good reason to be pally. Picard did save the dudes life after all. Also, I must have forgotten the voyager episode where they borged up for luls.
  8. That was Michael Keaton?! Jesus, their casting is top notch. I saw Only Yesterday, er, yesterday, and while admittedly you can hear Dev Patel from a mile away, I was very surprised to find that Daisy Ridley of all people was the lead. Very well done.
  9. I figured that made sense for the reasons listed. You couldnt take out all their systems etc, so it was like they were literally focus-firing just to break up the mass of the ship itself. Like splitting a log. But yeah as of Voyager I thought they were implied to be good as beaten, so I suppose at this point you might as well toy with them as a concept a bit. Does feel a bit like the disney star wars approach though. Also, I agree with the setup they seem to be angling; however I dunno how theyd justify them getting all the way over to the other side of the galaxy and leaving no other trace until Q lols around with them.
  10. I took the accent thing as a very deliberate goof given the background of the character, but also the only time Picard wasnt stiff was when he was playing a character iirc. Granted, that would usually be on a holodeck rather than in person, but either way I seem to remember he usually threw himself into it as much as anyone (except maybe Riker). Also, I actually found 7s new direction kinda made sense. Back on Voyager the whole ex-borg thing meant she was usually really pragmatic and direct with regards to finding solutions to problems. Exactly how media usually portrays your typical frontier vigilante. If anything it might have been more interesting to see that without the added revenge motive, but whatever, I can see a throughline between the old character and the new based on that. Although of course now I just want to know what Janeway is up to....
  11. Honestly I forgot he was even in it until she mentioned it and prompted me to google it. I guess that arc disappeared into the depths of my memory. Still, glad to hear I wasn't the only one who kept hearing 'vajazzle'. Or thought she looked like Troi. Otherwise I didnt really have much issue with the episode. The tone was a bit wierd, sure, but when everyone has spent so much time hamming it up in holodecks I guess it shouldnt stand out that much in person.
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