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  1. So we are okay with George Croppers toxic shite, then?
  2. Hidden threads poster and post time still show on the main thread index post so I go in and know it’s there. Plus, hide the thread is a silly response to my post. Zero context video links are pointless and George Cropper is toxic as fuck.
  3. More buildup in the latest episode. No major revelations.
  4. Maybe if people want to see the latest George Cropper video they can like and subscribe and Sean won’t need to bump this shit thread ever again.
  5. I’ve never done those validation steps, but if I’d known about them I would have.
  6. I'm on chapter X of this myself. Turned out I'd got it via PS Plus so thought I'd do this one before Requiem. I'm enjoying it so far. Pretty basic in terms of gameplay but that's okay, the atmosphere is great! Ratssssss!
  7. Works well for console games, except Neo Geo, but I'm finding it creates another MRA for arcade games, and when I load them any dip switch changes etc aren't carried over. Sort of defeats the purpose if you're playing a game, add it to favourites and need to configure it somewhere else! I'll look into the file format and see if there's a solution.
  8. Has anyone tried the Favourites script? https://github.com/wizzomafizzo/MiSTer_Favorites
  9. The update_all script fetches the arcade ROMs you need.
  10. Anyone else having problems launching Prodeus on Gamepass tonight?
  11. Got Vampire Survivors and Dusk in the sale. I’m sure I’m preaching to the choir here, but they’re such a great fit for the Steam Deck. As far as Faux-Retro FPS go, I prefer Dusk to Prodeus so far.
  12. It's good enough most of the time, even if you're sensitive to input lag and glitches. I've had a ball playing through some PS3 games on PC despite the messing about. Of course original hardware, controllers and using a CRT is better for a lot of it, but I certainly use emulation a lot despite having access to these things. As emulation endeavours move up through console generations it's going to get harder and harder. They're very different beasts from the fixed function, locked to refresh rate hardware in older consoles and getting everything synced and accurate is just a massive task.
  13. I'm on 6-2 of the first game on the Switch and finding the floaty platforming and timed switches super frustrating. I don't think the joy con buttons are helping here. I'll have to connect my SNES controller and see if that's easier. I believe this is the last stage and I'm super stubborn about finishing the game at this point but hold shit...
  14. I have to say, Analogue producing a cart based multi system would definitely be a good thing, but for me, the charm of something like the SuperNT is that it's a modern SNES, and for Megadrive fans, I'm sure the same is true of the MegaSG. Other cores, Analogue OS... fuck all that, cart in, power, game loads. I need to buy one ASAP
  15. I usually have a lot of games on the go but I’d say I finish 2/5 of them eventually. Hard to find time these days but I sure as hell try!
  16. The cores all show up in a basic menu with computer, console and arcade submenus. a hot key opens the menu to let you switch games or cores whenever you want. You can curate the cores you download by editing a config file if you wish.
  17. They’re lovely but I’ll keep my shitty clear acrylic case!
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