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  1. https://github.com/MiSTer-devel/mr-fusion Set up your SD card with Mister Fusion. It'll have put a script on their called "update_all". Boot your mister and run that script and it'll fetch cores, BIOS files and arcade games.
  2. Pretty much. Who gives a fuck? (I actually know the answer) I know it's not "Tayte", but that's what I say in my head when I see it in menus. I've never uttered the word aloud to another person.
  3. This feels so petty. I like the game, but the game character’s sprite constantly looking out at me is so irritating.
  4. Don’t worry darling Florence Pugh basically carries this super predictable movie. 3/5
  5. Well, looking through my emails and some arcade forums, I might be off the mark with £2000. Maybe £1200.
  6. For something that is in good enough condition and complete, maybe start at £2000? Mine was just under €1000 in 2020 less shipping and a BIG stepdown transformer.
  7. Just finished a play through of Dead Space so I'm ready for this being hopefully not shit. Dead Space is still a fucking banger without being a remake. I will still buy the remake.
  8. https://krikzz.com/our-products/cartridges/rgb-blaster.html Missed out on this going on sale due to more limited Twitter use, but I’ll definitely get one in the future. I’ve got a few RGB modded NES and Famicom consoles, but I’m just curious about how this will compare.
  9. I got it via a guy in the Netherlands who ships containers of them from Japan. His website is RKLok.com although he's out of action due to illness at the moment. Mine has a Mister + MisterCade in it at the moment, which has literally saved me thousands on arcade boards. If you're in the UK, then UKVac is a site with a trading forum where you might get a cabinet in good nick from a genuine collector, but they're expensive at the moment unfortunately.
  10. Is the Deck supposed to automatically check for updates? Mine hadn’t in 4 weeks!
  11. Not my very first time, but probably the first time where I’ve really tried to get stuck into the gameplay. What you’re saying makes a lot of sense. I’m definitely willing to persevere.
  12. It feels like there’s a pile of lag behind inputs and it’s a little bit fiddly.
  13. The SNES version of Prince of Persia. Annoying, but the levels are short enough to keep you playing. One I rented many time as a kid, but never even played when I got the SFC version on the cheap oh… 15 years ago.
  14. You get used to the frame rate eventually too. I loved it when it was first released and it still plays well enough now.
  15. I got one of those too after seeing it suggested here. Probably by you. Highly recommended.
  16. I’ve got a Raphnet usb to PS1/2 adapter. Pretty damn good imo, although the analogue toggle doesn’t work with the PSX core so you need to use the shortcut.
  17. All my friends hate me 4/5 Man meets old friends in country house, but something seems off. Barbarian 3/5 I enjoyed this, but it went off the rails towards the end. The Invitation 1/5 sub par vampire movie
  18. @Fry Crayola PS1 support on the PS2 wasn't entirely native. https://freelansations.medium.com/the-story-of-the-ps2s-backwards-compatibility-from-the-engineer-who-built-it-ec39cf5a0353
  19. Mister connected to an arcade cabinet is another great usage. I know a PC with GroovyMame can achieve the same thing, but this is so much simpler.
  20. Same here. I guess we’re both that kind of idiot!
  21. Anyone considering getting one of these MemCard Pros from 8-BitMods? I've got a pile of regular GC memory cards, but don't use any of them because of Swiss' memory card feature, but lately, I'd had the need to move cards between a couple of GCs and this new device seems like the kind of tat I like to buy. Speaking of which, I should also get a BlueRetro controller thingy too!
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