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  1. A Brooks adapter will let you use newer controllers with your Saturn and Dreamcast.
  2. SNES all day long for me. I play mine easily the most of all consoles that I own.
  3. Finished last night. I just think the combat is so close to being AMAZING - relying on a mix of dodge, guns and melee - but the clunkiness of it all makes it fall short. The final boss took a good few goes to get down, and part of it is a) luck and b) cheesing AI pathfinding a bit. Not a game I'll revisit for a LONG time, if ever.
  4. I'm on the last boss now so one way or another, this game is getting finished, but I must say: FUUUUUUUUUCK THIS!
  5. Rklok - He has a brain tumour, unfortunately. I think it’s benign, but he needed surgery all the same.
  6. I find it okay on the 30fps mode but there is a bit of lag. It’s a similar game to Dead space in many ways, but the combat is quite different. Cutting off legs is definitely a good tactic for crowd control, but it’s more focussed on melee and the camera doesn’t always keep up. That said, most of the time, if you are locked to an enemy and attacking, it feels like the other enemies just wait, until they don’t.
  7. Hey, who doesn't love a lift section with an enemy pile on, a boss after and limited ammo? Oh, and the checkpoint BEFORE the shop so if you die, you need to redo any upgrades. At least you don't see that boss type again... OH WAIT!
  8. Oh, boss encore. Much trickier this time and I really needed to scrounge ammo from around the area. Enjoyed that fight!
  9. Check pointing on this is still occasionally annoying. Just before the inevitable moving platform/lift section so I needed to redo upgrades when I die. Past it now so back to sneaking.
  10. I tried a couple of times with Persona 4, and it’s coming to Game Pass soon, but desire loving the music and the general presentation, I bounce off it.
  11. Nights for me, and continuing a play through of Vanquish.
  12. You can still tell the D3D11On12 driver to do D3D12 stuff.
  13. I loved this on PC but life got in the way of me playing the expansions so looking forward to giving this a go.
  14. Nearing the end of this year's play through. This time on my SuperNT and SD2SNES. I'll try to put a 96 exit file on every Mario World cart and flash cart I've got then do them all again. Things are slowing in work and the stuff I'm doing has a LONG feedback loop so this is perfect.
  15. Irken Labs Jamma Expander MisterCade -> I use this Jammix Or a JPAC, which is a generic VGA and USB to JAMMA device, but setup is a bit more involved and you’d need your own audio amplification. You’d also need to think how to power the Mister. Astro City cabinets will likely use JAMMA. Newer cabinets will use JVS.
  16. I keep meaning to go back to Chrono Trigger. I did one of the side quests and went to another and found my fire resist lacking but kept throwing myself at it. Haven’t played it in a long time as my SuperNT is where I WFH and I don’t like to be there after hours.
  17. I’ve started to enjoy it a bit more. The melee combat is a bit annoying still, but you learn to work around it I guess.
  18. I’m glad it’s polarising to be honest. I certainly wasn’t expecting it to be just like Dead Space, but to me, the melee, lack of crowd controls and tight FOV make it very tough at times.
  19. Ah, hello checkpoint before squeeze through gap Unreal trope followed by a TRAP!
  20. If there are three enemies ahead, it feels like there’s not much options. Melee combat is terrible, and a fourth enemy will show up spitting acid. Do I stealth? That doesn’t feel like it works consistently. Ugh, I think this game is going to Cex.
  21. Having just finished playing through Dead Space, this is nowhere near as good in terms of movement, combat, atmosphere or design.
  22. The "minimalist connection" is a bridge between the USB OTG output on the DE-10 and the USB board.
  23. I've got a wifi dongle, an 8bit Do 2.4 GHz adapter and a Raphnet USB to SNES classic controller adapter. Also connected it an RGB to S-Video adapter being powered via the analogue board.
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