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  1. Just built the reverse engineered Zelda 3 source. Apparently its been ported to work natively on all sorts of hardware!
  2. PAL Saturns dont do csync. Sync on luma works with all and it’s less noisy than composite sync.
  3. Just working through Biome 3. Holy shit after the tie fighter things there’s the things that shoot a malfunction beam when they die!!
  4. Direct X Graphics Infrastructure - so a much more generic error.
  5. The 2nd number is supposed to be the revision so they would appear to be VA0 serials. This would mean the power supplies are attached to the lid and they use 20 pin ribbon cables for their drives.
  6. Apparently, they're launch day Saturns. I've got one and it's a VA0 for sure. Can you check the serial?
  7. I used to play southpaw sticks (I attribute southpaw to the Solitaire control scheme) and relearned. I used to use inverted Y but relearned. The first one was necessitated by games not supporting southpaw, the second, I actually don’t know why. But it makes playing games with flight controls confusing all over again.
  8. Maybe, I've got the digital version of Rare Replay installed via GamePass so perhaps it just checks that.
  9. Does this install into Rare Replay or standalone on Xbox?
  10. Paper Mario on N64 - This game has been quite difficult early on due to making small mistakes and getting punished hard in terms of health. Each chapter seems to unlock new gameplay elements and badges can help, so as I go to Dry Dry Desert, I live in hope. It’s quite a nice game so far. Axelay - Not as good as Super Aleste, but very little is! 😃 This is a nice one because its stages are quite short and it has a great weapon system and banging music. Fell out of love with this after I bought my own copy, but feeling it again.
  11. Would be terrible if there were more two heads... I initially HATED the game, but warmed to it as time went on. There's no denying the faults though.
  12. I’ll do a credit spam play through. I love it but as has been said, once you get a few levels in things get ridiculous making 1CC something I don’t think I’d have the patience to learn.
  13. More of the retro setups dotted around my house. It's important that I can play Super Aleste whenever I want so in my office, a SuperNT and a Mister connected to a 9" PVM.
  14. Nah, it emulates all the extra hardware on a chip inside the Everdrive. So it doesn’t even need the MCD2! Maybe not quite what you were looking for! 😄
  15. The mega Everdrive Pro will play MCD games.
  16. Objectively, the are pretty ugly, @Haribokart, but the US SNES is one I got in the early 90s having read all about 60Hz gaming in Super Play so it's been with me a LONG time. So I love it, even though it's piss coloured. I even have some pristine Super Famicoms, but the US SNES is my fave. The Famicom I got in Japan on honeymoon and yeah, pretty ugly, but there's a strange charm to it. The controller cables are so short that you need the thing right beside you to play it, and that reminds me of being a kid as well even if I have zero nostalgia for the device itself.
  17. If you want to drag and drop everything from old to new then just make it’s formatted to whatever Mister needs. Probably exFat. I think it might take care of some of the Linux stuff for you. Can’t remember if that’s on another partition or not.
  18. There is a lot of competition for the top three slots between those 4 consoles. Under the living room TV. GameCube with GCLoader and GB Player connected to a RetroTink 5x. Hidden from my tornado of a child. Hidden box of controllers. The Super Famicom is modded to work with the GameCube.
  19. I have retro stuff all over the house, but only room for CRTs in the shed. It’s MESSY atm.
  20. Blast Corps at the moment. It gets pretty damned hard very quickly.
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