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  1. Well, you don't know what you're talking about from my point of view. That I disagree with you is unrelated. Ironic that you make that statement since when people comment on Analogue, you quickly state that people just don't get how businesses run or something to that effect!
  2. You don’t really seem to know anything about programming or what the hardware add on chips do or how they do it.
  3. This is a great video of the SNES port of Another World. She had to basically get it working on the cheapest version of the SNES cart!
  4. What chip would that be? Edit - One of the SuperFX chips. Except it's not a CPU and can't do CPU things. It's more akin to a GPU in modern parlance. By any definition, none of the SA1 games pushed the limits of the SNES. The most common are DSP games where the chip did... some maths! Big deal! I wonder is Street Fighter Alpha 2 on there? That used a chip to decompress all the animation data, but as ports go, it's pretty damned amazing. I hope Yoshi's Island listed I'll pop into town and grab a copy at the weekend.
  5. I'll be at your side for that one. It's one of the best shooters on any machine let alone the SNES and a technical marvel.
  6. Great use of Wiimote in Excite Truck both using waggle and the speaker playing wind noises when you get air!
  7. They were supposed to play in Dublin this month too, but COVID restrictions (indoor crowd limits and everything entertainment related closing at 8pm) meant it was cancelled. They've rebooked an outdoor venue for end of May so I've got tickets for that. Looking forward to it. My biggest regret of 2019 was skipping their gig. I wish I'd got to see them in an indoor venue though.
  8. https://www.retrogamingcables.co.uk/sega/mega-drive-2/sega-mega-drive-2-sega-genesis-2-rgb-av-scart-cable-tv-lead £23.99
  9. That’s a pretty damn good cover too. I’ll have to grab a copy when it’s in the shops.
  10. Is the subscriber cover what’s pictured in the first post?
  11. Yeah, it makes sense as part of the game. A few simple platform jumps gain a bit more of a challenge. It’s something you get used to if you keep playing.
  12. Hard to pick one, really. My Aero City cabinet at the moment. But usually something Nintendo-ey
  13. I’ve been looking at “best of” lists for consoles to get some inspiration for my next game and realised, after seeing much Castlevania, I’ve only played IV so I put on FDS Dracula on the mister for a bit. Good fun, apart from the enemy bit knock back deaths!
  14. Anyone ever bought a USB modem from Dreamcast Live?
  15. So much to love in Ep 5 between Amos and Bobbie and any time Drummer is on the screen.
  16. Googling them, they did the N64 port of Forsaken. Love that game too and it runs great on the console!
  17. Yeah, you can still take that route for analogue video if needs be. I only asked because if you were using the analogue IO you’re missing a SCART cable. Digital IO is really useful as you get a power switch and the usual reset, menu and user buttons too.
  18. You mention you got the IO board. Did you get the digital or analogue version? Do you plan on connecting the MiSTer to a CRT TV?
  19. I'm still regretting saying "I'll wait for the next gen" when 20xx were easy to come by. At this point, I'm going to have to update my whole computer if I can even get a 30xx. Might just pack in PC gaming altogether for a bit. I use my Mac for everything else these days anyway.
  20. Same here, all my stuff was mostly untouched in a room in my garden due to having a kid. Only now am I getting to use it again! Which is nice, because I love my MiSTerCade. Printed a mount for it to stop putting strain on the overhanging PCB at the JAMMA edge. Apparently MisterAddons is releasing some additional PCBs to take care of it and add functionality.
  21. Not a Sony PVM, but I got a 14” Ikegami for €65, but a 9” Sony PVM with S-Video, not RGB cost me way more.
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