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  1. It’s makes sense that it’ll catch up with the present given the side story of the Mexican girl. it should make it very interesting. A reason to advance space exploration due to conflict, hoping that the space-bound Cold War doesn’t heat up. I like to think “For all Mankind” includes the Russians eventually.
  2. I don’t need a wooden one for nostalgia’s sake. I kinda like those candy cabs, it was great seeing rows and rows of them when I was in Japan earlier this year. Now to get one. I don’t have a Facebook account and I’m in Ireland. I don’t mind paying shipping or heading over to get one though!
  3. Cool, I'll take a look. I would be happy with a more modern one. I just want something with a CRT and 6 button joysticks
  4. Just got there. Oh my god!
  5. I've always wanted but never had the space for an arcade cabinet until a few years ago when I bought a house with a large, powered shed. As far as my wife is concerned this is my domain, apart from a corner for Christmas decorations and suitcases. As such, I've filled it with bikes and retro video games. Now, I think I want an arcade cabinet. One that you plug JAMMA boards into, not the ones you see on eBay with a RPi inside it. Where does one source one one of these?
  6. A few more hours in and I think I do like this game. The first couple of hours are a bit tedious and I hate the controls, but as I’ve got further, the different floors really have come into their own!
  7. Not sure I like this game. This is my first experience with the series and the fixed camera and controls are both a bit jarring. And Luigi moves so slowly! Ill stick with it a while longer though, a quick go at lunchtime isn’t enough time to judge!
  8. Bad to Soul Blazer after a bit of a hiatus from retro gaming. Managed to kill the 3rd area boss quite easily after being stuck on him for ages. Now nearly done with area 4.
  9. Bloodborne for me gets the most right. Pace, risk/reward, atmosphere. It's literally the reason I bought a PS4. I struggled with Sekiro.
  10. I was being tongue in cheek It's just a weird one to produce this device to make a SuperNT work on a CRT! I mean, I got my US SNES in 1992 and it still works!
  11. I don't know if I want this. I mean, I have and love the face off my SuperNT, but some of Analogue's stuff is like Bang and Olufsen stereo equipment. Also, they didn't answer my tweet asking if their DAC would work well with an OSSC
  12. The Nintendo version feels a little sturdier and the dpad is a bit nicer. Zl and Zr buttons also useful
  13. So as someone who only had Nintendo consoles back in the day and played an MD a handful of times at friend's houses, what's considered MUST PLAY out of this lot? Into ARPGs, traditional shooters, platformers and have already played Darius to death recently. I love the menu music!! EDIT: Oh, Megaman is the first 3 NES games... YAY!
  14. I loved the new trailer. This could be really great, provided it doesn't turn into cameo of the week or Star Trek - So very very tired.
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