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  1. Needing to establish universes for game series is soooo weird! like Zelda continuity. Who cares?
  2. Colonel Panic

    The Handmaids Tale - Season 2 Hulu/Sunday Night C4

    This is the problem when source material runs out and what happens when people try to fill in an open ending.
  3. Colonel Panic

    Analogue Super Nt

    Unirally doesn’t work on it. (Lies)
  4. Colonel Panic

    Nintendo Switch eShop

  5. I'm really enjoying this. I skipped the Wii U version so happy enough to pay €50 for it. I've made it to the 3rd map so far. 3-1 is fucking brilliant!!
  6. Colonel Panic

    God of War (2018) - Magni-ficent!

    Next step in cycle is Simmy buys game. Then he can’t play it right and dies on the troll monster at the start a few times and asks for help, people help but he can’t get the hang of it. Then game gets put in worst game ever bucket.
  7. Colonel Panic

    God of War (2018) - Magni-ficent!

    I think it’s good so far, but I’m getting a feeling things start to open up somewhere to deserve the praise it’s getting. I havent got very far but fee I’m passed the tutorial.
  8. Colonel Panic

    Sci Fi recommendations

    The more Song of Ice and Fire you read, the more he same nuggets of prose start popping out. That said, The Expanse is just page turning stuff too, but I guess I must enjoy the setting enough to ignore its shortcomings.
  9. Colonel Panic

    Sci Fi recommendations

    I just finished Leviathan Wakes today. I bought a few of The Expanse books after getting hooked on the TV series. They're pretty enjoyable pages turners, like Game of Thrones in Space but nowhere near as badly written and lots of fucking awesome space battles.
  10. Colonel Panic

    Nintendo Switch

    That doesn't invalidate Fallow's assertion at all.
  11. Colonel Panic

    The Handmaids Tale - Season 2 Hulu/Sunday Night C4

    Next month for C4, I believe.
  12. Colonel Panic

    Nintendo Switch

    Just post some links, if you must, rather than recapitulate stuff you seem to only have a tenuous grasp on.
  13. Colonel Panic

    Nintendo Switch

    This isn’t how it works.
  14. Colonel Panic

    Nintendo Switch

    It will run fuck all

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