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  1. I got a second DE-10 Nano recently so I can have one permanently in my arcade cabinet and just put in extra RAM and a heatsink on the SoC rather than bothering with a fan. It's not going to be in an enclosure, so I'll keep an eye on it. They're rated for pretty high temperatures anyways. I've given up on Mistercade for now, and am keeping an eye out for a restock of this -> https://irkenlabs.com/jamma-expander/introduction In the meantime, I'm using a JPAC + direct video through the MiSTer HDMI, a tiny amp and USB OTG cable to get a similar, but less elegant result.
  2. This is convenient because I won't need to bother with a PlayStation and ODE for said PlayStation. I still play a lot on original hardware so the MiSTer either compliments it, or in the case of some hardware, means I don't need to sink a fortune into it. Got to experience a lot of MegaDrive, PCE and older CD ROM addons that way!
  3. It’s probably your TV. Maybe when the Saturn core arrives, you can play Dodonpachi on it!
  4. Finished Metroid Fusion in around 4 hours with a paltry 45% collection rate. I loved it, really great music and very atmospheric. It could do without the story shit they’ve been adding to these games. Let the gameplay tell the story! Easy enough apart from a robotic spider boss which pissed me off for a while!
  5. Yeah, you need a USB OTG adapter and the ram expansion then. Apparently got the Genesis core RAM is optional. So… an OTG USB hub
  6. Waverace 64 has aged VERY well. Pilotwings 64's a bit more dated visually, especially thanks to it's aggressive LOD pop-in but also still incredibly playable.
  7. I can confirm that it’s pretty unplayable
  8. I've got a preorder with Smyths for the next batch of these and I'm trying to talk myself out of keeping it. My justification is I play handheld a LOT more these days.
  9. Ha, thanks! I'll need it! Up until now, I've managed to play a lot of arcade and handheld stuff, but my PS5 is gathering dust. I was on the 2nd boss of Returnal before he arrived, but haven't played it since!
  10. Cart-based save state solutions can be so glitchy because they use interrupts and other tricks to try and copy memory and registers. The NES save state support in the Everdrive N8 Pro is amazing. I haven't tried the SD2SNES version as mine is the older version.
  11. Mine are hidden behind TV cabinet doors, except for a GC and Saturn which are on the floor. Soon to be moved as our first child is trying to crawl. Ah, being over 40 with a new baby...
  12. I'm loving going through these scans. Early issues of Super Play in particular... I'm hating on Jason Brookes for a lot of his scores for games that have definitely stood the test time time.
  13. It's not the carts that makes them harder, it's potentially how the FPGA is programmed. With a software emulator, it's a piece of piss to snapshot all state. When it comes to an FPGA, things get... complicated... unless you make provisions for some external hardware to be able to snapshot simulated hardware. That's how some cores for the MiSTer does it. Retron5s just dump the cart and run them on an emulator.
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