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  1. Nintendo Switch

    Nasty! My first iPhone was the same and it drove me nuts looking at it! Thankfully my Switch screen isn't yellow and it pretty uniform.
  2. Nintendo Switch

    Different colour temp and backlight not uniform.
  3. Analogue Super Nt

    Jailbreak firmware to load load games from SD card is out. No support for enhancement chips though.
  4. No, tell us again about how you don’t like BotW.
  5. POLL: Favourite Rare N64 game

    Blast Corps for me. It’s the only Rare game I still play from time to time.
  6. Analogue Super Nt

    I’ve ordered one but haven’t received tracking number info from Analogue.
  7. This thread shouldn’t drop off the first page! i put this on last night for the first time in ages. I “finished” it a while ago in the sense that I did the bosses and killed Ganon and some of the DLC but barely scratched the surface otherwise. Turning on hero’s path last night confirmed this and netted me a load of Shrines and Koroks. its a great game is just fuck around in!
  8. The Official Rllmuk Awards 2017 - Voting Thread

    Sounds like it is that easy unless someone other than Benny wants to do it.
  9. Which video games have the best soundtracks?

    You became a supporter to see who negs you, didn't you?
  10. PlayStation Plus for January 2018

    This one's nicer.
  11. Nintendo Switch

    I got a Melopow M001 USB C to HDMI adaptor on eBay that is similar. Works great, especially with this
  12. The Last Guardian

    Sorry, I was talking to Trico. Amazing annoying game.
  13. The Last Guardian

    Dive. Please Trico, won't you just dive?
  14. PlayStation 4 Console Thread

    Has anyone else had an issue with their screen going black for a second on a PS4 Pro? A bit of Googling says it's a common thing with HDMI 2.2 and HDR.

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