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  1. Looks cool!! Where’d you get the microscope? I must get one of those ASAP as I can’t see surface mount stuff well at all.
  2. I bought Zelda 1 and 2 so that's my Christmas stuff sorted. Both still had saves! Opened them up and it looks like someone had replaced the batteries at some point. Both are reading 3V Plugged into a Famicom for the fun of it!
  3. I’ve never even played it! I must fix that this weekend.
  4. Cool, good to know, my experiences are very out of date so I’ll stop mentioning them.
  5. The last time this happened was years and years ago, I was importing assorted Wii stuff from HK, like component cables, and all that and FedEx invoiced me for VAT + the fee. I paid the VAT, but told them the fee wasn't something I'd pay, they sent a few letters but I ignored them. If they sent debt collectors after me then it's had no impact on my ability to get loans or anything like that as I've since got loans, mortgages, credit cards and all that stuff. I dunno if I'd chance just not paying now, but I'd still politely refuse and work my way though custo
  6. In my previous import experience, UPS used to ask for money at the door, FedEx used to invoice. I've told the latter to shove it a good few times. Looks like now, people are being asked to pay first, even with FedEx.
  7. The books are roughly three trilogies so I’d rather they just finished the first two and left the door open instead of rushing everything.
  8. I've cleared my decks a little so this is back on the agenda for me. So far, I've got my three dudes again. Initially, I was a bit put off by the day length and trying to get things done, but the ability to replay days is front and centre, so I figured it's nice to try and achieve something in a day, but a do over isn't the worst thing ever when days are short.
  9. So if Analogue didn’t correctly fill in customs declaration stuff, FedEx should have done what?
  10. I think so. Different SD card sizes at the very least!
  11. Ha, there are also replacement colour cart shells on Everdrive.Me https://everdrive.me/accessories/ I love how the Famicom N8 Pro looks in blue, might get a new shell for my other carts. I wish I could get a nicer shell for my SD2SNES, it's the release just before the FXPak Pro, and while I'm not losing any sleep over the newer features, the shell looks CRAP compared to newer carts.
  12. Playing old console ROMs is certainly the main event. They tend to offer different things like save state support, cheat code support, special chips in the case of the Super Nintendo.
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