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  1. Yeah, there’s not much point if you’re using HDMI. Get a heat sink for the DE10 Nano chip and a fan attachment. You can control most menu things with a controller. I rarely use a keyboard.
  2. Oddworld games always look dreadful. The art style puts me off.
  3. I’ve played my 3DS more in recent months than I ever did back in the day. Super Mario 3D Land Ocarina Majora I even left 3D mode on for Mario, but just couldn’t get used to it for the Zelda games.
  4. This one took the annoying dungeon preamble from Twilight Princess amped it up! It was just filler and the Fi dialogue was annoying as fuck. It definitely soured the experience for me. I rebought TP and WW on Wii U and really enjoyed the play through but SS is the only Zelda I truly hate.
  5. Hold off on the OSSC. RetroTink have a 5x model coming out soon which might be cheaper and work better “out of the box”.
  6. @ucci As I type this you have 666 posts. Ooooohhhh!! Anyway, I don't think I'd be happy with a 480p native display for pre-Dreamcast era consoles even if it was a great display. The Saturn flicks between a lot of display modes, but it's max progressive scan resolution is 240p, which the TV will prob interpret as 480i.
  7. Agreed, I stopped playing it weeks ago on that boss. "I'll come back to it", I said. I say a lot of things,
  8. A "quick go" of Dark Souls Remastered turned into getting to Blighttown. And this is with a PS5 and Demon's Souls in my office upstairs... I had to play this connected to the TV, I find it really hard to control using the "claw hand" on the Switch in portable mode.
  9. I'd love to see VRR and 1440p support. I've got mine hooked up to one of my office displays as it's just too big for my living room TV unit.
  10. 30 FPS with Ray tracing mode on PS5 is not smooth at all.
  11. You can buy replacement membranes too, I grabbed a load of them (and some cap kits) for Nintendo consoles on console5.com
  12. The best thing about social media is also the worst thing. Now we know who these fuckers are. And they’re everywhere.
  13. As amazing as they are, prices are out of control on PVMs. Having them in the US in particular is a bit of a retro status symbol and RGB Scart isn’t a thing over there. A Sony Trinitron will give you a clear, amazing picture. I’d still love one myself. Missed out on a 14” one recently because of travel restrictions in my country.
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