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  1. Guys, suffice to say I’m not selling them as working if they’re not. Let’s leave it at that!
  2. @Camel I tested them on an Analogue SuperNT so it’s unlikely to be the issue. I’ll try them on a real SNES today! @MikeBeaver I kinda fancy the challenge of doing that myself if required! Been getting back into electronics lately. @Lorfarius Yep, that’s what I did, but didn’t inspect anything in too much detail!
  3. I’m having a hard time on the desert forest side quest in Chrono Trigger at the moment. Just can’t get the heal/attack rhythm on the boss right.
  4. Street Fighter 2 and Super Ghouls N Ghosts. Cart only, NTSC-U
  5. It could I can try with one other and see if they reliably boot on it. If so, I can sell them guilt free.
  6. I came across a few surplus US SNES games that wouldn't load, and even after cleaning the contacts, they work maybe 50% of the time in my SuperNT. What's the protocol for selling things like this on eBay? Sell as "mostly broken"?
  7. @spanky debrest Yeah, I've been looking into getting some CPS1 during my arcade cabinet research and it's not cheap, or bootlegs or unknown quality. I might have to give up on that!! Someone is selling New Zealand Story PCB on Arcade Otaku for £600 though!! Speaking of Super Aleste, I'm gonna play my lovely Japanese copy NOW!
  8. Sound like the dip switch setting to flip the game is on.
  9. The CPS1 Core is great! I was thinking about buying Ghouls N Ghosts (albeit a conversion) PCB, but not sure it's worth it at this rate.
  10. Skies of Arcadia. Almost finished when the PAL version game out. I stopped to study for some uni exams (which I think I failed anyway) and tried to go back a few times but wasn't in the right frame of mind for random battles. I now own the PAL and NTSC DC ones and Legends on the GC. Legends is teed up to play when I finish Chrono Trigger.
  11. Yeah, Super Aleste is one of my favourite SNES games and shooters. It's got some of the best music too. I've just been trying Blazing Star on the MVS core. Pretty damn good! The cab is in great nick. Lots of things to tweak and tidy, but no major surgery required,
  12. Well, months after I got a DE-10 Nano, I've jumped on the MiSTer bandwagon. I want to connect mine to an arcade cabinet. Liking it so far, I've got to say!
  13. Cool, I’ll give one a shot and see what happens!
  14. Thoughts on GD Emus from Aliexpress? Do you get what you pay for?
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