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  1. Giving the top loader NES I RGB modded this week a good test over the past couple of days and really enjoying this one. It gets so fucking hard though, I never got past the 8th stage when I was a kid and that hasn't changed!
  2. Yeah, I've had it on repeat. They really are my favourite band of recent times. Have seen them live any time they've played in my city and have tickets for next year (I live in hope).
  3. No, it's not juddery on an N64. The Digital Foundry video notes some frame pacing issues, which is what you're experiencing.
  4. I played through Mario 64 recently and am playing Sunshine at the moment so I'll jump straight into Galaxy and circle back to 64 and Sunshine again later.
  5. Top scientists are working on the time dilation issue that affects the link between reality and deKay-verse.
  6. I did an RGB mod on a top loader NES I got for €45 a few months ago. First time doing this sort of mod. Seems to be working alright so far, used one of my favourite games to do initial tests - Snake Rattle N Roll. I now seem to own a LOT of 8 bit Nintendos. 2x Famicoms (1 AV modded, 1 RGB modded), a PAL front loader, a US top loader and the Lego version!
  7. I did a NESRGB mod on a top loader over the past few nights. It was a mixed experience! I pulled some traces removing the PPU which meant consulting NES schematics and following traces so I could figure out how to bypass what I'd fucked up. It's all working alright, although games are a bit glitchy unless I reseat them a couple of times and reset, so might need to troubleshoot further. That's a job for another day... Ready to wire up Bypassing to untuck my fuckups. Ready to test Mediocre 3D printed AV panel from
  8. There's no hate, I've got it preordered and I'm looking forward to playing Galaxy again! Sunshine is good in that it's widescreen now, but I'm happily playing it in 4:3 at the moment. I'd smash my Switch to bits if I played Sunshine on it.
  9. Tell me that there are only two Polterkitty encounters in the whole game...
  10. The last Ubisoft game I bought was... the 80s sci fi homage Far Cry game. I can’t see myself buying anything they make any time soon. I did play a bit of Sands of Time on the GC recently and initially it was fun, but it gets old quick.
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