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  1. How are the Lego games as couch co-op titles? Or are they not?
  2. Had an OG Xbox but never took it online. Got the 360 at near launch and set up the gamer tag I still used. First used it heavily for the FIFA league on here. I was rubbish!
  3. never mind! Hadn’t read the thread
  4. Excited to hear about it! Proper cool stuff! Salah back with a hatrick today is my pre game wishful thinking!
  5. A poorly baby means I’ll have to wait until tomorrow evening to get started. It all sounds promising though!
  6. It’s downloading. Shall have a go once the kids are in bed.
  7. Same. Off to the museum as our little girls Saturday performance arts club thing starts again next weekend so it’s the last Saturday we can do something. At least with the derby on it’ll be quiet in there I guess.
  8. Who knew Mane was the player who held our defence together.
  9. Same, always wanted to but never got around to it. It's downloading.
  10. Rumours of Bobby to Juventus for £20mil. Hope we keep hold of him.
  11. Has anyone got a ‘Backbone’ controller? I got one for my birthday and it’s pretty cool. Can play phone games, but also Xbox games via remote play or Cloud Gaming. Need to find some new games for my phone now though…
  12. We were in Speke. St Helens now, it’s nice to have things to do near the house again
  13. Mike


    Hello My anniversary is coming up, my partner and I have decided that rather than get each other things we might not want, we’re going to get ourselves a bean to cup coffee machine. Having just moved house, we’re on a bit of a budget. Been looking at This one on Amazon but was wondering if there is one recommended at around that price (currently on sale for £300. Would want a steam arm on it too.
  14. Returned here. Already missing the purple bin and lack of sorting recycling!
  15. Does your postcode effect it? I lived in Liverpool until last month, so had a L postcode. I’ve not updated my address on the site as I’ve now a WA postcode.
  16. I got the Southampton game in November
  17. My partner got me a official membership thing for my birthday, so I got my brother one for his. Registered to try get tickets to this seasons games. Fingers are fully crossed.
  18. Still no sign of an official announcement on the away kit?
  19. I’ve got a 1060 that needs an upgrade. I’ll look at the 4060 and see how it does.
  20. Signed up to his patreon, and enjoyed his first podcast a lot. It’s a very special skill to be able to talk by yourself for 3 hours and remain entertaining.
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