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  1. Mike

    Apple Arcade

    Thanks guys! Partner is getting induced tomorrow so looking for stuff we can pass the time with before it all kicks off, so to speak.
  2. Mike

    Apple Arcade

    Getting Apple Arcade for a month. Any recommendations of must play games from the last year or any good 2 player games to play with my partner would be welcome.
  3. Mike

    Tiny games

    Thanks for this one!
  4. We’ve been great. Loving this.
  5. I hope they get back to doing actual quicklooks for more games soon.
  6. Fabinho signs a new 5 year deal!
  7. New four your deal for Trent, puts him on big money.
  8. We had a spell in the second half where we looked very good, then they scored. Virgil looked good.
  9. Just settled on the sofa for my first pre season game...
  10. Ah so let it go, get a year or two then upgrade and it’ll upgrade for the full year or two and not just a month. Cheers.
  11. I did the upgrade for a pound thing ages ago, my Ultimate (and I assume Live) has got most over a month on, if I add another year or Live now will it stay as GamePass Ultimate?
  12. I’ve somehow only just found out about The Nextlander Podcast. Like having some old friends back!
  13. Cheers, got 3&4 for under £3
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