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  1. When I first started with CFW I forgot to make a clean NAND back up. Foolish I know. Anyway, followed a couple of guides for 'cleaning' your NAND, then one for setting up EmuMMC / EmuNAND for CFW with a duel book with OFW. So far I can go into CFW and use homebrew perfectly, or book to the clean OFW, and online is working, I've been playing some Tetris online, got Mario Maker 2 coming too. I've accepted it won't last forever, but for now, it's nice to have a working online switch. I won't link to the youtube guides as I dunno the rules on it..
  2. Here we go boys! No youth players on the bench, wasn’t expecting that
  3. Having heard you say how boss it is for yonks add me to the list
  4. Bens in it. Still no Jeff, understandably.
  5. Just gone 2-0 down against Napoli, and we’ve looked poor.
  6. Two weeks in and I think Business Dave’s Top Ten is the best part of UPF.
  7. Mike

    Nintendo Switch

    Anyone seen any offers on controllers or joycon sets Happy with third party ones as long as they have rumble and wireless.
  8. Started this tonight with @disperse and recoagulate and out mate. I was on a pro controller so all was good, those two had a single joycon each.... I think another controller is needed haha We played for a few hours, had a great time! It’s not something I’d want to single player my way through but for some couch co-op it’s great.
  9. Got this as my mate loved the old ones. We plan on playing multiplayer with @disperse and recoagulate joining us too. Will we be ok using single joycons (I have the two that came with the system and a pro controller. Or will we need the joycons together and a third controller(or another set of joycons)? Thanks
  10. I’d have him back, he’s quality.
  11. Jason Mcateer calling the cross a “Buffet ball” made me laugh and I’m ashamed to say it.
  12. Aye, nice goal that
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