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  1. I’ve got a 1060 that needs an upgrade. I’ll look at the 4060 and see how it does.
  2. Signed up to his patreon, and enjoyed his first podcast a lot. It’s a very special skill to be able to talk by yourself for 3 hours and remain entertaining.
  3. I’ve gone with Jeff
  4. I’ve got prime and its connected to twitch, but hitting sub only gives me options to pay and not use my free sub. What am I missing?
  5. Looks pretty good that!
  6. I’ve watched the last few finals via BT on YouTube and they’ve been perfect.
  7. The baby is bed, food is cooking, beer is poured…. I’m ready!
  8. It’s Champions League final day!! I’m a bit excited…
  9. Drank my morning coffee out of the mug I got when we won the league, hopefully I get to order a new one after today. I've been annoying my gf with my excitement all weekend. We're packing to move house, I've booked myself a few hours off for the football though
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