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  1. I’m more concerned about how obsessed a lot of the animals on islands are with getting buff!
  2. Is there another way to get Iron Nuggets other than from big rocks?
  3. I now have some of all the fruit! Planted them ready! Thanks @Alan Stock, your island looks boss!
  4. Coming in, just cos I’ve never used a dodo code and want to try it!
  5. Added myself to the google sheet. I haven't been on loads, so still only early on with basic stuff. My friends code is SW-0518-6705-0797
  6. Just been to a friends town and took all her apples, made a fortune! Ha I’ve also never been cooler:
  7. Mike

    Nintendo Switch

    Launch model means it can do ‘other things’ which will help the price go up. No clue what to though, sorry.
  8. If my gf put her account in my switch and played this am I right in thinking she would move into my Island?
  9. Took my first visit to a friends island. She has apples! After days of eating peaches they’re a welcome change.
  10. Can’t help but feel I went into this set up with this Nook fella without reading the small print... but I’m in
  11. Having never really played one of these, do I just go in blind or look stuff up first? I'm leaning towards going blind.
  12. Found out I’m only working Fridays....
  13. Pestering @disperse and recoagulate to get this has failed. Crumbs.
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