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  1. My pre season bet was us to win the league with Salah as the leagues top scorer, so I could do with I’m banging a few more in.
  2. I know you started the post saying you weren’t impressed with BeerHawk ones, but I got the world lager pack from them, and while it had some I’d had elsewhere, it had a number I’d never tried, including Lukas actually.
  3. For me the first test of any new build is how many leagues it can run well on Football Manager.
  4. Andy Robertson’s Instagram remains a source of joy.
  5. Someone needs to tell the king about the weather today
  6. The stream for his is starting shortly
  7. Not a fan of the song after a goal. They could at least use the songs that players songs are based on Been boss this though, guess I better get used to hearing Song 2
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