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  1. Mike

    Which Dark Souls?

    Beat some big fella and a bird has taken me to Lordran.
  2. Mike

    Which Dark Souls?

    With Dark Souls Remastered being £7 on steam, I'm going to join you.
  3. It really was. He sounded so into it. His impression of the hush hush way the other people trying it where asking each about it cracked me up.
  4. Mike

    PES 2020

    Oh they say every year they’re changing the transfer system and never do. Just need a sliding we like FM has. Move transfer money into salary. It got better this year, you can pick where loans are paid from, and you can pick it prize money goes to transfer funds or wage funds I think. Will still get it of course, it’s how myself, @disperse and recoagulate and our childhood mate hang out with each other ones a week.
  5. Mike

    PES 2020

    My only hope is that they let you adjust wage and transfer budgets. Every year we (three player co-op Master League) end up with 16 players and hundreds of millions of pounds to spend but we can't because our wage budget is maxed out.
  6. Think I’m getting my first Watchdogs game.
  7. No FIFA, Microsoft normally show it. Guess they’ve nothing else for it other than what they showed on the EA thing.
  8. This flight sim looks lovely. Getting FM for game pass is huge, especially if 20 is on there day one.
  9. Got some crisps, biscuits and a beer. Going to watch the Giantbomb coverage, so get ready for me moaning at then talking over FIFA.
  10. I didn’t realised Ben was a member of the forum!
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