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  1. Aye, not the best, we’ve deffo been spoiled the last few seasons. Hopefully we sort it at half time.
  2. Finally started this this morning, not too far in, can you change your appearance, my hair is overly red.
  3. Kop is already sounding good in the pre match build up.
  4. My first game on his new gen of hardware was Moving Out, which I played with my girlfriend. Then I loaded up some Outer Worlds and Red Dead.
  5. So I finally got to try a game or two and those load times are impressive!
  6. Liverpool for the Beta for me, as always. Then I'm off to Germany to Manager the Wurzburger Kickers once it's fully out. Hopefully out for 5pm
  7. It’s been delivered. Now to finish work!
  8. My Royal Mail delivery from Game is now 30 minutes past their suggested time slot
  9. Mine is officially in St Helens!!
  10. Yup! Thankfully today is the only day I can get a 3:30 finish so should be home for 4!
  11. Enjoy today folks! I’ll be running home from work come 3:30. The only day I finish so early, which has worked out well!
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