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  1. Watching the latest Get on my level and of course Ben can’t tie a shoe lace properly!
  2. What a wonderful weekend to be a red.
  3. Mike

    Nintendo Switch

    Have I missed out on buying the SNES controller from Nintendo? I have the online service.
  4. That’s a top class save!
  5. Metal Gear Solid 2 is my fav of the series. I imagine you already know about it but on the slim chance you don’t, don’t look it up just play it.
  6. Mike

    PES 2020

    Our three player Master League save as officially ended. Here are the highlights. Heres last years..
  7. Ben calls himself a ‘classic wise cracker’ on UPF. It might be the funniest thing he’s said.
  8. Mike

    PES 2020

    No mention of budget adjustments in the Master League video. I only play ML, one or two nights a week, @disperse and recoagulate and our mate come to mine and we couch co-op it. We only sign regen players, so 16-17 year olds. Which every save results in us having amazing players on big wages, often meaning we can’t afford to keep them, yet have hundreds of millions in our transfer budget never getting spent. I think it got so bad on 2017 we had to end the save as we had zero wages to pay and not enough players. Still had a huge transfer budget though. @disperse and recoagulate Has suggested we won’t get this version due to us 3 player couch co-oping another game. We deffo will get and play it though. We can’t play an average at best Marvel game for 12 months.
  9. Inspired by watching GiantBombs series on this I got the game and made a level. It’s easy and short and simple but I made it! JVC-F4B-DYF
  10. Watching now, there’s no Jeff, Ben is on with his laptop to read notes from. Danny is on though so I’ll watch/listen.
  11. When I first started with CFW I forgot to make a clean NAND back up. Foolish I know. Anyway, followed a couple of guides for 'cleaning' your NAND, then one for setting up EmuMMC / EmuNAND for CFW with a duel book with OFW. So far I can go into CFW and use homebrew perfectly, or book to the clean OFW, and online is working, I've been playing some Tetris online, got Mario Maker 2 coming too. I've accepted it won't last forever, but for now, it's nice to have a working online switch. I won't link to the youtube guides as I dunno the rules on it..
  12. Here we go boys! No youth players on the bench, wasn’t expecting that
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