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  1. The in-car footage through the esses here is amazing, makes me feel ill!
  2. Not a story spoiler but just my reaction to something...
  3. Just came out of it. I think I’m in shock.
  4. Yeah, really great episode – and for once it almost felt like we got more answers than questions.
  5. I think it's probably the only book that's made me jump out of my seat shouting "WHAT?!" Have we heard anything about his next?
  6. Tap one of the bottom tab categories ten times.
  7. Pretty sure they don't offer that anymore, unfortunately.
  8. Come to think of it, Channel 4 uses that kind of PIP ad on the horse racing, so not out of the question.
  9. I watched some F1 on German free-to-air a couple of years ago - it had both picture-in-picture type ads *and* ad breaks. It was pretty shit.
  10. Classy bit of radio by Vettel.
  11. Oh, yeah, I think he's made clear he was frustrated by Lucas's methods and as disappointed by the outcome as much as any fan. I've always been a fan of his - decent actor with proper star-quality twinkle in his eye. All the new actors in VII+ and the Anthology films will be earning a relative pittance, I would have thought, but bringing back McGregor for a starring performance or three? Surely a might payday.
  12. He's been pretty scathing about the prequels over the years, but I don't recall him having any problems with mountains made out of cash money.
  13. Blown away by this on the small screen and drawn back to re-watch the trailers, which still massively impress, perhaps this legacy one most of all. I imagine it's been posted already but it's so well cut together, proper shivers.
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