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  1. Im pretty excited about this. I havent played a Hitman game since the very first one, was that on PS2?
  2. And also Down In Bermuda... which is by the same developers as Agent A. I havent played either, but Down in Bermuda looks charming.
  3. How about Professor Layton?
  4. Has anyone done the Mephistopheles side quest? I must have completed this game 6 or 7 times now, and every time I say that I will do it at the end. But I just cant bring myself to go around slaughtering everyone!
  5. I thought it didnt matter where you killed him, as he is “bad”. Ive learnt something today!
  6. If you went there in white world tendency, Executioner Miralda is an NPC so killing her takes you back towards black
  7. Where is the cheapest place to get a physical sub for this? Used to subscribe before, but rarely had time to read. But these days, have plenty of time on my hands.
  8. Has this been balanced at all since the original PS4 release? I bought it on release day, and found it very frustrating. Im tempted to give it another go on the switch. Thats if its even out yet!?
  9. You can farm the reaper at the start of 4-2 for them. Make sure you equip the providential ring (raises item discovery). Best way to farm him is to just sprint directly to the end of the upper platform, and drop down somewhere near him, then mess him up. Sprint past and ignore all the wraiths. Edit - Isnt it darkmoon stone you need for crescent? Ah, the name got changed in the remake! Its dark moon stone on PS3 and Moonshade stone on PS5. So yeah, farm the reapers.
  10. For me the World Tendency stuff is Souls at its very best. Practically impossible to just chance upon, and incredibly rewarding when you go to the effort of seeing all the tendency events, and killing the black phantoms.
  11. The Devil All The Time (Netflix) Im really not sure how this one passed me by. A beautifully told story about religion and evil and how they intertwine. Some excellent performances from the current Spiderman and the to-be Batman. 4.5/10 The Trial of the Chicago Seven (Netflix) A number of different political groups descend on Chicago to peacefully protest about the Vietnam war, resulting in violent clashes with the police. The film, which is based on a true story, covers the trial, also using flashbacks to cover the actual events in question. This was really quite go
  12. Yes this. The -1’s are, generally speaking, the best levels to tackle first.
  13. In 12 hours, thats actually really good going. Ignore the big fat dude in 4-1 for now. The boss in 2-1 is actually very predictable. You just need to watch his moves. Keep your shield up. When he starts pouring oil everywhere, then run! wait for him to do his big slam move, then wail on him. What weapon are you using? Where have you been allocating you souls? God I love this game.
  14. Fuck me. This is so boring. Its actually pretty easy if - you have played it before. And you can play it through with your eyes closed. You know whats coming. You know how souls games work. You have played through one or more of them. If you havent, then actually, its pretty fucking difficult. Its even more difficult, if, instead of helping you, you have people sneering down their nose telling you how easy it is. These games are all about helping people. Whether its the fucking obscure systems, that you actually have no chance of decoding
  15. Im going to put together a list of my favourite Doom tracks. It literally will take me until 2022.
  16. You know you can use the Thief Ring and they practically leave you alone right?
  17. Yes. Absolutely not.
  18. I think I probably need to give this another go, given everyone is raving about it. I played it a few times when it came out, but it didnt grab me, so I played something else and never went back.
  19. Watch it where though? It was available on amazon to rent, and has disappeared!
  20. How is the campaign of this? I havent played a COD game from probably 10 years, and I dont want to play multi player. Its sat there unopened....60 odd hours into Demons Souls, maybe its time to give it a try.
  21. I started it. Ive done 1-1, went to 4-1 to get the crescent falchion. Then did 1-2. Now trying to beat 4-1 using the shortcut. The Adjudicator is usually really easy, but he one shots me and I dont have enough endurance to do much damage. I dont know if I will bother with seeing it through to the end, but the remake for me is just fantastic. Ive completed it twice with two entirely different builds, so I have certainly got my moneys worth.
  22. I wasnt trying to prove some kind of point. I enjoyed every minute of it.
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