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  1. I was exactly the same. Actually it was worse, as soon as I heard the Switch version was cancelled, I bought Dark Souls 3 again, this time on PS4, and played it all the way through. It was even more magnificent this time. That was £60 (!) for the digital GOTY edition, as I couldnt wait till the next day. Then, at the weekend, I went and bought a PS3 slim, and Demons Souls (again). That was £77. Dark Souls Remaster on PS4 is coming on Friday, that was £26. This could have all been avoided if it was coming out on Friday on Switch. Nintendo have effectively cost me £163. So yeah, fuck you Nintendo (not really, love you Nintendo )
  2. kempstar

    Nintendo Switch

    My Switch is faulty. The battery basically depletes in a few hours, even when its turned off, so it pretty much needs to be plugged in constantly if you want to play it. Plus the left controller is very unresponsive. If you press left, for example, some times you wont move left. Then a few seconds later it catches up, and does several lefts. Ive had it for just over a year (since launch), what are my rights in terms of returning it to Amazon/Nintendo? I know it comes with a years warranty, but isn't there a 2 year EU warranty that applies as well? What do I have to say to Amazon/Nintendo to get them to repair/replace it? The other thing is, what will happen to all my games, saves, credit and so on? Christian
  3. So much this. Its absolutely brilliant! Just not quite as brilliant as all the others. Incidentally I replayed DS3 over the past few weeks, and for me it is really close between which is better out of this and DS1. DS3 is just top quality all the way through the game, and some of the intertwining levels are up there with DS best (although not quite).
  4. kempstar

    Demon's Souls

    Its awesome that this thread has come back to life. Ive been reading it constantly for the past week or so. Couldnt wait any longer, so popped into Brixton and am now the proud owner of a (probably stolen) Super slim PS3 and a (probably stolen) copy of Demons Souls from CEX. Cant wait to play it again PERFECT weather today to be stuck in side playing this too.
  5. kempstar

    Nintendo Switch

    Just had a check of what review scores it is getting. Reviews seem largely positive. I will be buying it for sure.
  6. kempstar

    Nintendo Switch

    This looks brilliant, did you buy it?
  7. kempstar

    Nintendo Switch

    I dont know where you are hearing that, but it has aged incredibly well IMO. Its over 25 years old and still wonderful. Buy it!
  8. kempstar

    Playstation Vita

    There are quite a few. Off the top of my head- The Walking Dead Wolf Among Us DJ tecnika Murumasa All of the major league baseball games? Supremacy MMA Madden 13
  9. kempstar

    Dark Souls 3

    Sure, tomorrow is fine. Any time after 8?
  10. kempstar

    Dark Souls 3

    Yes mate of course. Can you do in 15 minutes or so? Otherwise we can do tomorrow?
  11. kempstar

    Dark Souls 3

    I can come online later to help you?
  12. kempstar

    Liverpool Football Club Thread

    Get ripped off for ticket Get ripped off for flight Get ripped off for hotel I expect we will do two nights there, and there is an outside chance of getting free accomodation with a friend. Will be amazing though (hopefully).
  13. kempstar

    Liverpool Football Club Thread

  14. kempstar

    This is Hip-Hop.

    It really is.
  15. kempstar

    Dark Souls 3


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