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  1. Got it down to four: Anger+ Demon Form Pommel Strike+ Shrug it off+ I got down to a small deck really quickly, and it shredded everything in Act 2, usually killing most enemies on turn 1 (had some good relics including bag of marbles). The lack of defence made Act 3 a bit more tricky and I was healing at all the bonfires. Now to get down to a three card win!
  2. Hmm apparently you cant do it with Flash of Steel, as it cant draw itself because its not in the discard pile when you play it.
  3. I want someone to beat the game (ideally me ) with a single card.
  4. Done it! I got a Peace Pipe literally straight away, which made it quite easy. Rampage+ Pommel Strike+ Double Tap Defend Armaments+ Throughout the run I kept removing Defends, thinking I would be able to pick up a Shrug it Off or something, but nothing came! So had to leave that single crappy Defend in there. Just before the boss I was offered an Armaments+, which I wanted so I could upgrade the Double Tap (had Fusion Hammer so didnt have an opportunity to upgrade it earlier). I also had the Slavers Collar (+1 energy for bosses and elites) so I had f
  5. Yeah, I think beat the game is just a standard one rather than a Heart kill, but you are right Time Eater will be a fucker in most cases!
  6. Awesome! I was actually going to ask if Nilrys Codex counted as “cards”, if it doesnt then it is God tier!
  7. For one card decks, I can only think of- Flash of Steel (Deal 3 damage, draw 1 card) Anger + Spinning Top For two card decks you have a good few options, and for three card decks there are loads. The problem is going to be getting down that low without dying first.....
  8. How many people have done the beat the game with five cards or less challenge? Im so close, I can consistently get it down to 6 or 7, I just need to get lucky with a Peace Pipe, Bird Cage or Smiling Mask. Has anyone beaten it with 4 cards? 3? 2? 1?
  9. Yeah I guess, just seems like a lot of hassle?
  10. My son wants to bring his switch with him and play it on the tv at my place. Is the best thing to do to buy another dock? They seem expensive. Is there an alternative or should I get the official Nintendo one?
  11. To clarify.... I wasnt really going for the infinite achievement, I just set myself a challenge of seeing how many small decks I could win with! It started with me trying to put together a Rampage deck that was just pure draw, cycling Rampage again and again. Then I started to look at how many different ways small decks can be viable. Yes Flash of Steel is a brilliant card, as is the defence equivalent. I mentioned those in my list but couldnt remember their names. I like the body slam suggestion. I hadnt really thought of using that in a small deck but know you say it, its a prett
  12. I think im up to 1,500 hours across all the formats, and there is still plenty I havent done, and still plenty of challenges I want to set myself. Dont give up! There are plenty of different ways to remove cards- You can usually hit 1-3 shops per floor, so that is potentially 3-9 removes There is a gift of remove a card on Neows floor, this is often the best option There is the relic bird cage (remove 2 cards) which is a decent boss relic. Energy should be the priority though There are plenty of events that allow you to remove cards, particularly on lower
  13. Im having so much fun with the low card deck challenge i came really close to getting an unusual infinite deck today. I had the following cards- Pommel Strike+ Rampage+ (bottled, not that it mattered) Double Tap+ Battle Trance+ Offering+ (I think this is needed to get the infinite I am going for, but not quite sure) Inflame+ (which I was desperate to get rid of, but never got the chance) True Grit+ (helped my whilst I had a bigger deck, but again, wanted rid of this but never got the chance) I had the relic Sundial (every 3 time
  14. I thought this was really good. I also thought it could have been so much better. The concept was original and interesting, but I would have liked some of the story elements fleshed out a bit more, such as why did the corporation want to blackmail that guy? a bit more background on all of the characters would have been good too. The violence was absolutely gratuitous. I dont like violent films, generally. Why have 100 stabs when just 1 would do it? 4/5
  15. How gory are we talking? I was hoping it was more sci-fi than horror, but if its more horror than sci-fi, then I am OUT I think.
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