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  1. kempstar

    The Last Of Us

    I loved those parts of it, and replayed the mall parts several times to see what carnage I could cause
  2. kempstar

    The Last Of Us

    What I did was played it through on Hard and explored as much as I could. In a lot of cases I found everything. It will show you on the level select screen what you found, so you can replay and get everything. I just picked those specific levels and played them on easy, and tried to only punch my way through everything
  3. kempstar

    The Last Of Us

    I couldnt disagree more with this! I think its one of the most perfectly formed sweet slice of DLC ever. Gives a deeper insight into Ellies character and adds an awesome new game mechanic.
  4. I replayed Left Behind last night. Also amazing. My body is ready. Where are people preordering from? Want this to be a day-1 purchase.
  5. I just got the speed run achievement without even trying. I got immolate from Neow, which destroys most act 1 enemies in 1 or 2 turns. I got a bottle relic and put immolate in it. Then I got Necronomicon, so basically 56 damage to all enemies on turn 1. Are any of the achievements particularly fun to get? I havent focused on them at all.
  6. How spoilerific is it? I have avoided all videos so far, but want to get excited!
  7. Im confused about these games. There was one on the 3DS extra or whatever it was called. That one was supposedly brilliant, and a remake of a.... Wii game? Then there was one that came out early in the life of the switch. And that one was not as good? So is this game a remake of one of those?
  8. I decided now was a good time to replay this, in preparation for the sequel. One drunk, lockdown evening, I decided I wanted it to be the best possible experience. So, obviously, I came to the logical conclusion that I needed to spend £300 on a PS4 pro, even with the PS5 around the corner. Naturally, I needed a new amp and speakers as well. Another £1,000 gone. I was planning on writing about some of my favourite moments, but came to another logical conclusion - the whole fucking game is full of favourite moments, it was just 18 hours of heavenly, heavenly gaming. I have heard some people say that HDR is an "incremental" change, or that it doesnt really add much to gaming. Show them this game, in a darkened room. It was an incredibly beautiful game on the PS3, but in HDR on the PS4 Pro, it looks absolutely astonishing. HDR adds so much to the game, and any dark sections in particular (of which there are many) are just so atmospheric. colours look so rich and vivid. Also, the surround sound is wonderful. I decided to play through on Hard this time, and it was the right decision. It was a lot more challenging, but not punishingly so, and items are so much more scarce that every bullet counts. In conclusion: I just spent £1,311.99 to play a single game, and it was worth every penny. Bring on the sequel!
  9. Does anyone change their food? For me, its classic apple and roast chicken, all day long.
  10. Without spoling, can someone let me know roughly how far I am through the game? I am just past the bit with the armored car, when you do a night attack on the bridge with a guy and his younger brother. I have played it before but I am playing it again in advance of the sequel!
  11. Well done! Rupture does proc off combust and brutality. Both cards are -1 health.... but the tungsten rod cancels the -1 health, so you arent actually losing health, so rupture wont proc!
  12. What is an out of this world combo? We managed a 211 combo in three player and 110 in two player.
  13. FFS get this troll out of the thread.
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