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  1. How on earth have you got there so quickly??!?
  2. This is, unsurprisingly, brilliant. Ive managed to get to 2-1 once, and 1-4 had two exits, which was a nice touch. It feels much harder than the original! There seem to be so many more things to be aware of.
  3. Ive got a GPDWIN 2 which I am fairly sure will be able to run it fine, this will be my weapon of choice going forward, because: bog play. But there is no way on earth I am not playing it the second its out on the PS4, so will be double-dipping!
  4. Me too, on Switch, handheld mode. I had to take a break every hour or so.
  5. So its out 15th September. Is that midnight tomorrow? Or midnight on the 15th? Or something else? Im either staying up late for it or getting up before work for it.
  6. Wow. Just wow. I saw screenshots of the game a few weeks back, and thought it looked incredible, but was convinced it would be rubbish. Its a British developer too. Shut up and take my money!
  7. How scary is it? Scary games dont really interest me, but it looks lovely.
  8. Actually... Was it something like - play flex, play limit break, play battle trance, play flex and limit break again. Strength is now 24, energy is 9, play Whirlwind...thats 216 damage though, not quite enough?
  9. Can you explain how you beat the boss on turn one? I have been looking at this for ages trying to figure it out! Did you just duplicate the seeing red, that would take you to 7 energy, then use the energy potion, that would take you to 11.... How do you generate enough damage from whats left?
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