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  1. Is it playable online today? Or only from tomorrow?
  2. If anyone wants the digital version, you can buy two £35 PSN cards from Instant Gaming for £58.84.
  3. Still not on Gamepass.
  4. Its on the eStore, says a planned release date of 18th August, but you cant download it. So annoying.
  5. You can pre-order this from Currys, for £35.95 It is £44.99, use code SPLAT15 to take it down to £38.24. Then use JamDoughnut to buy a Currys voucher code to buy it, and save a further 6%, bringing it down to £35.95. Dont forget to use another forum members referral code also-
  6. Yeah me too. Im obviously very easily pleased, perhaps thats because I havent really bothered with Star Wars outside the first three plus Mandalorian, but im absolutely loving this.
  7. For people who also have Sky, its worth ringing them up and seeing what deal they can offer you on Netflix, if they bundle it in with Sky. I think I pay £3 for UHD Netflix as part of Sky, and have done for years. It was really easy to link the accounts so you dont lose watchlists, play history etc.
  8. Do Currys tend to deliver on or before release day?
  9. Yeah those guys, thanks. I dont have any Faith!
  10. Is there some kind of strategy to beating those teleporting fuckers with a million swords in Elphael?
  11. You get that by dropping down just to the right of the main gate, and there is a path round.
  12. OK so I havent seen all of it either
  13. Are you sure you have seen all Stormveil? I missed about 75% of it first time through! Its an awesome dungeon. Leyndell is up there with Soulsborne best.
  14. Awesome, its on iTunes, thats tonight sorted.
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