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  1. Im playing it on the GPD WIN 2, on the toilet, right now. Such an amazing piece of kit. Im enjoying the game a lot more than I was. Still find it far too easy, and the crafting and spells are completely overwhelming, but I am liking it. Im about 55% in, so still loads left to do.
  2. This was one of the main bugs, so hopefully you managed to pick something up after killing the dragon? It can be used in photography.... As for what to do after that, I cant think if a hint at all. Its fucking stupid.
  3. The painting shard is basically invincible mode. Something that made me laugh- That coupled with power of the wind sword means you kill every enemy in seconds. Its annoying, because all the other weapons seem really slow now. But you are probably right, the best approach is probably to use a different set up! I dont remember SOTN being anywhere near this easy. That also had a weapon very similar to power of the wind, but I remember you didnt get it till late on, and you had to farm for it (I think).
  4. How far are you into it? Im hoping it gets a lot harder. Apart from Zangetsu I have found it ridiculously easy. I think I am way over powered.
  5. I cant remember when it opens up as I havent played it for years, but you really should stick with it. It is absolutely wonderful.
  6. Its a long shot, but if anyone has the Switch version but wants the PS4 version, let me know. I have not been paying attention at all, I thought I was getting the Vita version They did send me an email ages ago, which I missed, explaining that the Vita version had been cancelled, and to choose another format. Looks like it defaulted to PS4. I have a PS4, but would much rather have this on the Switch.
  7. “Spell from the Demon Maiden in Black's Soul. Sucks the soul out of whoever it touches. The Maiden in Black, who aids the demon slayers with her command of Soul power, was once one of the oldest, most dangerous demons herself.” Some of the Lore.... is just so.... beautiful
  8. The beginning being Demons Souls, of course. I replayed this recently. Its a fucking masterpiece. Just dripping with atmosphere. And it really, truly, utterly makes you appreciate a bonfire. Even Dark Souls is generous by comparison!
  9. The DS2 (especially) and the DS3 DLC are both great. Cant really go wrong for what is probably only a few quid! Scholar of the First Sin definitely improves the main game. I would say it depends on how recently it was you played DS2. If you havent played it for a while then go for it.
  10. The weapon arts. Plus Cathedral of the Deep and Grand Archives are up there with the best in terms of level design. I liked the swamp level
  11. Nobody has even replied yet with what is the only correct answer - all of them. Play all of them at some point, and play them all in as many different ways and playstyles as you can. Plus dont forget Demons Souls. You did ask “Which Dark Souls?”, but the game where it all began was, and still is, absolutely wonderful.
  12. Not even Champion Gundyr? He is probably one of my favourite bosses in the entire series, precisely because of the way it rewards you for learning the patterns and the timing. I used to struggle at SL80+, but now I can parry him to death at SL1 without getting hit, with a target shield and a fire dagger. Those are the kinds of bosses I love - hit really hard, but learn the patterns and timing and you can destroy them (also I missed out Prince Lothric!). In my mind the drop off in quality in Dark Souls was quite bad for the second half of the game. But actually, looking back through the level list, it is only really the two you mention plus crystal caves which are not that great, so it isnt that bad. It just felt like at the time!
  13. Dull level design??? Blightown is probably the best level in any game ever. The undead burg/undead parish/firelink triangle is probably the best interlinking design ever. But to say Dark Souls 3 has dull level design? Cathedral of the Deep (especially) Irithyl Dungeon (actually especially this too) Lothric Castle Grand Archives Irithyl of the Boreal Valley So it is at least debatable. But in my opinion DS3 has far, far better bosses. There are barely any rubbish ones, and there are loads of amazing ones - Dancer, Aldritch, Sulyvahn, Nameless King, Champion Gundyr for example. O&S are of course incredible videogame history. Capra is great just for the sheer audacity of a boss you can die against in less than five seconds. I can see the original poster has made the correct decision to start with Dark Souls, and will hopefully move onto Dark Souls 3 after. Can you explain what the straight up weird builds are from DS?
  14. I thought this wasnt out till 20th June? Is it out now?
  15. kempstar

    Dark Souls 3

    Ive had a couple of goes at Soul of Cinder at SL1, and really he doesnt seem that bad? I almost managed to get him down to his second phase. From what I remember, the second phase was probably easier, as you can just bait the jumping slash continually? Certainly seems very easy compared to other bosses (Dancer especially).
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