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  1. Ive only really messed about with it to see what it was like, I’ve not really used it at any great length. But from what I could see, you could get past most things. I wonder if you could combine this with shooting arrows or throwing things to send the enemies the wrong way
  2. They don’t stack. But you can combine it with slumbering dragon crest ring to make you quiet and invisible And I guess with Hush as well, but never tried that.
  3. Or, just run directly at it when that happens. Half the time it goes over your head. The other half, the Crest shield blocks most of it Im now at another ridiculous difficulty spike. The opening chamber in the Dukes Archives is really difficult. The crystal twats can one shot me. The channeller can one shot me with soul arrow. Plus there are loads of arrows flying around that can take most of my health away. Once I can get past this bit, it will get easier, as there are more places to hide behind!
  4. kempstar

    Nintendo Switch

    They did yes. And it was really simple to do.
  5. kempstar

    Your 4K Gaming TV Experiences & Thoughts

    I have a 65 inch LG OLED. As a lot of people have said, HDR makes much more difference than 4K, for films and TV at least, particularly if you are not sitting that close to the TV. I started playing Last of Us: Left Behind yesterday, and it looked absolutely astonishing.
  6. kempstar

    Nintendo Switch

    I had the exact same issue. Where did you buy it from? Amazon replaced my Switch no problem after 13 months.
  7. Four Kings are now..... 0 Kings Its a bullshit fight, not much fun, and so much luck involved. In the end I ditched my ring of favour and protection, put on the bellowing dragoncrest ring and the crown of dusk and just went full pyro. I didnt bother rolling at all, just tried to circle around with my shield up. That helped, because before if I tried to dodge and messed it up, 9 times out of ten it was an insta kill. So.... 60k souls and nothing to spend them on! And need to decide which boss to do next
  8. Firelink. You are right it is annoying - still get hit occasionally by a darkwraith and randomly by a ghost when going through the fog door. I am going to spend a bit of time on it tonight
  9. Nope, probably wont bother with the DLC bosses.
  10. I wish Im doing a SL1 run so cant use those weapons. The main problem is almost all of the attacks are one shot kills. The magic attacks and the grab attacks are the worst ones. I need to just get the dodge timing locked down. Having to use the Covenant of Artorias ring is annoying as thats one less ring slot. I think once I have got the timing down I should be OK, I can do enough damage with great combustion and an ascended glove +5, and a lightening reinforced club +5. I am also using mask of the child, grass crest shield and green blossoms to keep my stamina up. I think once this is out of the way, the rest should be ok - Nito, Shit Tree and Gwynn left to go.
  11. You can Havel-spam it, but I want to at least try and kill them “properly”! Ive found SL1 actually pretty OK so far, the hardest boss has been centipede demon! O&S I only took two hits. I dont like any of the bosses I have left, am losing the will to carry on...
  12. Im really struggling with the four kings. Spent an hour on it, and barely managed to get more than a handful of hits in. Most attacks are guaranteed one shot kills. There is a fantastic video of someone beating them at SL1 on NG+7. He makes it look so easy!
  13. Well you would have to do a bit of it... up through Darkroot, past the titanite demon, past Andre, through the church, up the steps.... So you have to go through it to get to the gargoyles, but can miss out most of it, and you dont have to go via taurus demon.
  14. AND, even if you don't have the master key, you can get to the valley of drakes via new londo ruins, but not sure if anything has to be done before you drain the water?
  15. You can skip all of undead burg and parish I think. So if you have the master key, you go through valley of the drakes, get the elevator up to darkroot, then run through to Andre. No need to fight Capra or Taurus. God I love this game

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