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  1. That's a great summary of why Blight Town is so great. It is very important to the OneBro run. I probably visited it 50 times or so :p I had a quick mental recap, and for me there are only a few levels that even come close in terms of design brilliance, and most of those are in Dark Souls- Undead Burg/Parish Sens Fortress Anor Londo Boletarian Palace Tower of Latria
  2. It really isnt. It is one of the most incredibly atmospheric levels, in any game, ever.
  3. @Uncle Nasty I did a OneBro run, and got about 90% through the main game, and absolutely loved it. Its very difficult in parts, but not as hard as it sounds, plus it is extremely rewarding. It is also really interesting seeing how you can maximise damage, and the routes you take through the game to get the necessary items quickly. Highly recommended!
  4. Have you done a OneBro run?
  5. kempstar

    Liverpool Football Club Thread

    Its the one before the last (Im going ). Napoli at home is the last match.
  6. kempstar

    Rllmuk Fantasy Premier League 2018/19

    Allegedly seen out drinking at 2am... The rumour was doing the rounds before the gameweek deadline. No idea how true it is.
  7. kempstar

    Liverpool Football Club Thread

    You say that, but Vertonghen has clawed an opponent in a very similar way before. That time it was off the ball, and again not seen by the ref. It was against Jay Rodriguez if you want to google it. Vertonghen knew exactly what he was doing. Its his other arm, and comes all the way across his body. I hope he gets a ban.
  8. kempstar

    A movie watchers blog

    Has anyone seen the film Searching? I have a rare chance to go to the cinema tonight, that is the only thing that works timewise, and it looks OK...
  9. kempstar

    This is Hip-Hop.

    Does anyone else here like Beneath the Heavens by Blu & Exile?
  10. I actually dont know if I can be bothered to play it through to the end, but it is a great if not quite excellent game
  11. How far into the game is high peak castle?
  12. I can now confirm that you need to get to the end of the level with the rune before you get to keep it!
  13. I tend to scour the whole map for power ups and items, so it takes quite a bit longer.
  14. FFS - its not in the list of permanent upgrades when you talk to that progress guy in prisoners quarters. I will try and get it again
  15. Hmmm..... I think I did die on that level but not sure. Plus the runes very clearly state that they are permanent (immediately?). Really annoying because I have been enjoying the game. The only thing that is off is the balance - perhaps a more experienced developer would have got this right. Its a very fun game, great to control and some great combos/weapons. But having to do really long runs to get back to a boss can be tiresome. It feels tiresome in a way that something like Spelunky doesnt, for example.

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