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  1. I bought this a couple of weeks ago, and have put about 70 hours in so far. Its absolutely brilliant, and it feels like I have barely scratched the surface. I am up to ascension 7 on Ironclad, 3 on The Silent, and ive spent about 15 minutes on The Defect as I couldnt understand what was going on! I try to keep my deck small, and I hardly ever buy a card from the shops, as I have found removing a strike or a defend to be far, far more valuable. I try to get something that gives me strength (Demon Form ideally, but a relic will do), then just keep cycling limit break. I had a great run just now, where I one-shotted the ascended one boss as soon as he transformed
  2. Im absolutely loving this, but its a fair bit easier than I was expecting. Im about 12 hours in, and I have beaten three floors with both Ironclad and The Silent. My last run with Ironclad was ridiculous, I managed to do 374 damage in one hit. I had lots of cards that increased strength, and I was often able to double it 4 or 5 times in a battle. I also had a great run with The Silent, and got a perk which upgraded my entire deck, but in return I could no longer heal. I was offered this just a couple of rooms before the end of act 3, so the lack of heal was not an issue. what does Ascension actually do? I presume I need to beat the game with the Defect too to unlock the door at the end of act 3.
  3. Also, can you heal things like frail and so on? Or prevent them? I just tend to focus on first making sure i have enough to block any attacks, and then look at playing attack cards.
  4. Is there a spoiler-free-ish idiots guide to this somewhere? Im really enjoying it, but I havent quite grasped all the mechanics and synergies yet. Why would I want to “exhaust” cards? Is that basically just to get rid of my weak cards? How exactly does the draw deck work? It looks like the discarded cards are put back into it, is the whole pack then shuffled?
  5. @lordcookieOK with the exception of Animal Kingdom, they are all going on my list. I think I will watch Out Of The Blue first. Thank you!
  6. Ive seen all of them I liked Green Room, but not as much as Blue Ruin. Animal Kingdom... I must admit I was disappointed with, after all the good things I had heard. Hunt for the Wilderpeople is pure amaze, and I think it was recommended to me on here before. That is definitely one that would have passed me by. Thanks!
  7. I continually struggle to find films I want to watch. So, typically, I end up watching nothing. Its very frustrating. This thread revived my love of films about a year or so ago, here are some of the gems that I simply would never have come across- Blue Ruin The Interview The Guilty What can anyone recommend that is something (anything) like those? There is also One Cut of The Dead, but I suppose that is one of a kind really
  8. Is this easy enough for a 7 year old to build levels?
  9. My god that was a film of three halfs! First 30 minutes: OK, schlocky horror, a bit boring Second 30 minutes: OK.... this is good fun and mildly amusing, ill stick with it Third 30 minutes: Wait, what??!? Wow, wow, wow! Absolutely fantastic! I finished watching it about five minutes ago and still cant take the grin off my face What a beautiful, amazing piece of cinema. The best £1 I have spent in years. Thank God I chanced upon this thread!
  10. There are some great suggestions in here. For me though, one of the most incredibly atmospheric games ever, even though it is over twenty years old (!), is Chrono Trigger. That is largely because of the soundtrack; most games are doing well if they have a memorable track or two, whereas Chrono Trigger has at least 10. Maybe more! One of my favourites is “Secret of the forest”. I dont think I have ever felt so much like I was actually in a forest, without actually being in one. For me, that is atmosphere.
  11. No need, the fucker is down It took around 12 minutes, so I think it must have been a bug somehow! I didnt ring the bell, I know about it as I read about it. Im actually starting to get it now I think.... The move where you deflect a thrust attack is awesome.
  12. Yes I know, but its not much fun repeating that over and over!
  13. See this is what I mean - I wail on him whilst he is still locked up, at least 7 or 8 hits, and it takes away at most a 20th of his health bar. Ive watched videos and people are doing masses more damage than I am! Ive tried some other routes and I also managed to take down the general mini-boss. But to be honest I just pretty much button mashed deflect and attack. Ive also got to the drunkard boss, but there are just too many enemies to tackle. Im actually thinking that this really isnt the game for me, which is a shame, as I was expecting to love it. I will give it a bit more time.
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