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  1. So much this.
  2. Ive played this game for 500 hours. I Still read about it most days and am still discovering things that I didnt know about. Even on the face of it simple mechanics like “exhaust” have huge amounts of depth. Its practically perfectly balanced, and, at least up until the top level ascensions, there are potentially infinite strategies to use.
  3. Big motherfucker with heavy strength weapons is a lot of fun. Great axes, hammers, great swords and so on. Pure magic is a bit dull IMO. Have you considered a SL1 run? Its not as hard as it sounds, and my DS1 and DS3 SL1 runs were some of the most fun I ever had with the whole series.
  4. You had me sold there, TBH. I watched the trailer, and it really is quite beautiful. Is it short too? I prefer shorter games these days.
  5. I never got round to playing this back in the day. Im about 6 or 7 hours in (just got to Velen) and finding it fairly dull. There are so many side quests, that I just dont seem to care about. “Go here and find an item”. There has been the odd one, which has been great, for example there was one where someone had set fire to a dwarfs workshop, and you had to track him down using your witcher senses The outcome was not what I was expecting and made me feel pretty terrible. I wonder if open world games have been ruined forever by the brilliance of Breath of the Wild? I am hoping that it picks up soon. Really disappointed as I had heard such great things.
  6. kempstar

    Nintendo Switch

    Im tempted, because the Pokemon console looks awesome. Plus my son has pretty much claimed my normal switch. I thought the screen was a lesser quality screen?
  7. kempstar

    Nintendo Switch

    What is the screen like though?
  8. Im playing it on GPD WIN 2. Also had never heard of it before reading the Edge review. Im only a few puzzles in, and its already quite difficult.
  9. When is this out on the shops or digitally? Could burn the best part of a train journey tomorrow.
  10. Mention it. And carry on mentioning the articles in future! Its awesome that you are writing articles in Edge.
  11. Here are some of my favourites The Sakura Taisen pink one is probably my overall favourite, with the Resident Evil red one a close second.
  12. Ah, I get it now.... three cards in your hand next round, and they stay in your hand. For some reason I thought you got three cards that then disappeared after use! Stung clock cock with 1,630 poison with three lots of upgraded catalyst
  13. Is it much harder with the silent than the ironclad, or am I just not very good? Also, what is the point of the nightmare card? 3 mana, to get three copies of a card next round. I cant think of any good uses for it, except the card that doubles/triples poison.
  14. Please tell me I dont lose all my progress if I switch to the beta branch? I dont want to lose my A17 progress!
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