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  1. That looks great, definitely up for seeing that when it comes out, they need to sort the music out though, this plinky plonky piano slowed down John Lewis Christmas advert version of the theme is awful.
  2. @Chewylegs there you go, you can sell your copy and still get to play it.
  3. No game news is definitely a double bluff, with it being a Mario Movie Direct the only logical option is that they will announce Windwaker Super Deluxe for the Switch.
  4. I'm still waiting for this @S0L
  5. Any cheap digital versions for the Xbox S peeps?
  6. Had a quick play last night via Cloud Gaming which works really well and I had the entire world at my disposal, so where did I go? The Pyramids, The Great Wall of China, Vegas, Everest? No, I decided to fly my commute to work, what is actually wrong with me?
  7. Incredible, they properly did a cracking job too. Another great episode although I would have liked longer on the old hot hatches.
  8. Eeesh that thread title. Looking forward to giving this a go, my expectations are set accordingly and it looks fun. Just going to wait for a price drop.
  9. I really want this but I know I’ll play each game for about 3 seconds and then never again.
  10. Get it sold and buy me a beer, you can get it digitally on the PlayStation https://store.playstation.com/en-gb/product/EP0101-CUSA13590_00-CASTLEVANIA00001
  11. It's Odyssey, Mario is synonymous with Nintendo and whilst BOTW is better like others have said both that and MK8 were Wii U games. Probably as I have the Mario Odyssey Switch.
  12. I thought Road 96 was a driving game but was actually so much cooler than I expected, one of my favourite games I've played this year. Soundtrack is excellent too.
  13. It’s a step in the right direction and may pave the way for virtual exclusives in the future. I think it’s pretty cool.
  14. Someone has fixed the trailer, maybe there needs to be an internet outcry to get this version.
  15. I made an avatar in Tiger Woods 2004 that looked so much like me it was uncanny. I spent hours on that. Ever since then I can't be arsed. Although I to tend to make a huge muscly guy with spiked white hair wherever possible. Or a woman with big knockers like what Scouser does.
  16. Sorry to hear about your eyesight, I can only echo the sentiments of others here. I'm also absolutely terrible at tactics/turn based strategy games however I enjoyed Advance Wars which I can see you are already playing and Steamworld Heist is a fun side on turn based shooter.
  17. With a CGI Dave Perry sliding down to rescue the little wee penguin.
  18. They should treat Mario with respect.
  19. Started Beacon Pines last night and really enjoyed what I played, thought it would be good for my son until the Shit charm turned up.
  20. I think being able to replenish your health in the menus is an elegant way of implementing difficulty levels, for those that are not as proficient at the game sure go ahead and munch 80 apples. There are also those who will leave the plateau and defeat Ganon with just a stick. That both methods exist together is great design.
  21. S4 episode 2 was brilliant, one of my favourite episodes so far. I mean they are all brilliant to be fair but I really enjoyed that one.
  22. I don't know why I thought it but I was sure this was launching on GamePass. However a brief Google search put me right. Looks like the Switch version for me then.
  23. Congrats on the promotion I’ve just ordered the latest issue for my son and I to take a look.
  24. Just been replaying Halo 2 with the Scarab gun skull on. It's hilarious being an unstoppable death machine and wiping out everything in your path. However splash damage kills you in one so the flood sections are a bit tricky.
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