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  1. I loved Tiger Woods 2004 it was my favourite golf game, booting it up to DMX you know it's not going to be a true sim. It was one of the first detailed character create I used and I spent hours just making a virtual me. Levelling up until you're finishing competitions 60 under at least. Spinning the ball wildly as it flies, it was such a fun game.
  2. That was bloody great best one of the season yet. It was the last of the season too. The off roading in Iceland was incredible, no idea how they got up those cliffs. The Supra feature was great loved seeing Paddy enthuse about the car he loved as a youngster, then segued into a review of the new Supra. The Lotus F1 feature was genuinely fascinating and almost on a level with the stuff that James May used to do on old new Top Gear. Way less bullying too which was nice.
  3. One that really got me with it's atmosphere was Ico, the castle really felt like one big solid location rather then a series of rooms. The colour palette and audio really helped give it a feeling that I've not really experienced since.
  4. I'll take a look on readly in a couple of weeks. Good score for Pedro though.
  5. If you use save states you don't get on the leaderboard?
  6. Yeah I haven't explored too much but all the usual gimmicks seem to be there, health and currency and extra currency that you can buy to purchase power ups. It will probably outstay it's welcome very quickly.
  7. This is out now on both Android and iOS.
  8. This game is incredible but just goes to show that there really is no better graphical style than Super Mario World, it's absolutely timeless.
  9. Come on guys it's a recently launched brand new business trying to gain customers you can't expect them to work weekends.
  10. I do think it's a bit hampered in comparison to the Wii U version it was a lot of fun making courses on the tablet and being able to play them on the TV at the same time but other than that it's ace. Really enjoying Story Mode.
  11. Fletch

    Xbox Game Pass

    We've already played through Lego City on the Wii U but I think I saw it's Multiplayer on the xbox so that'll mean another run through.
  12. So I paid through PayPal on my xbox, it says my sub is until 1st August, will this then roll over as I can't see any way to cancel through the website?
  13. I do love a Fable 2 replay every now and then. I did 3 recently but it's just not as good.
  14. Fletch

    Gaming grudges

    Are we arguing about the best stick position on a pad? Never change RLLMUK. (It's the Xbox style layout BTW) I've never had a grudge as such as I've enjoyed the output on all platforms although I've not had a PS4 this gen as not many of the exclusive titles appeal although that VR stuff looks cool. I guess my only grudge is against the PC as I don't know all the DOS prompts to make a game run.
  15. Fletch

    Gaming grudges

    If it's anything like unbounded they can keep it.
  16. I subbed I'll probably cancel, the selection of games got me right in the nostalgia gland but I just don't enjoy playing them anymore plus the awesome intro to Xenon 2 and Magic Pockets were missing.
  17. Fletch

    Gaming grudges

    God I'd love Ridge Racer on my Switch.
  18. Is there not a free trial or is it straight in with the 9.99?
  19. Just watching on iplayer and when he got splay with the melon you could tell he was trying so hard to not lose his cool. They need to tone down Freddies antics as apart from the casual bullying it's a good series.
  20. I think OutRun 2 was peak blue skies arcade racing, it's such a shame licenses will leave it in limbo.
  21. I've not even touched the editor yet or played a user level, just had some fun with story mode last night. Agreed with @CheekyLee my skills are weak, I blame the beer last night.
  22. Even despite my misgivings and having the Wii U version this is now sitting on my Switch ready to go.
  23. This is fun and really smooth just got my first 1st place on the beginner track. The only downside is it really makes me want a Switch port of Outrun 2 even more.
  24. I've never played any version of Virtua Racing but for £5.99 it's definitely in impulse purchase territory.
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