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  1. Me too hopefully get some more time to get involved this time round.
  2. Maybe they should have concentrated on product design rather than art.
  3. Well I got past the level, I went into the wrong sorting slot again and when I was back by the typewriter I noticed a panel had opened in the giant head right next to me which I'm sure wasn't there before. I wouldn't have missed something that obvious, however in my defence it was a really nice bottle of red.
  4. Cheers thought I tried that but may have gone in the wrong one. I was deep into a bottle of red at the time so that may have affected my ability.
  5. I was enjoying it until the post room level but after addressing the letter I can’t see where I have to go to at all.
  6. The last couple of weeks have made me waiver on an instabuy to a wait and see mindset. This should be a home run, hopefully they haven't fucked about with it too much.
  7. My son loves, Forza Horizon 4, Minecraft, Breath of the Wild, Super Mario Odyssey and recently he's been getting into Portal 2 and Hyrule Warriors. He's played Roblox round a mates house but never really expressed an interest in getting it here and he's never played Fortnite. I imagine all that will change as he gets older but generally he gets into what I'm playing as long as it's age appropriate. He's never sat through Star Wars though the little shit.
  8. This games season I will be mostly playing Forza, Monkey Ball and Halo. Alongside whatever else that comes out that tickles my rhubarb.
  9. I made my PS2 resolution twin in Tiger Woods 2004,it was uncanny and it took me bloody ages. Every character creator since I've been less and less bothered and usually just go down the ridiculous route.
  10. It's not a big deal the challenge to do runs using the least amount of lives will still be there.
  11. I was trying to get gold in every single race on Forza 7 but there is just so many of them and I kinda get burnt out if I do too many.
  12. As it's now on Netflix I watched it with my now 8 year old and there were still sobs at the end. Such a lovely film.
  13. Fletch

    Apple Arcade

    I only bought the 3DS game couple of weeks ago.
  14. Facebook Marketplace is a good way to find them, it's how I found my 3DS.
  15. Hopefully they won't have to edit innocent words out of the music this time round.
  16. Despite all the cheapness on the xbox I think I'm going to have to go Switch on this one. Monkey Ball just feels at home on Nintendo hardware. It'll encourage my son to play more of it too as he uses the Switch more than the xbox.
  17. When I got to the cooking show boss I started using invincibility too. There was too much going on for me to deal with. If anyone wants to tell me how it easy it was, don't bother I'm fine thanks.
  18. Seeing screenshots of Hotline Miami really put me off the game as the retro aesthetic didn’t appeal to me at all and then I played it and was blown away. Not sure what my point is but go and play Hotline Miami it’s ace.
  19. I've not used mine as much as I thought I would. I think not having a PC to link up for more potential doesn't really help.
  20. The old ones could be fiddly but my son was probably a bit young when we played them making the experience more frustrating than it should be.
  21. I love making supercars into rally cars, reminds me of the rallying Ferraris and Porsches of the 80's. Just wish you could have higher suspension. IMO and all that.
  22. I wasn't being entirely serous but the Forza engine would make a great off road game.
  23. Could have a true off roader mode where you need a winch on the front of your car for every time you fall in a ditch.
  24. Loved this on the xbox I'll have a play later.
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