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  1. Jeeesus I just tried the Super Hot demo and I am super hot but not just because of the weather. That was intense I'm not sure I could play the full game. I did laugh when I took the headset off and I was facing a full 180 degrees away from where I thought I was. The boundaries feature on Oculus is brilliant.
  2. Yeah that was my thinking, someone gets rich and the studio gets worse as the talent leaves.
  3. Do these acquisitions ever work out well for the company involved?
  4. Hottest day of the year so seemed fitting to pop down to John Lewis and pick up a Quest 2. Opted for the 64gb version. So far so good, I lost my VR virginity with PSVR so I guess that immediate wow factor was a little less but it's a bloody cool little thing. The boundary setting is genius and had a lot of fun with the demo. I need to track back through the thread looking for recommendations. Does the store have sales on at any time?
  5. I turned the HUD off in my car by taping over the dials and got caught doing 100 in a 30 zone
  6. My littlest has watched it about 56 billion times already, he just wants the dragon film over and over
  7. Mostly just the ones mentioned in the thread here, looking likely to go one of 2 ways although I hope there's some surprises in store.
  8. I like it, even episode 3 had it's moments. TV at the moment is an embarrassment of riches, compared to what we had in the 80s and 90s so kinda feels redundant to gripe about things when there's a thousand other things to watch. Anyway really looking forward to see where they take it in the final episode, lots of theories flying about.
  9. A new super easy glitch to get the Master Sword right at the start of the game has been discovered. https://www.gamesradar.com/the-legend-of-zelda-breath-of-the-wild-glitch-lets-you-get-the-master-sword-early-using-just-a-campfire/
  10. I was playing Every Extend Extra Extreme the other day and I got to thinking what my wife would make of it if she came back and saw me playing it. I'd also struggle to explain it and it would look like I was playing a screen saver. Even my gaming mates would be puzzled by it. So what games would you have difficulty explaining? RLLMUK it's over to you.
  11. I’ve been to 5 Guys once, it was ok but I thought it was too expensive for what you got. At the festival I recently went to they had a Patty & Bun and they were incredible, one of the best burgers I’ve ever had, even at festival prices.
  12. Golf games have never bettered Tiger Woods 2004 on the PS2. Get that remastered.
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