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  1. So I take it all back my son just told me he thinks Sunshine is better than 64.
  2. So played a little 64 and Sunshine, was Mario 64 always this juddery? The controls on Sunshine are going to take some getting used to but it looks amazing.
  3. I'm going to play them in order and instruct my son to do so as well. I've never really played 64 apart from a few minutes on an emulator but have not played Galaxy, but have played Galaxy 2. I'm hoping my aging brain can get to grips with the camera in Sunshine all over again though.
  4. So with these being emulated, I guess my hopes that you'd be able to invert the camera on Sunshine have been dashed.
  5. I voted for the 2 most expensive options. I was never any good at The Price Is Right though.
  6. The Gamecube controller buttons are still in Sunshine on that video. Have they not even put Switch buttons on there?
  7. I remember buying it for some ipod I had and that transformed my commute.
  8. Oh yeah I've bought Rez like 3 times now and love it, Tetris Effect kinda caught me by surprise, I knew it was similar but no more than that really and it blew my socks off.
  9. Well Tetris Effect is a bit bloody special, I was absolutely entranced. I didn't think Tetris in VR would be anything special. I'm happy to report I was completely and utterly wrong. It completely lifted my mood and took me out of a pretty dark place I've been in for a few days. The desert level was incredible but they all were, the way it builds up slowly and you're bouncing around in your seat before you know it. I may have uttered a few Keanu style Woahs while playing too. I still have the last set of levels to play but fuck me it's a masterpiece.
  10. I don't remember the last thing I bought on disc, so I guess I don't need that.
  11. So if I don't have a 4K telly, the series x would be wasted on me and I can just get one of these instead?
  12. I've got the prescription but still can't face buying the glasses.
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