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  1. Fletch

    Xbox Game Pass

    Cheers I don't have a pc though unfortunately, I nearly bought it on Switch but I'll wait now. That's the thing about Game Pass, it makes me loath to buy games on the xbox as the backlog is too much already. It did make me get the whole Hitman 2 bundle which I wouldn't have without it.
  2. Fletch

    Xbox Game Pass

    That's a cracking line up up over always fancied a play of Minit and I didn't realise The Outer Wilds was coming to game pass. So much to play, I need a time machine.
  3. That looks incredible I hope it looks good on the xbox too. As long as I can do a flyby over my house then swoop under the Severn Bridge I'll be happy.
  4. I had issues cancelling my sub, it didn't appear in my subs list on xbox so couldn't cancel through there and I couldn't do it through the website. Customer service were very helpful but it was a bit of a mare.
  5. Fletch

    Apple Arcade

    Cool thanks @Gorf King hopefully my mini will be able to play some of the games.
  6. Fletch

    Apple Arcade

    Is it coming to Mac or is this just for the portable devices?
  7. How about something like this, it looks pretty comfortable and isn't too pricey. Not really a looker though. https://www.manomano.co.uk/p/homcom-office-recliner-sofa-chair-plush-armchair-lounger-360-rotating-black-11357585
  8. Does it use buttons or the other analogue stick to accelerate and brake? I never really got to grips with the stick method.
  9. How does Grid play without analogue triggers, I was looking at the trailer and it looks great but that was the issue that put me off.
  10. So apparently it's Honk day and Link day but for some crazy reason I decided to buy the Switch version of Lee Carvellos Putting Challenge, in my defence it was only £1.88 so I feel I've had my moneys worth after half an hour. Edit: I didn't see @acidbearboy post before I posted that.
  11. I bought Sayonara last night, and then there's this and Honks Awakening, what an expensive time to be alive.
  12. Oh man I totally forgot about Sayonara Wild Hearts. It looks flipping awesome definitely getting that on Friday. There's this other low profile release, some obscure Japanese adventure, Wake Up Link or something or other. Anyone heard of it?
  13. Jesus Christ Thwomp they're not rocks they're minerals.
  14. Fletch

    Nintendo Switch

    Piece of piss mate.
  15. Another c**t suckered into buying it again, I've still got it on the Wii U but the prospect of having it always available and the extra switch content got me as I've been hankering some Captain Toad for a while. Now I've bought it at full price it'll be on sale in a few days.
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