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  1. Fletch

    EDGE #320

    I was interested in Forgotten Anne but that's one of the lowest scores I've seen what didn't they like about it?
  2. Fletch

    Nintendo Switch

    Never played this on the Wii but it looks awesome from the trailer, I showed my son and got at least three wows from it.
  3. Fletch

    Neo Geo Mini

    I like it, reminds me of those tabletop games from the 80's. The serious fan will already have a vintage Neo Geo, these games can be emulated on pretty much anything so I like the fact they've gone in a different direction than just a mini box like the NES and SNES. Looks fun.
  4. Fletch

    Xbox Game Pass (Subscription Service)

    That's a lot to get rid of in one go, plus isn't the price going up sometime? Unless there's something great going up to replace them I might not bother going forward.
  5. Fletch

    Nintendo Switch

    I've never even played online on the Switch but I'll probably still get this just for the NES games, I'm probably in a minority on that one though.
  6. Fletch

    Nintendo Switch eShop

    It's like the comments section of Hot UK Deals here.
  7. Fletch

    Removing content you've already paid for...

    Cool, I just saw the video pop up and thought it was relevant. Seems like it's not really an issue.
  8. Fletch

    Nintendo Switch

    Well apart from it being originally designed for the Wii U you know with the Sheika slate looking exact like a Wii U pad, I think moving it to the switch they removed the second screen stuff that would have otherwise been in the game.
  9. Fletch

    Good crisp bad crisp

    The jalapeño ones are tasty but dripping with oil seriously greasy fingers after eating them.
  10. Fletch

    Removing content you've already paid for...

    On a similar note I saw this video on the Youtubes this morning saying that DK: Tropical Freeze has been removed from the Wii U eShop. I haven't been able to check on my Wii U but it's a bit shitty if true.
  11. Fletch

    Nintendo Labo - What's in the box?

    Another thing I noticed today on the software it shows the right colour Joycons in the tutorials which I assume does the same for all the different colours. Thought that was a nice touch. I have the red Mario ones which is why I noticed.
  12. Fletch

    Nintendo Labo - What's in the box?

    Made the rc car and now halfway through the motorbike the way it's made is genius hats off to the designers that came up with this. We only stopped as my son was hungry the lightweight.
  13. Fletch

    Nintendo Labo - What's in the box?

    Ordered from Argos, although it'll be too late to get stuck in with my son tonight, will get it started over the weekend. Can't decide whether to build to motorcycle or the piano first. Maybe the little bug car thing to get a feel for it.
  14. Fletch

    Nintendo Labo - What's in the box?

    I'll pick this up from Argos on Friday but I can't preorder it there as they don't do that but have some vouchers to spend. I don't know why anyone needed to know that I nearly nodded off just typing it. Really looking forward to getting that piano made though. I mean my son is really looking forward to building that piano. Labo!

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