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  1. A top down retro inspired murder 'em up with absolutely brutal killings and an amazing soundtrack. Hard as balls but instant restarts negate that. Essential
  2. I had it on my PS3 but didn't ever finish it, so will give it a proper crack on the Switch this time.
  3. Hotline Miami collection get! Can't wait to get stuck into it again.
  4. I loved this which was a nice surprise as the trailer put me off it as it seemed so grim but there's so many light hearted scenes to balance the darker elements.
  5. This is another one that I wish I'd seen at the cinema, it was absolutely marvelous. So many cool ideas crammed into the film. The animation was incredible. I was trying to decide about showing my son but I think it'll be alright for him.
  6. Not sure if it's been mentioned but there's a demo of Cadence of Hyrule available now.
  7. That's the weird thing it says I'm not subscribed but antstream have taken £9.99 out of my PayPal
  8. I think there's an account mix up. The app on xbox is saying I'm not subscribed even though they took the money.
  9. I can't see it. I thought it would be on my subs on the xbox but it's not appearing there.
  10. How the hell do you cancel this, my sub just rolled over but there doesn't seen to be any way to cancel it.
  11. ROB As I was a bit of a tearaway and was into petty burglary and pick pocketing. Life was tough in a small Cotswolds village back in the day* * I'm Rob it was my name I'm that imaginative.
  12. I loved Tiger Woods 2004 it was my favourite golf game, booting it up to DMX you know it's not going to be a true sim. It was one of the first detailed character create I used and I spent hours just making a virtual me. Levelling up until you're finishing competitions 60 under at least. Spinning the ball wildly as it flies, it was such a fun game.
  13. That was bloody great best one of the season yet. It was the last of the season too. The off roading in Iceland was incredible, no idea how they got up those cliffs. The Supra feature was great loved seeing Paddy enthuse about the car he loved as a youngster, then segued into a review of the new Supra. The Lotus F1 feature was genuinely fascinating and almost on a level with the stuff that James May used to do on old new Top Gear. Way less bullying too which was nice.
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