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  1. (sorry i dont know how to use quotes properly)well OPSM2 maneged to give it 9/10.....which means its as good as MOH:RS, which really doiesnt say much being as that was worse than frontline. edit: it (the ps2) does hove TS2 like everything else tho, which really is the benchmark on the ps2
  2. Were ever opens earlyest, no seriously, iv got the tin on order at play and ill be going into town in the morning to get it, im thinking tescos rite now as they open early . Unless anyweres doing one of the oldschool midnite openings, hmm mite have to ask in game about that.
  3. http://www.watch.impress.co.jp/game/docs/2...24/tgsxb205.jpg and for comedy value check that one out
  4. i have a green xbox, hahahaha mines still limited, well it is, it hasnt been modded yet (must get that done)
  5. i think its the stright up fuckabilaty and naughytness that picture portrays that u like, iknow i do
  6. 5R7


    i thought it was great
  7. i havent tried it one xp , now im gonna have to go and find the bloody disc to try and get it to run
  8. i rented out rise of the machines, and played the redemtion demo more than the game. It still doesnt come close to the best terminator game tho - Terminator: Future Shock( u can find it on the abandon ware sites around if u aint played it)
  9. i used to like game and i used to talk to 2 of the DM's there. then they left and we got a GS across the street, now game's staffed with ppl that dont have a clue about games. So i go to GS, the staff are nice (especailly the blonde girl ) and they know there stuff aswell, all gamers which is great as they talk about all the new stuff with u and the old stuff too.
  10. 5R7

    Psi Ops

    the bosses are great in this there very old skool in style, in fact iv just realised the hole game is very old skool, with exception if the 3d graphics and psi powers its like im playing summit on the mega drive
  11. goldeneye 2 pads, setting 2.2 and your away, thats the closeest ul find to a twin stick setup. ... well that or one of the 64 emus on the xbox that maps the c buttons to the right stick. and only the first batch of DC's(there were two versions) can play bakups, and IIRC they are a pain to burn aswell
  12. DC- sometime wont load legit games (bit of a headscratcher that one) Xbox - launch model chipped, fine altho it wont play jurassic park, or a couple of pornos ps2 - first one had dirty disc errors all the time, the second one was fine when i sold it, hey jim miles hows that ps2 doin GC - crashed once
  13. just how do u get more than one wookie?
  14. my local GS had got Aircon AND a hot blonde girl working there.....hang on maybe i went to the wrong shop . . . . . no it was GS
  15. im gonna be honest here, i'd love to see id try and do a console port. Mainly cos i very much doubt they could get it to run very well. ALL of there games have required the fineest hardware availbe to run. Question, what was the most powerfull computer avalible to the general public back in november 2001?(when the xbox was released) How would Doom3 run on it?
  16. 5R7

    Halo "argument"

    hmmm, guess ill have to re-read the end of FoR.
  17. intresting. But the uk release of "Last house on the left" is still cut, it misses some of the intestine removing, however an old zombie film called "Zombie dead" had more than one scen of intestine removing. How very odd. And i loved Dawn 2004, and u have to watch the end creits if utaint seen it yet
  18. 5R7

    Halo "argument"

    is my copy of first strike diffenent to yours then?
  19. 5R7

    Halo "argument"

    jonnyc - i would recommend u read the books to have a better understanding of the halo universe. OH, and the covenant were already at halo, they didnt follow
  20. well i did one of the things, no make that two, in that waffle. I just got a little fridge for me room, one of those that hold twelve cans of coke, or 9 440ml beers. and 24 cans of diet coke for it. I think the only remote thing inthere was to do with sniping and removing the ability to shoot thru walls, or did i miss summit
  21. wheel --->Triggers------------------------------------------>buttons well my opinion, and thats a good wheel, shame capcom dont release a wheel to go with those pedals from steel battlion
  22. region lock-out should be made illegal. thats what they say in oz neway
  23. I want one of those white ones . But the real mega drive 3(well genesis) is the one in the picture above,m doubt it would work that well with a mega cd or 32x tho
  24. considering the only competion for FPS on PS2 is really TS2, and thats not a pushover. Altho TS3 at end of year could be good. The only game im lookin forward to on PS2 is kingdom hearts 2, did neone else notice on the edge e3 dvd on the killzone vid one of the guys arms becomes detached from his back and u can see the inside of the texture trust me its there, i couldnt stop laughing. Oh and personnaly i think call of duty looks bad, medal of honur frontline bad(in comparison to allied assault). Isnt KOTOR2 due out next year?
  25. The question is how does doom 3 look on the xbox compared to this. And TBH i think this is one of the best looking games full stop. oh an i to think it should have been an 8
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