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  1. Yeah you can play it basically as a single player game until waaaaaaaay later in! Really until you reach level 50! Now, what like 3 years after launch!? its a decent fun fallout game! just with added people around ish. Would agree with moosegrinder about the public events though, as the only ones worth doing are the ones that give you the resource that you only unlock after finishing the game, as that gets you the best gear....and is when it basically becomes a daily grind! although the added season things can give you fun little targets to aim for! and its great when you get your home base just right and the fact its on gamepass! well. its effectively free lol which...it probably should have been to start with!
  2. 5R7

    Game music.

    its not that its "been done before" its that its an on going topic that regularly gets bumped, and was started in....2009!?! lol
  3. this is just embarrassing now... went from a perfectly good goal disallowed, to qpr just being all over us... good job none of this lot will be playing for the actual team...ish.,.. which really rasies the question...what the fuck is the point of the game, if its not for match sharpness for the team...
  4. and lineup for the game after, well, starting lineup, id imagine the 2nd half will be all the guys on the bench!...fuck knows why andreas is still there!?!
  5. Well, folks, we did it! We signed a defender!! ! ... Paul McShane resigned lol, but as a player coach for the u23's Tbh, I really want to know why ole has tried axel with Harry!
  6. I think this looks like it could be a fun movie! Espically after the first, yeash! and no, im not looking more into it, or for anymore from it. and you know what ...
  7. They do, they shut down, as it did he first time (specifically relating to the person who shared the story)...he then did it again, only this time as the card was still saturated with heat from the previous time, it went before it could stop. The issue is the game going weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee because the devs haven't put a frame rate cap in place, which they should, (in fact, ALL games should have fucking frame rate caps!) and then if you try to load the game again, while its still, say, "smoking hot" from the previous time, it may not be able to shut down quick enough, which appears to have been what happened. It would be like the breaker in your electrics tripping, and you turn it back on, and it trips again, and you turn it back on, only this time the thing that was tripping goes on fire, as you keep sending current to it.
  8. This kind of thing has happened before, starcraft springs to mind! its Devs not putting framerate limits in menus! The cards will shut down it you try to push them too far, hence why its nearly impossible to brick a card with normal OC'ing. But this is just so much so fast, it causes damage
  9. The Forever Purge...3.5./5 i like the purge films, and the series, so that might have helped "Trumpers" turned up to 11! If this had been released last year when scheduled, it would have been slightly foretelling what happened in Jan in the states! now it seems like its playing on it abit.
  10. every single time Axel plays, he looks good. why the fuck will ole not partner HIM with harry! oh shit! i didnt realise Ravel was playing for derby! (well, trial)
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