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  1. i second this, thought it looked great, but the controls...my god! it was like it was made by somebody who has never actually played this type of game before!...or they played Lair and thought that was the way to control lol
  2. 5R7

    Xbox Game Pass

    i didnt knnow there was one!...now ive looked it up...it looks ...fucking terrible...
  3. matic on for bailly...not axel...cant see axel staying really...even though he is a tremendous defender that simply needs games!
  4. well...thats just not an answer...much like most of your posts, so i cant be bothered reading you anymore.
  5. ima be blunt, ive said for a while ,we need a proper DLP! to then play 433!
  6. and where are you going to play pogba?
  7. apparently so... bailly is fucking terrible, why the fuck was he given a new contract!?! Tuanzebe should be on instead
  8. jesus fucking christ, that came from pogba fouling to get bruno "treatment" what a fucking stupid thing to do. anbd we all want to see rashford on the left, but , ole wont deviat from a 4231, to a 433 with bruno and pogba in the mid!
  9. ...for ...*checks note*...clearly winning the ball...
  10. one for the dubious goals panel that lol
  11. liverpool - sign ben davies, a guy with with 200+ league games...play nat phillips...a guy with no games...HA
  12. bailly not tuanzebe, disappointing. Odds on a bailly red card?
  13. stoney leaving the womens team is a bit disappointing apparently -"It is understood that Stoney has become increasingly frustrated about the club's training facilities and other infrastructure issues in recent months." cant really say that surprises me what with the massive lack of investment in the clubs infrastructure....
  14. the last one i enjoyed was Bad Company 2...
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