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  1. if that benchmark shot is accurate, along with death stranding running at 4k60 on a 2060 (with dlss), i think its fair to say, this is one hell of an optimised engine! Though i am hoping there is a way to push the shadow draw out, as it fills in way to close!
  2. now "all" we have to do is win 4 games to get 3rd...who would have thought that would be possible 8 months ago!?!
  3. 5R7

    Xbox Game Pass

    yep, thats what my halo was doing, seems they fucked summit!
  4. 5R7

    Xbox Game Pass

    why are you using the windows store and not the xbox game pass app?...i say...as my halo installation has utterly stopped working...and wont work even after redownloading the whole thing... i mean yeah its a beta....but..still
  5. go to PC Specialist, you can knock summit similar up for about the same price! and, you could replace that intel drive with a samsung! and the 3000 memory with 3200 just remember to remove windows! as you can get a key for a few quid off ebay, unless you have an account already and you could migrate it.
  6. wolves in the semi... :/ dont fancy that much...
  7. we've got Soton and palace next...lets see if we can keep that going lol
  8. ahh, villa park, home away from home lol
  9. Bruno getting his milk fix there! lol
  10. Bruno to pogba! :)# yaknow, not seeing anything from grealish to make me want him anymore! he should have cut that out! prob time for some subs now lol
  11. ..i have had this exact same thing happen too lol, well, actually, sancho got injured in the first game, for 6 months, he didnt get back in the team! the pepe rage at the last second lol
  12. he's scored more than either ronaldo, or messi did at that age!
  13. hahah the Reina RAGE! then ! lol
  14. and the ball clearly hit baileys shoulder last week, not his arm....swings and roundabouts with VAR init...i mean...its not supposed to be, but it is!
  15. wait...that pen was given!?...well, makes up for last week
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