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  1. @Pob if you have a an xbox series console, you could use that for your emulation needs!
  2. he was 17 like 2 weeks ago lol
  3. i guess im a min or 2 behind...
  4. well, my bet almost came in there!
  5. @Gabzy called this for a bet the other day
  6. well...first part of that happened...grrrrreat...
  7. thats just standard lingard that lol i was gonna say c'mon aresenal...but...thats already out the window init!
  8. Jesse Lingard has scored three goals in four league games at west ham i guess if he does well, he either comes back, or, his price tag has gone up for doing well
  9. well, if Gianluigi Donnarumma leaves Milan on a free...they would be in need of a keeper...
  10. funnily, i read an article about the that yesterday! https://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/sport/football/transfer-news/man-united-transfer-news-release-19854936 "Man United are frittering more than £600,000 a week on goalkeepers' wages but three are expected to leave the club in the summer. Manchester United are expected to cull their goalkeeping department by releasing at least three 'keepers in the summer. Sergio Romero and Joel Pereira are both expected to be released as United have no intention of triggering the one-year extension in either player's c
  11. so what do we reckon then, sunday, de gea and lindelof back, and some kind of fuck up between em for newcastle to score?
  12. as well, bailey and deano in the defence and goal, looks more assured! even maguire has been half decent alongside them
  13. was about to say James has been having a good game on the right...and then that lol Great game!
  14. oh, yay, Tony is on...lets see if he does anything today....
  15. im so sick of this fucking offside bollox, make the fucking call and stop players carrying on!
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