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  1. Doing the DLC before fighting Sif ...*yeah i beat it*...oh......oh.... and to give some context to the above posts about the past:-
  2. You would be getting some useful rock, and not beer!
  3. bailey and maguire as first choice?...assuming bailey stays fit, he has the pace needed!
  4. williams won the ball,. that was clear in real time.
  5. well, that was a clear handball, before it was a pen!
  6. Bright memory is also designed by one person!(mostly) ...so that and the falconeer...both look great, both made by one person...who needs massive studios
  7. i think i might put a bet on luton, then when we lose, it will make me some money lol
  8. ...ida gone first team, they need the match fitness!
  9. game pass has grown 50% since april, its gone from 10 mil, to 15 mil, in literally, 5 months!
  10. Gamepass subscriptions are up 50% ..since april...to 15mil...yep... https://www.theverge.com/2020/9/21/21449219/xbox-game-pass-15-million-subscribers-microsoft-growth
  11. well, im only 18 mins in, but so far, Alex is not impressed...and nor am i...it looks worse than the original in a lot of areas... edit: - got to the end..."its fucked mate" is the basic take away
  12. its almost like they didnt realise that trying to scalp tech, in the tech space, will result in tech savy people take the piss out of them and make it so they cant make money
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