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  1. 5R7

    Xbox Game Pass

    Do remember it is a Beta, it says Beta all over it, and it gets updated alot! I had that exact problem with the surge...so...i turned it off and on. worked fine after lol
  2. Ive given up , its gone, its just...not fun! in the way doom was! The most impressive thing, well its was a small install and download!
  3. so...just started...here's my initial thoughts... WTF!?! is it worth carrying on?? why can i only carry 16 shells?! why is the shotgun on 1? why does a basic enemy seem to be able to kill me in 3 hits, but i cant kill him by punching with my giant armoured fist!?! just...what!?!
  4. Royal republic "gig" ...right now
  5. tbf, demon souls at 4k, is pretty nice...*cough*rcps3*cough*
  6. other way round, the CPU is at 3.5ghz (or 3.6 on xsx) and this is great, because its designed to run at this speed, as it seems like its derived from the ryzen 3700x processor, which runs at 3.6. So having the processor not be under clocked or overclocked means it will be stable. The GPU running at 2.23, is pushing it harder than what we would think of as normal, this means it will generate more heat and need more electric to push it, and could affect stability by essentially running it at the ragged edge for years! its odd, as all the early leaks suggested a 2ghz speed, which still seemed high, and then after the xsx specs, its like sony cranked the overclock some more! Essentially, the CPU running at the speed is how it should, the GPU running at that speed is seemingly forcing an overclock of quite alot, which could have longer term impacts. But we wont know until we see it, and, heck hear what one sounds like a few years down the line! plane take off ps4 anyone? ... i mean...unless theyve made a custom AIO cooler for it...
  7. ha..haha...hahahahahahaa. im sorry, but WHAT!?!?!?!?!?!? fuqoff! !!! lmao! "you madf bro!!? firstly, lets address the hobbit thing, there is in fact a reason the hobbit "felt off" at 48 fps, its becasue it was! films have been filmed at 24 fps since film began, as it was the minimum that could be used while conveying motion, it was a cost saving measure! (that we became utterly accustomed to!) the motion blur on the film made it look lie motion ,we became accustomed to it. BUT, when you add in visual affects, if they aint right, it looks "wrong". To get to video games, to make them look like film , you would need them to run at 240 fps, and essentially use 10 frames per frame as motion blur! and with regard to your madness claim about doom on switch, that is clearly ,a YOU issue! every single GAME plays better the faster and more consistent you can run it at, as it "feels" better, as the response rate is better. Doom at 144, IS BETTER than doom at 30. as you can react quicker, and see things quicker! and, to chuck my 2cents into the whole PS% thing, the "SDD " that cerny talked about at length (ssd, ssd ssd...tv tv tv anyone ) , will ONLY benefit 1st party devs, ( and they may make some interesting things with it... in 3 years!...hopefully!!) as everybody else, is making things for everything else. So yes, it may load quicker...and thats it...ish...hell...nvme drives dont load much quicker than standard ssds! and dont get me started on that audio bollocks, i mean common, how many users are going to be using the standard TV speakers... most. it sounds like dolby ATMOS headphons, that has been available on xbox and pc for years! hell, it comes with xbox x, but , isnt supported on ps4"pro"...
  8. you know what i love about this! after winning everything, some of my players want to leave for a bigger club...than the one that literally won everything they could, the cup, the cup, the prem and the champ league...i mean...seriously Miles needs to get that shit fixed! aint nobody in the real world wanting to leave a club that has won everything. Long term salford game!
  9. 5R7

    Xbox Game Pass

    Ooh, the surge 2, noice!
  10. 5R7

    Dark Souls 3

    they will indeed you may wanna restart as a knight, it wont take you long to get back there. And some slightly better defence, and, make sure you dont go over 70% equip weigh, as that makes you fat roll, and you dont want that when starting!
  11. 5R7

    Dark Souls 3

    What class did you start as? I would recommend knight for a first time, as they have a decent amount of defence, and attack. And dont play it like a hack n slash, take your time, and use your shield to block! dont worry about parrying, just block! oh, and there is a bow available on the high wall at the start, just go the way that dead ends. Having a bit of range can help.
  12. ...i "acquired" an "amazon" rip, it was spot on!..."sounds like" sky screwed the pooch!....ill get my coat...
  13. DAmn that was good! felt like more of a dystopian cyberpunk show! win cant wait for the rest! ....also...why is weekly tv still a thing dammit!!
  14. BLAST processing Some good stuff in the DF vid, tbf, DF had great early vid on the X too. Nice to see MS being so open about the system ! Specs seem similar to what was predicted, well apart from the RT stuff, that will be interesting to see. TBH, devs having more access to RT will improve RT performance over time as the software will get better! And good to here they will be doing the thing with USB drives, and simply letting you store stuff on them! Those expendable NVME drives ain't gona be cheap though! So £500 plus then yeah? lol...and worth it too!
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