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  1. i feel an "unbelievable jeff" is warranted lol
  2. This! we should have singed him at the start of the transfer window!
  3. Edi making the difference
  4. im sure ive said it before, but we need to hire a defensive coach to work on defensive positioning, and set piece defence! im also not sure what our formation is supposed to be.
  5. de gea, too far over there...he should be aware of what ward prowse will do, thats just poor.
  6. to southampton yeah? and de gea should have come for that
  7. in news other than the club has been hacked, and our transfer plans have been stolen!?! heres todays line up!
  8. yes, you are. You are saying its their own fault. More than one person has called you on it now.
  9. doesn't victim blaming get you banned these days... you're a mod, do better!
  10. whats that, a bit of Amanrathe! fuck yeah im just hear to post some happy chart style "metal"!..cos..well...i like it , its fun , its happy, yet, heavy and made with instruments!
  11. if you haven't seen clone wars, or rebels, you really wont get why people have engaged with Ashoka...
  12. yes, the first 2 seasons suck, but the 3rd and 4th season of rebels are WAY better! the last season is ...superb! watch it!
  13. Worked pretty well in the champ with Bournemouth, but, had to make some adjustments in the prem, so changed bits so it looks like this - and it works, not every time, but enough. Have found that against smaller teams changing to positive helps...still cant beat liverpool though...
  14. just to add, in the previous vid Alex did, he showed that when you apply the console settings (via a custom settings file, as they dont go low enough) to the PC version, it runs and looks like the XsX and PS5...on a 2060...
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