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  1. Finished the game last night. Beautifull game with great dialoge and brilliant use of items. Though it might not be a huge game, the many Islands offer loads of extra gameplay which keeps ya' on playing. My personal biggest dissapointment is the way you get rewarded for searching for treasure. I spent entire evenings searching for pieces of my ship and eventually all I got was an extra life-extension for my ship,. For fuck sakes. In my oppinion this Zelda isn't the best of all, it doesn't compare with OoT nor TP, but still, Phantom Hourglass is a very, very rare kind of quality- game that you will remember as DS's finest.
  2. After playing Soul Calibur 2, which was pretty amazing though, it became clear to me that fighting games aren't meant to be played by me. not that I suck or anything, but more because I need somewhat of a hold-on in a videogame that litterly drags me to the console to play; like a story. Tony Hawk Underground killed an incredible videogame franchise to me, so since then, screw those Tony Hawk games. Luckely there's SKATE to fix the damage XD
  3. Leonhard

    Moto GP

    Very nice race. They had me to the edge of my chair at the last few rounds.
  4. Found the work-print quite horrible. It all seemed so low-budget, and with dull acting and bad characters, it almost seemed like it's fake. Well, bad movie. No doubt. And there's not even that much gore...
  5. Leonhard


    Lookin'at an interview between Larry King and Michael Moore at the moment; never thought I would find this interesting, but after seeing the movie I'm more curious than ever about the way things go. So I owe Moore one
  6. Stuff like this makes me happy. Not so long ago everyone was talking about how bad sales for Nintendo were. And I have to admit, Nintendo wasn't doing so well in 2004, with only one release for gamecube during the entire summer. But hell, look at the numbers now and you'll see something you'd never believe if you haven't followed recent years. good comeback, but as is the past, we'll never know what the future brings us.
  7. Leonhard


    Went three years ago. Had good weather then... Today was horrible. I couldn't watch Federer's match till the end due the rain. Don't think I'll ever go again, seen how dissapointing last few years were.. But let's see what surprise Wimbledon 07 gives us.
  8. Oh.my.god. Tell me this isn't real... SAFE SEX IS THE BEST *ROFLMAO-O___*
  9. Leonhard


    And yes, I aggree it's one hell of a one-sided movie. but actually, after seeing this, I'm not that interested in the pledges of those who are willingly part of such a wrong system. I think we'll see a lot more of Michael Moore in upcoming years. There are still a lot of subjects for him to get upset about, and I think it's great they all come to light, so people can see in what kind of world they live: One which is based on wrong morals.
  10. Leonhard


    Wow, Michael Moore did it again. Watching a documentary which simply destroys everything good there is to say about the US. And by making such strong comparisons, I personally got pity with people who live in the US. The way they are treated by monopoly markets, the government; the way their healthcare formed itself. Unbelievable, a true inspiring documentary and a damn good reason for insurence companies to bite their nails when the movie comes out later this month. Groundshaking, and although it won't, I hope this movie starts some kind of motion.
  11. I'm absolutely amazed by that trailer. Haven't really followed the news recently so it's all new material for me. Wow, really can't wait to get my hands on PH. Also heard good things about the controles, so as long as it won't be frustrating to use the stylus in stupid ways, it pretty much can't go wrong, seen the main Zelda picture...
  12. So that means I'm blind... Eitherway, thanks and yes, I meant crystal ball XD
  13. I'm having trouble with one of the sidequests in Anvil. If you've played the game, you probably know of the haunted ship at the bay. The woman standing outside of the ship tells you the ship is haunted and asks you to get her glass bowl back from somewhere inside the ship. So I tried, went inside and figured out I didn't have the power and magick to kill the ghost . So I went outside of the ship, but the ghost followed me outside. From this point everything was a big mess. All villagers were attacking the ghost ( and each other, all hail the AI) and eventually killed it. But nothing happened. I went inside the ghostship again but couldn't find anything that even looked like a glass bowl. So my question: am I blind or have I missed something during this rather weird moment..?
  14. Resident Evil 4, what an amazing game. Looking forward to PAL Wii version too; I don't even mind the fact I already finished the game several times before. Does anyone know if there are any graphical updates in the Wii version? Saw the PCversion some days ago and it actually looked worse than the GC/PS2 version.. Hope they'll do something different with the Wii version.
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