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  1. I've started playing this on PC as well as PS4 now, but tis a lonely place at the moment. Is there a list of forumites out there I can add to my Steam Friends that might be interested in teaming up for some of the larger endgame stuff?
  2. If you see me around then ping me an invite. I've soloed the competitive stuff for this season but am happy to jump in to help tip the odds with some co-ordination.
  3. That's the effect I'm talking about. On the S it is markedly improved over the CV1. If I remember correctly the PSVR sub pixel structure is different, which means you don't see it so much even on it's lower resolution screen.
  4. The blacks are worse on the S, but I've found it varies on a game by game basis by how much. Vader is just plain bad for this, where as in Beat Sabre or Lone Echo I don't notice it at all. For me the improvement in resolution and reduced screen door effect massively out weigh any issue with the blacks that there may be.
  5. I'm thoroughly pleased with my Rift S upgrade. A lot more comfortable with glasses, way better resolution, great ease of use and the pass through so you can see the world around you is incredibly useful. My only gripe is that the sound in music games is lacking. It is absolutely fine for all others, but it lacks volume and bass for Beat Sabre...although when playing that it is easy enough to plug in some headphones, and in my case I also have option to pass the music through to the surround sound in the room. Now I just need to get around to boxing up and selling the original Rift.
  6. This truly is a lot of fun. Everything about it is so slickly done, you can feel the thought that they have put into all the systems.
  7. I get the feeling that the players in crucible can be a bit thin on the ground and that the matchmaking is really struggling with it. On Monday I decided to bum about in Quickplay for a bit... had two matches back to back against a 4 stack and then a 5 stack, both of which had three members with Not Forgotten! Up to this point I had only ever seen maybe 3 of them in the wild, and then I come across 6 players with them in two games. I'm certainly not a good enough to be going up against these dudes. The defeats were crushing in their swift brutality.
  8. Capp

    Battlefield V

    I really enjoyed the couple of hours I played last night, re-familiarizing myself with BF is always good. One observation though, it felt as if the Medic class was nerfed in to the ground with the addition of the ability of everyone to revive and self heal. I'm sure there is more subtlety to it than that, but that was my initial impression.
  9. Thanks, it's a great hand cannon! Not sure I'd want to go through that 3 times though Just finished the Redrix's Broadsword quest too....man that is a beast in crucible as well. Once you trigger the desperado perk it's devastating!
  10. Holy fuck, I finally got Luna's Howl. That last stretch was tough, difficulty ramped right up and I was within 1 win no less than 4 times when it would match me against god like 4 man stacks or with complete numpties. Now I can rest.
  11. I'm almost there with Luna's, just shy of 1900 points I think. Had a good couple of runs at the weekend. Almost got the Redrix too, that has just come out in the wash as I've played so much Crucible lately.
  12. I actually came across a Not Forgotten hand cannon being used in Crucible on Sunday. Didn't think I would ever see one of those rare beasts! Even took a screen shot I will never look at again
  13. I'm grinding out Luna's Howl as well. If you have space ping me an invite, I'm at about 1200ish I think, having had a truly miserable run at the weekend.
  14. Capp

    Wtm a raid team PS4

    I'm around tomorrow night, Sunday and Monday.
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