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  1. Capp

    Battlefield V

    I really enjoyed the couple of hours I played last night, re-familiarizing myself with BF is always good. One observation though, it felt as if the Medic class was nerfed in to the ground with the addition of the ability of everyone to revive and self heal. I'm sure there is more subtlety to it than that, but that was my initial impression.
  2. Thanks, it's a great hand cannon! Not sure I'd want to go through that 3 times though Just finished the Redrix's Broadsword quest too....man that is a beast in crucible as well. Once you trigger the desperado perk it's devastating!
  3. Holy fuck, I finally got Luna's Howl. That last stretch was tough, difficulty ramped right up and I was within 1 win no less than 4 times when it would match me against god like 4 man stacks or with complete numpties. Now I can rest.
  4. I'm almost there with Luna's, just shy of 1900 points I think. Had a good couple of runs at the weekend. Almost got the Redrix too, that has just come out in the wash as I've played so much Crucible lately.
  5. I actually came across a Not Forgotten hand cannon being used in Crucible on Sunday. Didn't think I would ever see one of those rare beasts! Even took a screen shot I will never look at again
  6. I'm grinding out Luna's Howl as well. If you have space ping me an invite, I'm at about 1200ish I think, having had a truly miserable run at the weekend.
  7. Capp

    Wtm a raid team PS4

    I'm around tomorrow night, Sunday and Monday.
  8. Capp

    Wtm a raid team PS4

    Anyone wanting to have another crack at this?
  9. Capp

    Wtm a raid team PS4

    Been reworking my load out so I can use Sleeper this evening. We all still on for another go?
  10. Capp

    Wtm a raid team PS4

    Everyone still good for this evening? I'll be on beforehand so if anyone wants to group up for the nightfall, ascendant challenge, etc, then let me know.
  11. Capp

    Wtm a raid team PS4

    The way I think about it is that n.o. 1 pad is always the top left when facing the circle on the wall that is currently active. Maybe we should name them rather than numbers, top left, top middle, top right, middle left etc etc. Might make it quicker to figure out which to go to in the heat of the fight, without having to do a number lookup and geometry on the fly
  12. Capp

    Wtm a raid team PS4

    Had a quick look at a youtube vid for the second encounter. We are doing everything right, but a couple of things we didn't realise. The timer ticks at double speed once every add is clear in each section, I think that is the trigger for the crystals to appear. We need to be there ready for them, as it is costing us a lot of time if we delay. Also the puzzle bit, turns out we can't stand on the same plate more than once, so if someone is on plate 3 for first phase, and the next phase that plate appears as 1, they can't get on it a second time I think that has caught us out a couple of times.
  13. Capp

    Wtm a raid team PS4

    So we all on and rested for 10:30 tonight?
  14. Finished the Malfeasance quest today. Only played a little with it, but I suspect it is going to be a beast in Crucible as well as Gambit. Almost zero recoil, very high impact and good range...never mind the stacking rounds thing it does. Looks cool too.
  15. Capp

    Wtm a raid team PS4

    I'm around, but Mikey said he may not be. Perhaps we should delay till tomorrow? In the meantime I still need to finish the whisper mission if anyone else does as well.

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