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  1. They've not improved this much in the 10+ years since I was in the industry? Bloody hell.
  2. I'm pretty sure that the back compatible HDR enhancement stuff is the product of machine learning which is why MS think it is good enough to use. A little more sophisticated than some are fearing and definitely something I'm interested in seeing in action.
  3. The only thing that bothered me about the Spiderman Remaster was that I couldn't use my PS4 save on it. I'm mainly interested in playing the DLC with the all the shiny. This got me wondering why this might be, and my hunch is that at a system level the Sony operating system/eco system won't allow saves between games for security. As the remaster is considered a whole new game in the Sony ecosystem, no save game carryover. Then I realised that this may be why you can't upgrade your PS4 copy to the remaster, it's considered a whole new game and there just isn't a way to do it. The reason you ca
  4. Remind me, if I get a few of these cards then they will just resume charging me normally after the cards 'time' has been used up?
  5. Argos came through for me again. They've had a pretty penny out of me this week that's for sure.
  6. I've done 120fps at 1080p and 1440p without a problem. Unfortunately my C8 does not have HDMI 2.1 to try the 4k 120fps.
  7. I've had a text message confirming my Argos order as well as the email and it being in my accounts orders section. I think I'm good to go. Hope the others trying through Argos get some clarity soon.
  8. From what I've heard the PS5 was harder to put together at the start than they had hoped which was the actual limitation rather than any unexpected yield issues. It may be the case that MS has more available if they avoided any teething issues. Here's hoping anyway.
  9. I believe there was. I chose delivery because of the risk of lock down returning.
  10. I lucked out. I woke up at about 5am from the other half’s snoring. Thought I’d have a look at the Argos site out of curiosity and two minutes later I have a PS5 digital preordered and have received a receipt email too. For those asking the money has already been taken from my account.
  11. I've started playing this on PC as well as PS4 now, but tis a lonely place at the moment. Is there a list of forumites out there I can add to my Steam Friends that might be interested in teaming up for some of the larger endgame stuff?
  12. If you see me around then ping me an invite. I've soloed the competitive stuff for this season but am happy to jump in to help tip the odds with some co-ordination.
  13. That's the effect I'm talking about. On the S it is markedly improved over the CV1. If I remember correctly the PSVR sub pixel structure is different, which means you don't see it so much even on it's lower resolution screen.
  14. The blacks are worse on the S, but I've found it varies on a game by game basis by how much. Vader is just plain bad for this, where as in Beat Sabre or Lone Echo I don't notice it at all. For me the improvement in resolution and reduced screen door effect massively out weigh any issue with the blacks that there may be.
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