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  1. New season starts next week and there's pretty much zero information about it at all, so expecting a pretty big shadow drop. Even this week's twab contained no info but a light subclass rework is definitely coming Tuesday.


    Also announced via the twab was that in future Bungie will be adding Event Challenges, Titles and Seals to the Solstice/Guardian Games/Festival of the Lost/Dawning events which is good. Unfortunately they'll also be adding Silver/paid only cosmetic rewards tracks alongside them.


    Between seasons, expansions, deluxe editions, dungeon passes, legacy content bundles and the Eververse store the monetisation is perhaps getting a bit much. Can't be far off a Destiny+ monthly sub at this point.

  2. 2 hours ago, ph0rce said:


    And you can wear any armour you want, no requirements, all it does is affect your equip load / roll type. 


    Sorry, I'm a bit of a noob but does armour not affect the amount of damage taken?


    I'm still rocking the Prisoner helmet I got from the start as all the physical/elemental resistances are stronger than anything else I've found, though it weighs 8.6 (I think).

  3. 42 minutes ago, Hexx said:


    There's a lot of garbage spells early on. They give you variety but the damage/FP/time rations are all pretty poor compared to basic stuff. (Especially barrage for instance that also locks you in place.)


    You do find more as you go on though


    Swift Shard is my basic attack. With Pebble as a heavier option based on how many shots things are taking to kill for FP efficiency.

    I've then got Ambush Shard (creates a shard behind the enemy and pulls it towards you) to wreck shielded enemies. Or heavily armored tanks. All while giggling. This is my favourite new spell.

    Arc is amazing AoE for when more than 1 basic mob.

    I've then got a massive magic bow I summom for heavy hitting openers.


    Gravity I've only found one - rip up 3 rocks and throw them at enemies. Seems good for stagger and I guess counts as physical (or at least partly physical) damage as it's good for overcoming magic resistance. Pretty poor FP use though.


    I've got a decent one called Scholar's Armament which adds a magic buff to my right-handed weapon, and gives it a load more damage.


    Carrion's Slice is pretty good too and lets you to use your wand as a magic melee weapon.

  4. 33 minutes ago, sammy said:


    I’ve been farming the soldier encampment near the big gate for hours now trying to get a Brass Shield for my paladin build, the fucking thing will  not drop, anybody else seen it?  


    Yep, I've had two drop from there but my Dex Prisoner can't use them.


    Might be misremembering but the soldiers with the big tower shield may have dropped them.

  5. I had to send back my right/red controller a year or so back as the L/R buttons when held sideways had stopped working. 


    I've had it since 2017 and was charged £35 for a fix. Now the left/blue controller has drift, which I think has always been there to a degree but now it's unmanageable. 


    Anyone know what the likely cost of a repair would be?

  6. I've got a Series X and Santa got my son a Series S for Christmas. I've set his all up using Xbox family settings with his Series S set as the Home console so he can use my Live/Game pass sub and all works well.


    If he buys a digital game from the store on his account can I as the Organising family member play it or is it tied to his profile? Previously I would just buy it on my Account and grant him access to it via permissions.

  7. 49 minutes ago, Shook said:

    Right I got overexcited and bought 1000 credits thinking I could, you know, get something cool in return. I bought the Battle Pass.

    I don’t seem to have anything new. 

    Have I been done over?


    Nah, each battle pass level will give you 2 rewards now instead of just the one. But you'll need to hit level 1 first :)

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