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  1. Its unlimited as I think there's no score limit. There are options when you pause (and the game proper pauses) where you can change the enemy difficulty, pick which weapons you have equipped, change number of AI players but the training seems to be endless.
  2. It's great fun and although it's perhaps a little on the slight side at launch it could be fleshed out a lot as the seasonal content comes online. The biggest issue at the moment is the matchmaking as it really needs both a Quick Play option and Join in Progress. At the moment the 12 separate missions each with 5 different difficulty levels shrinks the player matching pool.
  3. So if you've only got the current S15 season pass you don't get to play overide/battlegrounds/hunts?
  4. I think the Xbox matchmaking has been totally screwed since launch, it needs a patch urgently.
  5. Can't find the link but I'm sure I read that they've delayed the official release indefinitely, so seems it'll stay in open beta for some time yet. You can get some free skins through Xbox perks this month too.
  6. Yep, I don't think it tells you anywhere you are at the cap too so do need to keep an eye on it. Doesn't seem as many sources to get pinnacle drops this season, unless I'm missing something. Not sure yet on the Ascendant activity really, seems a bit overlong but at least we're not banking motes.
  7. December 8th release date is the current Twitter rumour.
  8. Yep, could well be before they vault it . If that does happen when Witch Queen launches I won't be sorry to see the back of the Corrupted strike but the seasonal run of diminishing strikes and both Crucible and Gambit maps is getting a bit much. Maybe they could add the Battleground missions into the Strike playlist or something. I'm guessing the story will be us finally breaking the curse, which could work quite well with the existing weekly cycle of the dreaming city. Scorn champions incoming from next week too.
  9. Video highlights summarised from ERA - Next flight will have 4v4 PvP and BTB, have all of the same content as the first flight as well, and be open to even more people - Split-screen is Day 1 on Xbox devices, will be explored on PC post-launch - Acknowledge co-op and Forge are fundamental to the Halo experience - Co-op will come in Season 2 (~3 months), Forge will come out in Season 2 (~6 months after launch), #1 priority is meeting quality and stability across all platforms, many technical complexities with Forge, for example - Still working out details of the specific release day, but absolutely releasing this Holiday, will know release date soon - Insiders will get an opportunity to get hands on Forge in an upcoming flight - Talked about delaying the game again, made the decision that it's a live game and wanted to get it out and continue to evolve the game from there - Current state of development is shutdown/polish period, focus is on reviewing, bugfixing - More campaign gameplay to come after shutdown mode is over, where they will shift focus to more gameplay capture I'm pretty hyped for this and have been playing Halo 5 MP loads in anticipation, but Infinite having no Campaign co-op nor Forge mode at launch seems a bit of a letdown.
  10. Next season image/name leaked. A bit spoilery Edit:- confirmed https://twitter.com/DestinyTheGame/status/1428718461543387141?s=19
  11. This'll probably seem really lame but I was super proud of this as the 2-players I killed had been sniping our team from high up in the middle of the map for ages
  12. Used this code, thanks. My referral code is MLB37J which should get someone 50 coins of the in-game currency.
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