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  1. Yeah there's new story content and bosses in the NG+ and they've added a new Penitent system to make it more masochistic if that's your thing . I think you need to 'Ascend' your save game file from main menu to access. The update had a load of great QoL changes to the base game too like letting you upgrade your health flasks as well as providing better fast travel options. Plus the map, which was pretty bad is much improved and allows custom pins too. At about 90% map completion now and taking on the prison boss, who seems doable just need more patience (and health).
  2. Yep, exactly that. Seems random that hitting it would work but now I think about it there might have been another instance of hitting a statue which worked I'm also on the bridge boss now too. And yep, I think it's just patience. Good idea on the elecy rosary so will give that a go.
  3. Early days on this but I'm loving it and could do with a small push in the right direction as to where to go next, if anyone can offer a broad hint or clue. So I think I need to defeat 3 bosses which will then let me cross the bridge the the castle. I've beaten two: I've also explored loads and done a lot of backtracking to get collectables and weapon upgrades. Cheers EDIT - Found it! Slightly cheap but it turns out I just needed to hit an object multiple times to reveal the way.
  4. Janski

    Rogue Company

    Couldn't find a thread for this but it's out now and in early access with founder packs available for purchase and a load of free codes knocking about the usual places. Gameplay trailer: Useless CGI trailer: So what you get is a 60fps free to play 3rd person team shooter. It's cross play on all consoles and has great gyro controls on Switch. I do wonder how many of these hero shooters can be sustained but! This one is from the makers of SMITE and Paladins and runs and plays really well, despite some beta jankiness. TLDR: it's a bit like Uncharted multiplayer with counterstrike in-round purchases, hero abilities and runs very well indeed. Founders packs available currently, of which I think skins and character unlocks are the difference. Starter £14 Standard £30 Ultimate £60 Expect it to go totally FTP late Autumn.
  5. Yep, I've started this too. I'm only at the beginning but it has really nice setting and the theme seems cool. Combat seems quite a challenge too It's picking up some half-decent reviews too; https://www.metacritic.com/game/switch/crosscode Only negative so far is that there is quite the menu lag on the switch version, but hopefully they'll patch that.
  6. I didn't play much, if at all last season. Are weekly Flashpoints for powerful gear still a thing? They aren't on my map. What about the 3 Strikes / 5 Crucible games / 3 Gambit matches for powerful gear? They aren't there either so I'm guessing they've dropped them.
  7. There's a crash site near zavala which you can inspect. Edit - Zavala also has some new brief dialogue.
  8. Incoming rockets now I think
  9. I knew there was a reason I had the Sad Trombone emote equipped.
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