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  1. I think they patched the jumping/playforming to make it less bullshitty when they released the DLC. I didn't play it pre-patch however, but I didn't really have an issue with it. I'd recommend the Spanish voiceover version for additional Gothic horror feels.
  2. Hmmmm... I may have screwed myself out of a Dawning Triumph by not crafting a Burnt Edge Transit cookie before Masterworking the oven. Not sure now if I can get the Triumph for giving a cookie to all vendors. Rahool may have to go hungry, though not sure yet if he is one of the 0/19 needed this year.
  3. Yeah, this is absolutely lovely on the next gen Xboxes now, buttery smooth, much faster load times and the FOV slider is a great addition. My son has inherited my OG Xbox One and playing dad n' lad coop is great fun with tonnes to explore and a real sense of adventure and discovery to the game. There's a battle pass coming in the new year (because of course there is) but if they get it right hopefully it means less sessions where you can struggle to make progress and allow for quicker bursts of play/reward.
  4. I think you can only run Tier 2 hunts for weapon rewards, Which allow you pick both the masterwork roll and exclude/include perks. Armour hunts might just be Tier 1 only. That's as far as I can tell anyway
  5. Whilst I don't think it's had a next gen upgrade it generally runs much, much better on Series X. Far less texture pop-in and it loads really quick too even when you fast travel all over the place.
  6. Sheesh the new Stasis Supers near enough instakil existing Raid bosses.
  7. Hi, I've sent a clan request to rllmuk overlords. Used to play playstation but migrated to Xbox now. GT: Apollo Cerberus Cheers
  8. https://twitter.com/BungieHelp/status/1314717668981710849?s=19
  9. Vid shows Destiny 2 running on the Series X, looks much better and this is without the incoming 60fps patch in November.
  10. I wonder if as part of the FotL event that the Cipher Decoders from Spider are the way we can trade in all our soon to useless planetary materials. I'm sure Bungie mentioned there would be some way to get rid of all the materials from the vaulted planets for when Beyond Light launches.
  11. Feared that would be a rehash of the last 2 years and whilst it probably is, with those same weapons being available, there does appear to be some new stuff. https://www.polygon.com/platform/amp/2020/10/1/21497172/destiny-2-festival-of-the-lost-2020-event-haunted-forest-return-exotic-rewards-ghost-ship-sparrow
  12. Anyone had the issue of one the mini SL or SR buttons on a detached joycon not working? Mine suddenly seems to have stopped and it's not picking the SL button up in the system test. Just wondering if it's a known issue/easy fix.
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