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  1. Apparently 10,000 lines of source code were in the leak too
  2. Pierre Hintze has been at the helm of MCC since 2018 so seems like a good move, though if they've essentially split Ross's role into 3 it's no wonder things were moving slowly. It'll be a long climb to get Infinite into a good spot though, the core gameplay is great but there's just not enough content. Launching Forge this side of Christmas is good but I'm hoping they also throw a load of sample maps into the MP playlist to freshen things up a bit.
  3. Well that's a bit unexpected... TLDR: they're stopping development on Splitgate and developing a new AAA game in the same universe.
  4. No more 6-month seasons, instead we have 9-month seasons...
  5. Bump The Shadowrun trilogy is now out on consoles and on Xbox Gamepass too. I'm playing the first one, Shadowrun Returns, though I don't think the order really matters and I'm enjoying it a fair bit. Slightly janky controls but seems a solid x-com combat and walk n' talk explore gameplay. Visuals looks nice and clean if a little square and the story has intrigued me so far.
  6. New season starts next week and there's pretty much zero information about it at all, so expecting a pretty big shadow drop. Even this week's twab contained no info but a light subclass rework is definitely coming Tuesday. Also announced via the twab was that in future Bungie will be adding Event Challenges, Titles and Seals to the Solstice/Guardian Games/Festival of the Lost/Dawning events which is good. Unfortunately they'll also be adding Silver/paid only cosmetic rewards tracks alongside them. Between seasons, expansions, deluxe editions, dungeon passes, legacy content bundles and the Eververse store the monetisation is perhaps getting a bit much. Can't be far off a Destiny+ monthly sub at this point.
  7. Sorry, I'm a bit of a noob but does armour not affect the amount of damage taken? I'm still rocking the Prisoner helmet I got from the start as all the physical/elemental resistances are stronger than anything else I've found, though it weighs 8.6 (I think).
  8. I've got a decent one called Scholar's Armament which adds a magic buff to my right-handed weapon, and gives it a load more damage. Carrion's Slice is pretty good too and lets you to use your wand as a magic melee weapon.
  9. Yep, I've had two drop from there but my Dex Prisoner can't use them. Might be misremembering but the soldiers with the big tower shield may have dropped them.
  10. It's like every single enemy has an extra attack right when you think it's your chance to get some hits in
  11. I had to send back my right/red controller a year or so back as the L/R buttons when held sideways had stopped working. I've had it since 2017 and was charged £35 for a fix. Now the left/blue controller has drift, which I think has always been there to a degree but now it's unmanageable. Anyone know what the likely cost of a repair would be?
  12. You can also disable the 'Press R to confirm' prompt when using pokeballs or items in battles too.
  13. Bigger, badder enemies. They have glowing red eyes and can be pretty tough fights.
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