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  1. Janski

    Destiny 2 - Solstice of Heroes

    Further to the TWAB some players are peeved over Redrix Claymore being removed and that it was so difficult to get in Season 3. Bungie have detailed the steps need to get the new Redrix Broadsword in season 4;
  2. Janski

    Nintendo Switch

    Demo of Monster Hunter Ultimate is coming tomorrow on Switch https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2018-08-15-monster-hunter-generations-ultimate-on-switch-is-getting-a-demo-tomorrow
  3. Janski

    Destiny 2 - Solstice of Heroes

    Holy information dump, Batman; https://www.bungie.net/en/Explore/Detail/News/47079 Too many changes to list but seems tokens are pretty much being phased out and we're returning to planetary mats as the basis for upgrades/ currency. Best bit from that for me is that Exotics will now drop at or above your power level once Forsaken arrives.
  4. Yep, I'm still loving this and now that I'm level 15 I'm tempted to purchase the Battle Pass as I'll get quite a few cosmetic rewards. Having played quite a bit of Seris during her stint in the free rotation I'm saving to buy her next, a great combination of damage output and healing. Though I tend to find people don't pick front line heroes too often during siege matches which means I'm maining Ruckas at the moment, though I have just unlocked Barik so look forward to testing him out Apparently Switch version is crossplay with Xbox one so shouldn't struggle too much for games if the switch user base doesn't sustain itself.
  5. Best way to get new characters for free is to use the coins you get for playing rather than the crystals. New characters can cost as little as 15K, which you can get from 2-3hrs play however some of the newer ones (Koga) can cost up to 60K. Crystals are primarily the paid currency, you can get around 100 or so for week-long consecutive logins but characters cost twice that. Whilst you can no longer buy the Founders pack from the eshop, you can still buy it in-game as a one off purchase using Crystals. Still having loads of fun with this, however the Battle Pass seems a bit stingy. For a game with a shit-tonne of cosmetics the free tier doesn't give you much at all and looks like the final level of the paid tier (£11.99) rewards you with one Epic character skin for a predetermined character, who I don't use.
  6. Started this yesterday and it's marvelous on Switch in handheld mode, really smooth and controls are nice and responsive. Victor is a decent starter pick as he's a traditional attacking character with CoD FPS controls and good for the TDM mode for new players.
  7. Janski

    No Man's Sky

  8. Ooh, sounds juicy. I'm 30hrs in and have only done one chapter 2 mission so far. I love exploring the map and there's loads of cities and quests to find. Loving the combat too, I've leveled up loads by getting lucky and fighting Caits. Primrose has a skill that can give random buffs in a fight, some of which are to get 5x JP or EXP at the end of a fight!
  9. Are you soloing it with Ophelia? If so, take in a guard from outside the cave using the Guide ability. One of the guards has a heal ability as well as an attack the boss is weak to. Even with other party members, I'd just ignore the dark wisps and focus on the boss dealing attacks he's weak to (light?) and keep everyone's health above 200hp as that's the wisps attack damage.
  10. It's probably the weakest part of the game to be honest. There doesn't appear to be any kind of overarching plot and nothing to tie the 8 individual stories together. I actually find it quite refreshing to focus on the separate character stories as opposed to the typical JRPG "save the world from generic threat" stuff but some chapters/characters are more interesting than others.
  11. Whilst the Danger Level between screens is a general guide for character levels I've found the gear you have equipped to be more more important in dealing damage. You can get some really powerful items early on by using Therion's steal ability. Also, each starting town has an challenging optional dungeon and a shrine where you can unlock the sub job nearby. The sub-jobs give characters a load more attack options which make shield breaks easier.
  12. Yep, the Journal a least tracks them but some are very vague indeed. Solutions mostly involve the Path actions but it was interesting that there are different ways of solving depending on your current party. Early Apothecary side mission spoiler
  13. I've got a full party now and my main is level 15 with a chapter 2 recommended level of 22. I think you could quite easily do the optional dungeons in each area and grind some fights to level up but I'm going to recruit all 8 and take it from there. If you are keeping the same party of four I think this is where try sub-jobs come in as you won't miss any one party member abilities.
  14. Really enjoying this. About 6hrs in having started as the apothecary, recruited the thief and just arrived at the hunter village. It's unbelievebly twee and I love the old school sprites and the music is great. Combat system is opening up now that my party is growing, there's a fair bit the game doesn't tell you (enemy defence level, attacking with a 2nd weapon) but it's all coming together and I'm enjoying using tactics to get flawless bonuses. The unique actions each character has in the villages and sidequests keep making me revisit them once I've recruited someone new.
  15. Janski

    Destiny 2 - Solstice of Heroes

    Certainly isn't subtle...

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