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  1. I think you'll be able to play the first 2 DLCs free of charge now; Curse of Osiris and Warmind. Edit - might be more complicated than that:
  2. Possible Y3 content spoiler. Might be a hoax but this has allegedly been datamined from PC version.
  3. Bump! Picked this up on Switch and I assume it must be the 'final' version as it's got the Hardcore mode, multiple ships and cockpit view. Price is a bit high at £30 but I took the punt wanting some portable Elite-like action. Take the point about the controls being a bit iffy on the default setting but using Control Type 3 is much better. It's very fisher-price compared to Elite and is a little combat heavy but enjoying it so far.
  4. So this is out next Tuesday on Switch and whilst non of the previews I've read state that it's digital only, I can't seem to preorder a physical copy anywhere edit- urghh digital only in Europe: https://www.google.com/amp/s/nintendosoup.com/dragons-dogma-dark-arisen-switch-physical-release-listed-in-poland/amp/
  5. Janski

    The Division 2

    That is very true, at the moment you just need to build for damage to power through the endgame stuff. I suspect that will change overtime once Massive suss it out. Re: World Tiers. Is it best to just keep pushing through them as soon as you hit the GS Stronghold threshold? It seems like there's a load of new side missions, ?'s and invaded control points and I don't won't to miss anything
  6. Did the Act 1: Echoes of Reality dlc/update come out in March? Was it anything substantial?
  7. Janski

    The Division 2

    Plus if you press square on the Commendations page it will let you see which ones you've completed (makes claiming them easier) or have nearly done
  8. Janski

    The Division 2

    In the White House Base of Operations. You'll need to have recruited the Clan lady first and there's a loot chest in the room behind her.
  9. Janski

    The Division 2

    Weapon mods or skill mods? If weapon mods you can't junk them as once crafted or unlocked they're permanent
  10. Janski

    The Division 2

    How does the Clan XP work in this? I've earned a fair bit but not sure how. Do you just get CXP for playing through the story and completing activities?
  11. Janski

    The Division 2

    Same. Volunteered to get up with the kids at 6:20 so I could get a hour or so in.
  12. Janski

    The Division 2

    Similar to one of the voice recordings found near the Base of Operations
  13. It's all poorly explained too. I was doing the Drifters introductory quests so completed a Gambit Prime bounty then did the Reckoning event, but all I got was a blue armour piece. Tried reckoning again and got another blue. Maybe Gambit Prime will get easier with the armour roles but the matches I had were a bit of a slog. You can summon the Primevil quickly but the boss stage goes on for ages with what feels like constant invasions and Primevils being healed. It probably does require super coordination but I'm not overly eager to get back to it.
  14. Pee Bee has just joined me and I've met Drack, and they both seem the most interesting companions so far, so they'll probably be my main squad. The others (Cora, Vetra, generic military bloke) seem a bit dull by comparison.
  15. Similar to K, I recently picked this up for buttons and am enjoying the early parts so far. There's quite a bit to take in in terms of systems and tutorials, but aside from character races it seems to be a totally clean slate for the ME universe. It feels a lot like Dragon Age Inquisition in space to play at the moment, lots of talking and running to and fro across big open world areas as opposed to narrow corridors. Combat feels fine but haven't unlocked many skills yet. Seems fine technically too, though as others have said the chacacter models somehow look worse than the originals.
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