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  1. I've got no problem with Crossplay, I just think it should be Opt In by default. By making it Opt out then you only get a small amount of people who care enough to actually enable it. Then forcing it on specific modes or games is just shit.
  2. Annoying you can't fully turn off crossplay though. Normal games yeah, but invasion forces crossplay on. We got fucked by a bunch of PC gamers using M&KB.
  3. A friend of mine pre-ordered one on Thursday morning. According to GetMyDeck after the emails on Thursday evening he jumped to 91%. If it's still accurate he'll probably get his invite to buy on Monday.
  4. Having a blast with this tonight. It's still a fast arcade shooter, but a lot less of the million miles an hour jump, slide, laser, repeat like you get with the shit heap that was cold war.
  5. Dunno what's going on with my RetroDeck install but suddenly PS2 performance is crap and half the emulators don't launch any longer. They've all lost their configs to their BIOSs and it's just fucking irritating.
  6. It's a totally different itch to battlefield 4. It's still the arcady cod. There was something on PC that reminded me of BF4. WW3 or something.
  7. Also I wish the MacBook could accept an input signal for the screen
  8. I've got a few that are unsupported and work absolutely fine. Worst issue I've had (other than an unsupported not booting) is Grid Legends hardlocking the system when I quit it. I have to hold the power button to reboot.
  9. I have an A1 1TB and it's fine. Not using it to install windows but playing games from it is plenty okay. Apparently you'll limit the download speeds to they system due to the write speed of the card, but my internet isn't fast enough to hit it anyways.
  10. Super easy. 12 screws, a couple of clips and you're good to go. I had swapped it out and put the device back together before the my boot USB had finished flashing. Their wording seems to sugest if you break something while you're at it, then warranty isn't covered, but they'd still fix other non-related things if they broke.
  11. Congratulations @Pixelated Ben - Now time for you to team up with @bradigor & Mental Health Gaming and some of the writers on here!
  12. I've read that if you end up putting windows on the thing if you run it plus your games from the SD card you'll end up killing the card pretty quickly. The other issue is shaders. I had about 400GB of games installed on my SD card and the internal 64GB only had 15GB left due to the shaders on it.
  13. Mine was a second hand 256GB Micron from CEX. I bought it in store for £25. They did have some on their website if you search 2230.
  14. Yeah they ship from the Netherlands. The plug is in a separate little box within the package, obviously makes it easier packaging them at the factory. If anyone going to order now, if you're a wee bit technically minded I'd suggest saving your money and get a 64GB. You can buy a 256GB or 512GB SSD much cheaper and install it yourself in about 15 minutes. Mine is now a 256GB system and it worked out £85 cheaper than buying a 256GB from Valve
  15. Bunch of new In Flames Songs and Electric Callboy Album out this morning. Good stuff.
  16. T Pot

    Suede Suede Suede

    Oh man, I did not realise they had a new one on the way. You've absolutely made my day.
  17. What you all play it on? I've got the game on Xbox but could be tempted to pick up on steam deck if you play on PC.
  18. Ditto. An official app would be great for streaming. I really hope we see Microsoft and steam team up to allow us to install natively through steam instead of using windows and uwp.
  19. No. Pulls across your acheivements but not saves annoyingly. Even though you sign into Xbox to play it.
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