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  1. I did however get Decky installed and CSS Loader put on it. Tidied up the home screen a bit with a theme.
  2. I fell into the old trap of just filling my emulators with the entire library from that platform. So I've got about 6000 retro titles on it, of which I'll play about 12. I should really go and put in my faves and delete the rest.
  3. I've created a SteamDeck channel in our discord group: https://discord.com/channels/165116664185225216/1026221574031945828
  4. Just completed Halo Wars. Such a great game and it runs perfectly on the SD. Switches to native controller input on boot. Gutted that HW 2 isn't on steam. Now to play through all of the FPS Campaigns.
  5. I use edge in DT mode but it's fine. I've made a few posts on here from it when my phone was flat.
  6. Could you just have Steam open at startup and have it start in Big Picture mode? I've read that their plans soon is to replace big picture mode with the interface from Steam OS which would be great.
  7. Yep. I have about 800 Games across SNES / NES / MD and GB and 15 or so PS2 / Gamecube. I did it all on the deck in handheld mode. I haven't connected it up to anything external yet!
  8. But it wasn't the same 30 minute show repeating 4-6 times per day, every day.
  9. Monday morning to Friday morning is a wasteland. Prime example is next week, every race this year has their best of highights every day. 4 times per race every day. Mix that in with interviews and set pieces that they have been rotating in and out for years and you can see why it is frustrating. I don't want to watch the Lawnmower racing between the Sky presenters and Ferrari Kimi Raikonnen again, but they still show it multiple times per month! I'd much prefer them to rebrand as Sky Motorsport. You've got F1, F2, F3, W Series, Indy, Ferrari, Touring Cars. I'm sure they could easily get some other footage in there. That way they can have less of the same repeated BS from F1 and actually have a good amount of content.
  10. Wouldn't surprise me if there was a clause in their current contract stating they had first refusal before it was offered out.
  11. I'm loving Halo Wars 1. Been blasting through the campaign on it and really enjoying it again. Shame 2 isn't on steam.
  12. Wow. That's one hell of a discount! We can't get virgin media here so it discourages Sky from being competetive. I remember threatening to leave Sky once and the guy said "No worries. Off you go. I can see what channels you use here, you can't get them on any other plaatforms in your area without paying more than you do now".
  13. So that's coming to normal TVs in October and will be called Sky Stream. £29 a month basic cost with F1 on top. So to get your 4K through that (For an extra cost on top of everything else) you'll be looking at the best part of £50 a month. F1 on NowTV is £25 a month (The whole sports pack, although they offer an F1 pack for a limited time at the start of the year). That's for basic 720P, extra advertisments, no subtitles, stereo sound, no multi-cams etc. It's crap. Boost costs £5 a month and gives you 1080 and gets rid of the extra ads. EDIT: Based off Sky Glass channel pricing - TV £29, Sports £25, UHD £5. So on Stream it would likely be £59 a month for TV and Sky Sports in 4k.
  14. Considering nowTV is 720p and you have to pay £5 a month to get 1080, no chance you're getting 4K.
  15. Saw that earlier. No F1 TV for us then. They claim they're going to have improved multi screen / second screen stuff next year. I don't believe it. I'd happily subscribe for their monthly pack on NowTV or something, but there's just no point. When they're not showing a live weekend they just repeat the same shit over and over and over. It's 2022, here's an interview with Lewis talking about his hopes to win his 4th WDC! Enjoyed it? Good, we'll show it another 9 times this week!! I wish they would show more classic footage and other content. Say it's Silverstone week. Why not a classic race each day as a build up.
  16. I'm not planning on it, it's my most used machine. Someone else in the Xbox group might be though.
  17. Yep, it's at the point now where unless you're selling used for less than RRP, you're not gonna move your system easily. I know a couple people who have had a maximum 14 day wait recently
  18. It's because they had the traditional more complicated layouts in 2019 and the majority of the noisy playerbase complained that it wasn't the basic 3 lane shooting galleries that you usually see in the treyarch games.
  19. I've got a 2 year old smashing the place up. My SD is in a case and has a screen protector on. So does my phone and my wifes phone. I was in the "I've never smashed a phone before" group. Then I had a Surface Duo with no case and punctured a hole right through it in 3 weeks.
  20. Currently playing BFV. This thing is a fucking handheld. Look at those graphics, it still blows my mind.
  21. I think it depends on the map and how you play. If you play the normal small 6v6 modes where you're often up close, an SMG will almost always outshoot a DMR. On invasion you're much better with a medium / long range weapon.
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