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  1. Right, im off out tonight, ill get drunken snapping.
  2. I think it should run till the 7th september, month fromtoday, or a month from whenever the new topic is picked, whichever happens first.
  3. Yay! i got a point! So has this months topic been decided?
  4. So what is, and what is better about it?? I have an R4 and it is great. Im not bothered about large SD card support, because i am fine with a 2gB.
  5. I got the points onwednesday, used them towards geowars.
  6. I got pacifism no problem! It is Wax off and Game Over i cant get. Oh And Smile. "2, 4, 11, 15, 17, 18 and 19." What the fuck is that all about??
  7. T Pot

    Trackmania DS

    Aw no online, real shame. Thats what makes trackmania so much fun. Looking forward to this though...
  8. I wish i didnt work sundays, i love going to carboots, but havent been to one for aaages due to working on a sunday
  9. I don't care if it's wrong!
  10. Funny thing is he got in there himself. We didn't put him in!
  11. That is our new puppy Zack. And here is a "loldog" my Girlfriend made of him, which i am going to shamelessly pimp. <a href="http://mine.icanhascheezburger.com/view.aspx?ciid=1646835" target="_blank">http://mine.icanhascheezburger.com/view.aspx?ciid=1646835</a> If people could vote for it too, try and get it on the front page, she would be very happy lol
  12. Here is my nely created Flickr. I wanted o use the upload feature on my N95. http://www.flickr.com/photos/28715297@N05/sets/
  13. Im stuck on the last song on hard
  14. Nah, there is a hacked R4 version that lets you use the DS buttons. But it aint easy.... I bought this the otherday, Give me something to do in the car on long journeys. And when Guitar Hero; Decades comes out, that will be R4able due to allready having the grip Hmm, i wonder if any homebrew will use the grip...
  15. All i see is a ps logo. Same for you lot?
  16. Can it, can it be? Master Chief's Mansion???
  17. NOOOOOOOOOOOO! It froze when the gh4 bit came on
  18. Cliff had a red controller... They showed the limited edition Gears 360 yet??
  19. Aww i missed fable 2. Gears 2 looks mint though
  20. £9.99 New from GAME £7.98 Pre-owned from GAME
  21. IM not too fussed about about installs, but MGS was taking the piss. I was at a friends house the other day annd he was showing me the game. He had completed it, so showed me a later level, which needed a 3min install. Then he loaded an earlier stage and it needed an install. He then loaded the previouse stage again and it needed to do the same install it had just done 20mins earlier.
  22. Lol, i got a couple of sets with some PSM mags before xmas, put them on ebay in january and got £24 for one set and £18 for the other! Shame they dont sell for that anymore.
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