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  1. What is the command to select all units? In the beta i would use "Unit 1 PLUS 2" Or "Unit 1 trough 5" to select 1-5 Or "All Units" None of these seem to work anymore.
  2. Nope, 360 version. Im gunna play a little longer, see how it is, but so far im not findding it fun.
  3. No. Its fucking horrendous. I'm not impressed with the game at all, and wont be buying it on friday. On the plus, there is no jaggies.
  4. Only one i have to hand atm, - http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3258/268617...f9544dfb1_b.jpg
  5. Im a tit, you want a photo of me?
  6. Im sure you do. But it is only with the start weapon, not the ones you pick up. I think.
  7. I'm hoping to god they bring back headquarters. I miss it so much. Capture the flag is fun. I've got a class set up as "Runner". With extreme conditioning and small, light weaons so i can run quicker for longer.
  8. Neither do i, but i still got the code. You had a look under Account/Profile?? Code should be there.
  9. Love the dogs. They ,as you say, they are a challenge to take out if you have more than one coming at you. But they aint a bitch to defend against like the chopper. Ive been killed by the molotov many a time. Grenades, i prefere the slightly smaller range. Helps stop those stupidly annoying random grenade kills that people get. I havent been killed by mortars at all yet. They still havent fixed the annoying host ended game thing though. Humph.
  10. T Pot

    Wipeout HD

    What's this 1.10 patch all about?
  11. How on earth am I supposed to play online? I keep getinf error 500/ error 403. Haven't been online at all yet.
  12. Ahh that'll be why then, I'm a subscriber. Means I can play an English version of lbp now instead of a jpn copy that I can't go online with, and I don't understan the tuturoals for building things.
  13. Looks like they got more. I just got one about 5 mins ago!!
  14. T Pot


    Good point, i never thought of that one.
  15. T Pot


    I'm just looking forward to the Nov1 release date. If it is confirmed to work with the R4, i'll be getting a pal to send me one over.
  16. I dunno, when i use camera effects, they dont seem to change anything.
  17. Some of mine have a ffew jaggies on them. Why is that? The PS3 displaying 1080P, and my TV is 1080P aswell.
  18. Another new one for me. I added the logo in the bottom corner with photoshop, but the white background was done with the games photomode, taking the exposure right up and getting the right angle.
  19. There is a link to all my 1080 pics on my flickr from my second set on the 1st page.
  20. Cheers I don't know why there were jaggies in the 1st ones i took. The next set i did have hardly any/none.
  21. Heres some new ones The full 1080p ones are here; http://flickr.com/photos/28715297@N05/sets...57607617842231/
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