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    KingAntonius here
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    Love this game. But one problem.... where the hell do screenshots get saved after pressing C ingame.
  4. T Pot


    My fave stage so far is probably the Tribal stage. Just been playing on the space stage for a couple of hours, just getting into it and my computer fucking blue screened. Piece of toss. I never saved either.
  5. T Pot


    holy Shit. I've been playing for 8 hours Solid...
  6. T Pot


    I found those cocoons too. Also in the creature stage, i had a UFO flying around over the top of my nest. Had all my baby "Wild Pogs" running around terrified. It ended up flying away after i got them to roar at it. Im enjoying it at the moment, just got my ass kicked by a giant T-Rex thing in the Tribal stage. It was just stepping on and squishing my tribe members.
  7. XIII. it ended with a "to be continued" page. grr
  8. I left school when i was 16... If he wants to go and do that what is wrong? He will have completed all of his compulsary education...
  9. Wish Upon A Weinstein. Last episode of season 3 on R1 DVDs, last episode of season 2 on R2 DVDs.
  10. Fuck you!! I cant do itttttttt
  11. Two 9GB DVDs is barely enough!
  12. Ah shite, forgot about those damned core/arcade users!!! But still, an option to intall to harddisk would be great. No diskswaps, better res textures. And i agree what you say about the PS3 pad and online. I can't use the DS3 for shooters, at all. But if it comes to it, i might well be doing so for this and Doom 4 (If that comes to consoles)
  13. Just been reading up on Rage, it looks like the 360 version will on two disks and be inferior in the graphics department; Source Which makes me think... with the upcoming update for the 360 allowing games to be installed, why can't it have a mandatory install so the textures can be decompressed and whatnot. And for those who don't have live, therefore not being able to get the update this autumn, also include the update on the disk, so all xbox can play it.
  14. Right, im off out tonight, ill get drunken snapping.
  15. I think it should run till the 7th september, month fromtoday, or a month from whenever the new topic is picked, whichever happens first.
  16. Yay! i got a point! So has this months topic been decided?
  17. So what is, and what is better about it?? I have an R4 and it is great. Im not bothered about large SD card support, because i am fine with a 2gB.
  18. I got the points onwednesday, used them towards geowars.
  19. I got pacifism no problem! It is Wax off and Game Over i cant get. Oh And Smile. "2, 4, 11, 15, 17, 18 and 19." What the fuck is that all about??
  20. T Pot

    Trackmania DS

    Aw no online, real shame. Thats what makes trackmania so much fun. Looking forward to this though...
  21. I wish i didnt work sundays, i love going to carboots, but havent been to one for aaages due to working on a sunday
  22. I don't care if it's wrong!
  23. Funny thing is he got in there himself. We didn't put him in!
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