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  1. I can't stop playing with this colorsplash on my iPhone:
  2. Is it the one where a jet shoots the tank, then chases another plain between buildings? Cuz if it is it is from the intro cutscene to the game.
  3. Took this in december in the car going over the moors in Nothumberland. I just wish: The windscreen wasn't misty I had a better camera than my iPhone at the time
  4. I was thinking this, what are they gunna do? Have shorter races? Bigger cars/tanks?
  5. Are they still going with the proposed rule of no re-fuling...? Heard it on the BBC a few weeks/months back.
  6. After letting myself loose with ColorSplash on the iPhone, her i have is this:
  7. T Pot

    EDF 2017

    Yup, just local coop
  8. "#mw2 oh yeah and when you get to 10th prestige you should get an awsome gun or unlock a new gun type, like the gun thats a grenade gun" A grenade gun.... Yeah. The grenade launchers are already spammed to death...
  9. Unless this is MASSIVELY improved from the beta that ran a few months back... I will be avoiding it.
  10. I gave the puppy (Read, 10 months old) a bit of one with lots of lemon on it, his lips were all twitcing He liked it though
  11. Lemon juice and sugar. Squeezed orange is nice. Oh, so is vanilla ice cream!
  12. Took this today, i just wish the iPhone had a better camera. I used Pano to make the picture as it is a 3 image panorama.
  13. NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! I went out and took a photo for the previous one today, i just came to upload it now :'( HUFF HUFF HUFF. Not doing one now. What if people have been out snapping pics of the environment for the past few days? Time wasted now
  14. Im up for a blast tonight. Will have to be after 8 though
  15. Anybody get an update for this today?
  16. I got to level 10 woth 107 lives before i gave up.
  17. All ready done that my friend The problem seems to happen when pressure is put on the back left of the case, where the switch is that tells the machine the lid is open. Thing is though, puting pressure on different parts of the machine without the case on doesn't reset the thing.
  18. Having problems with my dreamcast at the moment Keeps resetting. Thought it was over heating, wasn't. Thought it was a dodgy laser, wasn't. Seems every time a small amount of pressure on the top of the console causes it to stop reading the disk and boots back to the menu. Also, many times it wont boot if the lid is shut. But if it is about half a centimeter open, it will run. Any ideas?
  19. After picking one up with about 15 games for a mere 20 notes on ebay, i've been playing some ace games on it. Rez Ikaruga Daytona Some cool homebrew available too. One title i have found that really stands out though is called Karous. Scrolling Cell shaded shooter. I'm LOVING it. http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=6zuQR6nrpMU
  20. Is there any word of a UK release date yet?
  21. lol yup! Sony IS the industry leader.... In their own little world
  22. I never played Zoe2. I LOVED the 1st. Is 2 compatible on a 60gig ps3? I might pick it up at work.
  23. I RESURRECT THEE! Going back to the original post, bit late then isn't it..... Did i read somewhere that now it is due for the Nextgen consoles...?
  24. T Pot

    PGR 4

    I'm guna try and get some better piccies later.
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