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  1. Cool. That's 1-0 to gloss.
  2. Question guys. With my DC up there, do you think i should keep it matte black, or put a final coat of Gloss Black?
  3. I got bored today, so i painted the shell on my broken DC, and fitted it to my working one
  4. This is doing my nut in. I'm trying to download todays race from the iPlayer, but my net is so slow it is coming down at 2.5kbs. And since it is sunday, i cant phone f2s and get it sorted. WANKERS.
  5. I slept through my alarm and missed it Will it be on iPlayer for watching after work?
  6. I remember i sined up in june last year, and only just got n about 3 weeks ago...
  7. I got into this about 3 days ago. Two words: FUCKING BRILLIANT!! Only problem i have, is that the mouse controls are too un-sensitive when in the plains. Everything else is mint! So much fun. Oh, and the "browser play" It takes up 4 GIGABYTES on my Hdd.
  8. But i thought the size limit could be twisted, bent and changed if microsoft were asked? Like Portal.
  9. He said that if you can run EP2, you will be able to run EP3 (on lower settings mind), But obv, you will need a nice tastey machine to run it properly.
  10. From what i've heard from someone working close to valve (don't beleive me if you wan't, i don't care) , Ep3 won't be out for a while. (We al know this) But although Valve are working on it, they are also working on a BIG update to the Source engine. New lighting, shaders, bringing the res up etc. Generally updating it all so it can compare with the likes of Crysis and whatnot. So Ep3 won't be out untill this update is complete. Expect a sequel/Preques to Portal running in the new engine too.
  11. Next week apparantly Lots of pics here http://kotaku.com/5171956/outrun-online-ar...allery-races-by
  12. Im loving this like, only recently got it on the PC. Im fucking addicted o loading the levels up in Garrys Mod and building traps. Like build a train on stilts, wait for some combine, then BAM, knock down the legs and let the train fall on the fuckers! I also just like exploring the levels with noclip on
  13. Couple of photies from me
  14. Will this be open on the 5th april....? I can't get my entry done till then... Dam, i just seen. Aww
  15. lol. As i said, we have never made one before likes.
  16. basically it is 6 frames long, the menu is on the first 3 and the game is on the second 3. We have the play button, and when it is clicked it uses the goto and stop command to go to the 3rd frame. The prolem when we put another track in, and a button using go-to and stop to a later frame, was the collision detection stopped working, So i ended up building another SWF, importing that to the stage, and using goto and stop to theat. When played it would load the second level, but then drop us back to the menu.
  17. Ok, so me and a couple of guys are working on a flash based game for uni. It is called flash racer. Have a early beta up and running, i would like some advice though please. Does anybody know how i could get it to load multiple tracks within the flash file? Currently the method we are working on is going to have a number of SWFs and links in HTML on the webpage... Not the best i know. Anyways, here is the beta: Flash-Racer.co.uk
  18. I can't stop playing with this colorsplash on my iPhone:
  19. Is it the one where a jet shoots the tank, then chases another plain between buildings? Cuz if it is it is from the intro cutscene to the game.
  20. Took this in december in the car going over the moors in Nothumberland. I just wish: The windscreen wasn't misty I had a better camera than my iPhone at the time
  21. I was thinking this, what are they gunna do? Have shorter races? Bigger cars/tanks?
  22. Are they still going with the proposed rule of no re-fuling...? Heard it on the BBC a few weeks/months back.
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